1. Hey, the wait times are longer in USA than in Canada. "We gonna wait until we die" is an invalid argument.

  2. I wanna move to Canada from the states. That is my only concern and personally I think what causes the doctor to patient ratio I believe is Canadian doctors go practice in the states to earn more money than in Canada. But that is my opinion

  3. That is one of the primary problems our system is facing. We have very good medical schools here, and it is actually significantly cheaper to get trained here. However, the funding cuts being introduced in recent years prevent the provinces from increasing funding, which would go towards increasing the salaries of doctors to keep them in Canada. Fact of the matter is that doctors here are essentially government employed, meaning the salary varies greatly from region to region.

  4. IIRC one of the reason US has shorter waiting times with regards to some of the medical procedures is that fact that many people simply choose not have it at all due to the cost etc.thus they don't "clog" the system.

  5. Canada is slow to adopt the latest medical technology forcing Canadian patients to rely on old and often outdated medical equipment for treatment in spite of total health care expenditures that are among the highest in the developed world.

  6. I guarantee you that anyone who has had a serious life debilitating injury or sickness falls into the 12% that are not happy with Canadian healthcare. That is the most important function of healthcare; to provide the best service immediately when serious attention is needed. People that like their healthcare are just people who go to the doctor for a sore throat or a bad cough and have never had to depend on it with their lives.

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