CAN YOU UNDO A “BAD” DIET? Calorie Burn Challenge!

what’s up guys welcome back to my
channel today I’m excited we’re gonna do well we are gonna attempt you guys are
just gonna watch me try and attempt out training a bad diet you guys know I
don’t really classify foods as good or bad I think everything is good in its
own right in moderation but what I’m referring to is bad as in like a term
that’s kind of thrown around in the fitness industry it’s foods that are
highly processed you know things like pizzas doughnuts
ice creams the list goes on and on and they taste really good I eat these foods
normally but what I’m gonna do during this week is I’m gonna kind of overdo it
on those foods and we’re gonna see if I can out train them you guys know are you
typically eat around 2600 calories I don’t really track I’m gonna be eating
about like 900 calories extra a day and those calories are gonna come from the
bad foods and basically just foods the like don’t make me feel great if I kind
of over eat them I’m not just gonna have to burn 900 calories roughly I eat 2600
calories of that my basal metabolic rate is about 1,500 calories and so in a
physical activity I typically would burn like 450 calories but now I’m gonna be
increasing my calories to 3500 so my BMR is gonna stay the same 1500 my
non-exercise activity thermogenesis isn’t really gonna change that much
thermic effect of food will go up by about 100 calories because I’ll be
consuming more calories so more so just and then that leaves me with a thousand
two hundred and fifty calories of physical activity basically I want to
know whether you end up feeling any different so whether because you have
more calories actually training like that is fine whether it just ends up
being something completely unsustainable I’m just curious
I’m a scientist at heart so let’s see how it unfolds I’ve got 150 grams worth
of crave or as they call it here fizzle so for day one I’m going to show you
more of like how the day is gonna unfold there’s only so much you can see if me
sweat there I’m gonna show you like the highlights
and the lowlights so that we don’t make this a two hour long video but I’ll give
you like updates throughout the week don’t worry it’s just gonna go a little
bit faster I actually love this okay stay no medal oh my gosh I was trying to
confuse like many languages at once it’s number one day what am i say stay number
one we did it properly this time Adam we’re gonna stop right wish me luck up and down is extremely buddy Sam what
you want what you want and what you got like 200 copies left now I’m gonna run
back I’m gonna try and beat you – all right ready I’m gonna give you my f eyes
because my is it too sweaty – that’s guys why do you catch that they want so 1072
20 they’re 72 calories they’re nice enough so that messed up that’s why I
never really use apps to be honest but all in all that was a thousand two
hundred and ninety calories I’m eating sweets in the penis I feel like I’m
sorry extra I put them in the water I’m sorry I work where Wagaman is I have a
huge appetite so I’ve ordered a lot of food it’s not actually too much rule
over what I would normally what I thought I would do is have more of
Mario’s food if you always order nicer food than I do how good does that look
my biggest concern though is that like this sweets & stuff I ate without it you
or me like in the moment and I think they have that place it’s so low
nutritious like I still feel hungry that’s the thing I don’t know if it’s
gonna make it hard towards the end ya feel like the food even though I have or
ginger to do those damn you must be feeling like experimental today girl
way to go skydiving yeah new life if it desert guys you could say I’m getting in
my fiber day here we’ve got two portions of fruit we’ve got banana and so
Carlo which is another fun caramel is a fruit wall memo is sort salted caramel
okay so I’m just gonna have like a casual dinner one of my favorite things
in Cyprus is the piece of bread I like look it just makes you fall in love with
bread again so I put like Lanza which is basically like this ham thing and then
tomatoes and cucumber and then here is just like full fat Greek yogurt with
some Alpen muesli and honey Oh 3,500 calories there’s a lot of food
to eat on the daily Bay this is my fitness pal so we’ve got like breakfast
what I had for lunch at Wagga mummers and then yeah like the pizza bread the
loons are the tomato cucumber yogurt so that’s what a typical day would be like
that extra calories will come from really processed foods and then I’m just
gonna eat how I would normally and I’ll just take you through the rest of the
days that is day one done okay so it’s day two we are here some amazing hilly
outdoor place I love coming to I’m gonna do some Hill intervals 400-meter Hill
there’s nowhere I’m just gonna walk upstairs so it’s
like a natural stair climber good old cardio stair climb in you know what you
want to call it but it’s kinda nice especially after those hill reps so
we’re in sub-bass which is a Greek bakery and I’ve ordered a baklava and
that you know is that which is like tahini sweet bread it’s amazing and I’m
so this will be more than nine hundred and Velasco cakes I would normally eat
those like a tree or two in the day anyway I can taste like the husband and
now this is the duck I know we thought so I didn’t know they did ice cream but I
loved I’m so I’m guessing this gonna taste amazing
my taste buds are a bit confused they can’t really taste anymore it took me
