Candida Patients Often Take Too Many Dietary Supplements!

Greetings, Eric Baker the naturopath from
New Zealand, thank you for checking out the video. I have made, on this channel previously, a
few videos regarding supplementation in candida patients. Supplementation and SIBO patients. Supplementation and parasite patients. Basically, I've talked about supplements with
many different types of presentation in the clinic. In my opinion, most people take too many supplements,
particularly people with a candida problem. They'll take several products all at once,
they'll take multi-vitamins, omega-3, they'll take magnesium, they'll take melatonin, they'll
take conjoint for their joints. It's not uncommon to see an average person
on 10 to 15 different supplements that they take throughout the day, and then there'll
be zinc, and then there'll be something for their stomach and there'll be something for
their sleep. It's too much, it is honestly too much. If you have a digestive problem, particularly
if you've got a problem with small intestinal bacteria overgrowth, or fungal overgrowth,
or if you have a parasite problem that you know of, and you're taking more and more and
more supplements all the time, because you think you're going to cure this problem with
pills, it's not going to work. Your best solution is always to try and really
nail down what you really believe that you've got is bothering you, and that's why I'm a
person who's very big into testing, because I like to know what people have before I start
to treat that problem. So I urge people, if they have got digestive
problems, to try at least get some type of testing done to confirm their suspicions,
or their denying, to find out what they've got. That way they can target the problem with
the appropriate supplement, whether you've got underactive stomach, underactive pancreas,
underactive adrenal glands, it's not hard for an organ to be somewhat underactive. Even though medical people think it's a bizarre
notion, an organ is either 100% well or completely stuff, that it can't be sort of not functioning
well, in a medical opinion. Well that's not naturopathic opinion, many
people have an organ or two here or there, that is laboring under a load, it's working
hard, it's getting a bit tired, it's getting a bit worn out, and often these organs need
a bit of a prop, they need rejuvenation. And this is very common with digestive organs,
especially stomach and pancreas. Enzymes are one of the important things I
often recommend to people with digestive issues. And there is a good level of experimentation
you can do here. This is where I'm going to stop you, because
as I mentioned, enzymes and digestive problems. Now if you're going to beyond that, and take
all these supplements for different conditions, and your digestion is suffering, how are you
going to absorb, digest and absorb, and utilize, the nutrients from these pills, all these
additional pills, if you've got a problem with your digestion. That's in my opinion where it stops. That's why I'm not a fan of many, many, many
digestive supplements for people with a candida problem or a SIBO problem, or any kind of
problem. I really believe the stomach and pancreas
and small bowel need to be working to a much better level before you start putting these
sort of supplements in there, and wasting all your money and time. Okay? So don't let people pull the wool over your
eyes and tell you that you need to take all these different types of supplements if you've
got gas, if you've got bloating, if you've got indigestion, if you've got constipation
or diarrhea. This needs to be sorted first. That's why getting the digestion correct is
really probably likely the most important thing that you'll do when it comes to repairing
your health. One of the most important things. So that's the point of this video. Don't waste money on lots and lots of supplements,
unless they are of a digestive nature that improve your gut function, which will take
your health to a higher level. At that point you can incorporate a lot more
supplements if you want to, to really improve your health. Thanks for tuning in.

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