Cancer Prevention in Older Adults

in 2015 over 1.6 million people were diagnosed with cancer by 2030 that number is expected to reach over 2.1 million unless we do more cancer is usually caused by many factors over time creating opportunities throughout life to reduce risk even at older ages but older adults have largely been excluded from cancer prevention efforts can we do more as a society to reduce cancer risk and preserve health as adults into their 60s 70s and beyond in this special issue of the gerontologist we invite you to consider a comprehensive approach to cancer prevention and older ages to lower exposure to known causes of cancer in our homes workplaces and communities to promote social and physical environments that facilitate healthy behaviors like sun safety physical activity and meaningful social engagement to expand appropriate use of cancer screening tests and other preventive health services at older ages and to understand how to best communicate with and engage older adults in these efforts join us as we explore exciting New Directions in cancer prevention for older adults brought to you by CDC's division of cancer prevention and control you

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