like 20 minutes maybe not even 20 minutes to eat this all of these things
alright I’m about to start the workout for day three mmm I don’t know how I
feel I feel like a little bit more like sweaty a bit all bloated I want to see
this video through I like the challenge so we’re gonna do it I think I’m going
to try and do some boxing today after my run I’m gonna do some boxing I feel like
I’ve been motivated by a Jay Simpson that is not who I’m motivated by by
Anthony Joshua so um yeah let’s go we’re doing well halfway through oh my
god I look like a tomato in an hour in 27 minutes I burn 994 calories but uh I
can’t even hold this camera okay we’re going for the last 250 calories I only
came up with the idea of doing something near the pool like just now which means
I didn’t pack anything like sporty swimwear and I’m doing this in a velvet
costume we’ve done thousand two hundred and
fifty calories for today 27 minutes I’ve owned 274 calories so again I’m just a
little bit over just a little bit over but we’re good
okay you didn’t get any like butt shots because this swim costume is actually
like a thong so okay so today is day four I feel like I definitely need a
rest day cuz I’m like legs are so sore gonna take this rest day off I’m not
gonna be eating 3500 calories I’m like I just feel like in my bias tomorrow when
I workout so I’m just gonna eat as I went normally because I’m not gonna be
training so we gonna go to gamble vehicle because I love that place we
went like a year ago I fell in love with it so for like now every time I work on
servers I have to go so pretty but it was like the most
painful okay this time back up is day five we go into the woods part
today so let me have time to mr. Jim so I want to try and burn everything at
home I’m gonna start right now it’s all right s1 our 56,000 256-color is not fun
alright now we’ve got the what part they that’s the fun part
okay so at the water park Mario always encourages me to get like donuts they’re
the mini donuts and we’re just gonna add loads of toppings on them tip up the
calories so that’s what I’m gonna have right now oh my god I’m gonna eat this I mean he probably
like three quarters and then in like an hour so I’ll go work out so I’ll be
fueled by Peter by Papa John I’m tagging a recipe if it doesn’t fall on the floor
Lester’s for you okay okay you got three seconds otherwise I’m having a bite into
yours three two Oh
in frontally Jim this time so I don’t look sweaty for one yeah for ready right
up like as ready as can be okay I’m done it is the end of me this
touch my face beneath it until we can do with the swim my god I’m gonna walk next
me so in the swim I didn’t manage to burn
as many cows I wanted what I’m going to do now is try and burn like the
remaining 540 or whatever with some Hill intervals I’ve got a subway in my
stomach we got it okay I don’t feel great but that is it for the day yo now
I can go and like sleep watch hammies tail yes all right so I’m gonna conclude the
video here I hope you guys enjoyed watching it how do I feel I think one of
the biggest things that I realized was just like how easy it is to kind of
consume those foods eating they saw little Donuts like the volume was tiny
you just kind of want to keep eating I could have eaten like a big meal and
that would have been more filling but it didn’t like scare me of food or anything
it was just something to be really mindful of is super easy to become used
to eating that way because once you start you don’t feel fool you want to
have more so for me like I eat balanced I don’t overeat on those foods or
overindulge on those foods and so that’s kind of my habit I’ve worked with Rena
McGregor in the past she’s a world-leading dietitian she
works with GB Olympic team and she quoted saying that all foods of friends
and but like friends some you want to spend more time with than others so
there are some foods that you want to kind of prioritize spend a little bit
more time with nutritionally dense foods so it’s all about kind of finding that
balance I’m gonna continue eating those foods just not in the same portion sizes
as I was this week kinda brings me onto the training aspect as well and like I
think in the short term I did out training like a bad diet I’m just
looking at it from my food calories perspective in that respect like I did
but actually if I think about trying to go longer than a week I don’t think I’d
be able to but me it definitely got harder like I just I couldn’t recover
and so the last thing I kind of wanted to touch on was I don’t want this video
to encourage like reduction in calories or anything or under easing because I
think under eating is so important to avoid because your health depends on it
I’ve been in that position and it’s not a nice place to be in this video was not
for that it kind of put into perspective like how easy it can be to overfeed I
don’t think it’s something to be embarrassed about or to be ashamed of if
if it’s something that happens because I was eating sweets on like the first day
it felt like I hadn’t even eaten anything don’t be hard on yourself it’s
really easy thing to do treat the next day as a completely new day not as a day
where you want to completely like burn everything off things happen like over
time things happen slowly yeah that’s kind
how I wanted to end this video always on a positive note so thank you guys so
much for watching I love you so much please hit the subscribe button if you
want to see more videos and I’m sending you lots of love bye


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