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Cancer Causing Foods You Should Avoid – Tamil Health Tips The diseases which affect most of us are Cancer, Diabetes, Blood Pressure. Have you ever thought which causes cancer. Normally we come to know about some disease only after we gets affected and it is dangerous if this continues. The food we take is a main reason for causing cancer and we should check what are the benefits in the food we take. In this video let us see what are the Cancer causing foods we should avoid. Potato chips is favourite for many people and it is best to avoid taking too much of it as the preservatives added in it may cause cancer. We should avoid processed food especially meat varieties as it contains more chemicals and sometimes it may be fatal too. Omega- 3 fatty acid is in large quantities in vegetable oil. If we take more omega 3 fat foods for a prolonged period it may cause heart disease, cancer etc., Glycemic is rich in processed wheat flour and when we take it more it increases cancer cell growth. Refined sugar causes diabetes and increases the growth of cancer cells and so we should avoid foods with this type of sugar. If we take foods with artificial sweetener it may cause cancer and obesity and so it is best to avoid such food. We should avoid taking carbonated drink to avoid chances of getting cancer. Avoid taking tinned foods as the chemicals in the tin mix with the food and cause cancer.


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