I can sir my name is Shalini and welcome to your June 2019 reading this is my channel it's fairly new selenite area Paducah I hope you'll like the reading I would like to ask you to subscribe if you do and I'm going to pick one person who comments and who writes that they're a new subscriber every month from those who comment and subscribe to give them a short free reading so I hope it's you if you're interested in my work I'm more than just a reader on a healer I'm an alchemist I'm a sole transformer a shaman I do all types of healing long distance healing as a Reiki Master I do counseling Skype sessions I help people transform get over illnesses and addictions and release their trauma if they need that interest you my information will be below so ok cancer here we go and you had a beautiful reading this is one of the nicest readings I've ever seen for cancer and it gives me a lot of hope for you guys that there's some really good things on yet first of all you in the situation right now I got this is like the most powerful one of the most very powerful cards you go out the four of stones which is power of the earth all four elements air fire water earth they're in alignment for you right now and they are very strong and so you can call upon this for unlimited power in the next phase of your life or whatever it is you're about to do on top of that was the ten of swords I'm going to check it out this is the quest to row deck and I haven't memorized every single card because this is by far their most advanced most esoteric deck that I have ever used and sometimes she it's better just to read from the book what this says is the end of bad times balance thinking the situation is improving some success and you start to trust again the path has begun back to inner strength you have benefited from what you have learned recovery from the brutal actions of others and you're starting to have a piece of good fortune it's time for you to come out of your cocoon and you're getting ready to fly so this is a new start for cancer and it's really beautiful and I'm really pleased for you now crossing you was the card of cruelty I get I've had this card and I see it every so often and when this card comes up what that means is that you have experienced cruelty and it caused you to go retreat into your shells and cancer it likes to retreat into its shell and so part of the reason that this has been such a long process is because of the cruelty you went through and it's over and it's it's saying that this is what crossed your path and that maybe you yourself became cruel as a way of dealing with cruelty I don't know I'm just guessing that could be both happened once you've reached a point where you couldn't take anymore than you started dishing it out so this is what's been crushing your path but what I'm picking up is that it's over and it's interesting because your previous two cards were like the reverse these are two positive feminine cards this one is the mother cups and this one's the mother of Wands these are like the two most powerful cards are well there's another one but very powerful feminine energy which you are suppressing and one of them is let me look at this one of them is the card of motherhood and the other one is the creator the mother of Wands is the creator of everything this is the most powerful female card and this one is the card of motherhood where she's stable and she cooks and does everything or whatever it is it needs to be done you know and it's a creative nurturing card and you have both of these reversed and that's because yes what you've been coming from it's the reverse polarity of your feminine your sacred feminine energy and you were not using it properly and you maybe didn't know how cancers are very nurturing mothering home body type people and have a lot of this mother energy in them all cancers do this isn't a female thing it's for all cancers it's just that you have an abundance of feminine energy and even you've had it in the reverse position and it's at the foundation of this reading but it's also in the past so that tells me is that you're finally moving away from that kind of reverse negative female energy and you're moving into your male side this is the card of this is one of two things I'm not sure what it means I was feeling that it's you but I also have a feeling that there's a the this is a woman but I that is listening to this reading that there's a fella coming for you but what I see is that you're starting to balance your Divine Feminine with you divine masculine and it's coming out this way and that your leadership qualities are coming to the surface and this is just about it's going to happen in the very near future so you're going to leave behind this negative female energy and you're going to move into a balanced male part of yourself and bring it into balance with the female part of yourself and that's about to cross your path so that's really really super good I'm really happy for you cancer because the rest of the cards are like it's just very funny very positive so you in the situation right now hallelujah this is a very beautiful card you've got the six of Wands let me let me pull that out for you a triumphant attitude that inspires others success as a result of hard work a blessed victory advancement is the result of your personal efforts realizing your goals high energy flying high your heart is starting to be lifted positive effort this is a victory card and you should feel good about yourself and this is you right now it's you right now it's a combination of a lot of hard work cancer that you've been putting in into yourself I don't know exactly what you've been doing but it's working and you need to keep doing it because it's it's actually manifesting some really positive results for you right now and then here comes the blessing yes what cancer is about to get some lovin so the lovers card showed up as the atmosphere around you I think there's a love relationship coming for you cancer and I'm not sure that you've met him yet this could be the father strong leader card that is in your Verret this is in the position at your immediate future so it could be this card is the man you're about to meet or the field woman you're about to meet or it could be the balance within but for cancers I think love is on the horizon this is a very strong card in a very strong position up this is what's around you right now so somebody is moving in so many is moving close to you and is going to declare their love for you so hang on to your horses something's about to happen for you then you got oh yeah you got the chariot it was all good it's just all good from this point on your willpower is strong now this is in the position of your fears and you should be a little bit afraid of this because this is like the the willpower that's gone a little bit out of control like too much willpower you you have everything under control you need to stop trying to be a control freak about everything you know this is this is in the position of your fear see a little bit afraid of losing control and I want to tell you is let go a little bit because you have a very strong will and it's working you know you need to let God in a little bit you need to let love in a little bit you need to chillax out a little bit and just realize that the good is on the way okay then you got four possible outcome you got the hangman which is that you're flexible you're uniqu you're creative and you're ready for change so you're chillin you're hanging you're hanging from the tree but you're enjoying it your arms are outstretched you like it your leg is in a position you're okay you're like I'm chilled out whatever comes I'm ready to deal with it because I'm centered and I'm strong and I'm feeling good about myself that's that's where you're ready for change and then the other outcome was the full reverse now the true the new beginning and you have it reversed so here's what I'm going to tell you cancer what I'm picking up big time the new start is here you're resisting it it's time for you to stop pushing aside the opportunities that keep crossing your path it's time for you to step out into the unknown I know you've been hurt but the cancer retreats too often into its shell there comes a time when you need to venture out onto the sand and see and experience life and that time has come you're ready because the hangman is about I'm ready I'm healed and I'm ready to step out and this one the fool is the new beginning but you have it in reverse because you're still resisting the new beginning so I'm here to tell you it's time to seize onto that new beginning because it's going to be very positive these cards are all positive the negative cards are in the past this is you and you were unbalanced the Sacred Feminine was out of balance this is the cruelty that you passed through and you don't want to pass it on to others and you have all the power available to you that you could possibly ever need cancer everything's all you decks are lined up in a row you're ready so so stop resisting just stop resisting this is by far your biggest fault cancer is your resistance to change and your unwillingness to emerge from your shell so I'm telling you you know this is what my readings are about is to help you grow beyond your limitations and to break through some of your shadows into your light so you know it's looking funny for you very funny you got love on the horizon you've succeeded you victory you your hard work has has brought success to you and your willpower is strong enough to get it done and so is your internal power he's strong enough to get it done you don't have any blockages other than your fears and your unwillingness to change ok cancer so let's get on with it ok get on that horse and ride cancer you can do it okay that's your reading for June 2019 please subscribe to my channel and put a comment that you are a new subscriber I'm going to pick one person I hope it's you if it's not please stick with me because I will be doing that for a while and you might get one next time I'm gonna be praying for you and blessing you throughout the month of June 2019 and we'll see you in July birthday your birthday coming up we'll see you on your birthday okay cancer until then I send you much love and light and namaste and umm namasivaya okay alrighty God for now

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  1. Your the best.i i am a new scriber.please pray for me i have been wanting to move and relocate. Its been a long wait.i.pray it comes soon.may the higher spirit continue to bless you.😇😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖

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