Can You Go Unbroken? – Crossfit Workout

what's going on guys we are back for some daily workout content by yours truly so let's get started this workout and then we can talk about what the workout is so Andrews off right now so first of all you might be asking so what's a Jake's already working out that's because in this workout we're using a bike we are going to skier from Andrew Jake and myself so we have to kind of waterfall workouts like that it's a chipper because we only have one implement and so we can't also at the same time because we will be fighting for equipment so we've waterfall that waterfall bit meaning like someone's gonna go first and then someone's gonna wait a specific amount of time before they go essentially giving the fact that they won't catch the person in front and then you know that's gonna water fall down remember someone's gonna go or gonna rest so who's gonna go we're gonna rest you know we do it all time in certain workouts if we don't have enough equipment for it so what is this actual workout first of all so what we're doing here is we are doing or what Andrew just started doing on your right hand side of the screen is Andrews doing a four time with a ten minute time Kat a fifty calorie bike ERG eighty wall balls at 20 pounds or 14 if you're a female then a fifty calories Ski ERG and then 40 thrusters at 75 pounds for males and I guess 75 pounds females is probably 55 pounds is my assumption of him if I'm correct with that I don't do well with female weights Jake right now he's actually gonna get down to skier and he's going to come right to this box in front of us and he's actually do some 40 box step overs of 35 pounds reason for that beam is his hips are bothering him he doesn't wanna do thrushes with it so you'll see him do box there was 35 pounds now you know why is it 35 pounds in our 50 moles – because you know if it was 40 bucks that burrowers with 50 pounds you you could do it unbroken but probably at the end of this workout where eyes you can probably do 40 thrushes I'm broken up into this workout and so we decided 35 pounds is kind of a pretty similar weight scale there so yeah so well let's get into the ash I'm actually gonna be starting I think at six minutes so I start I start six minutes after Andrew starts that way andrew has enough time to get forward and move through all this I'm not going to obviously catch him in six minutes but I wanted to give him enough time to get ahead and that I wouldn't catch a little skier so Anders out the bike at 220 and it's actually there's a difference there between Andrew and Jake and myself when it comes to the biker Andrew if you compare implements isn't for the bike or isn't as good at it's me at the biker but then I don't think I'm as good as janky the biker especially when it comes to short Sprint's and that's mainly because the biker gonna scared in the row or all oh it's they are heavily dependent upon it but your weight and your height and your dimensions definitely come into play for it that's why you see like all the guys who hold row ski you know world records for like the 500 meters or whatever case are very large individuals and so for Jake his perceived effort he has to put out on a bike is less than me if we're trying to keep a certain calorie per hour pace or 500 meter pace so he's able to exert less effort and still go same as me or is it the same everything go harder than me so I didn't have it on film but Jake actually crushed the bike in like a 140 and actually got off and got off the 80 wall balls did he think he did is they knew what wasn't broken it but then you could tell when he got off his 80 ball balls he was completely just gassed and really had to I think he's skied like a 1000 Kyra Pereira page which was pretty slow but the reason he did that is because he was so gassed from going ham in the bike and then having to do ball balls I'm broken because they're not gonna drop a beat wall balls at a 20 pound and then this ski was where it got really effective because you know the ski is the thing where you're not trying to do it unbroken per se you're just moving through it well that's the case then you can move through it slower or faster slower so yeah anyway so let's get into Andrew and I doing the workout and how we approached it Andrew and I approached it very similar we approach it in such a way that I know that I could crush a 50 caliber a bike ERG in 140 or 150 or the case may be but I know that it won't do me any good for the rest of the workout especially since it goes leg leg you know upper body and then back to leg plus some upper body press and so I knew it wasn't gonna be a good idea to go ham and so Andrew hanok Andrew and I had kind of similar concepts when it came to how to approach the by Kirk and this you watch Andrew do it he did it in like a 220 I believe which if you've heard me talk about certain things for the row the bike and the ski I feel very comfortable doing 20 calories of each implement in a minute and I know that's a sustainable pace so if we did a workout you know like you know say like like for instance one we're not sure if their peckers is at an online qualifier we did 75 wall balls 100 calorie row and 75 wall balls I know I can you say if I wasn't broken come back and I know I can row 100 calories in five minutes without a doubt and the middle of a workout any time of the day assuming I warm up before it but you I can roll faster I just know that that's something I can sustainably keep if I have to keep it for some unknown amount of time obviously not all day so yeah so that's it so I know I can I can do 230 on the bike and you know it's 20 counters the first minute 25 seconds and then 10 Cal's then chef to give me a 234 50 calories but I like the biker and so you know I'm trying to make up time just to be honest this wall ball and the thrusters what you're seeing now is actually the first time I have been able to squat somewhat 2 or above parallel for the a week and a half I've been having some issues in the outside of my knee it's honestly the knee I've had issues with for years it comes and goes on and off sometimes just happens during a lot of high volume and so I'm actually going to see someone did you get it worked on some more but I've been having issues so this is actually the first time I've been able to squat in a few weeks I decided to try it out and or originally had this workout at possibly a thirty pound wall ball and 95 pound thrusters and I said hey I said that might be too much for me can we go with the 20 pound wall ball and a 75 pound thruster and it's really a different workout right if you look at it from that perspective a thirty pound wall ball and 20 pound will all really change this workout you know you're gonna break it now I mean could you do 80 pound wall ball I mean 80 wall balls and 30 pounds I'm broken yes but you'd be so gassed don't once it got to the 40 threshers a 95 you probably be just poop with your pants and just falling apart so you probably break it anyways so I said hey let's change it and keep it at a lower weight that way I can move through it fluidly and not hurt myself and just kind of test it out and this was yesterday actually and today I am pretty dang sore considering I haven't squatted in a week and a half and so I still haven't actually been able to a little bit lift squat you know catching a squat comin or catching a squat snatch it's all been pretty much to a box pretty much so anyways so I'll be off pretty soon I believe Andrews like I mentioned did a bike in 220 and I think I biked in like a 206 I just knew I had to be a little bit faster considering my squatting might be slower than his so Andrews off he's on his last implement which is 40 thrush was at 75 pounds which I believe he does unbroken so yeah so yeah it's okay so I'm putting on some small in these things like three millimeters and these things I got from rub just to be safe and we're attacking a bball balls and so if you watch like those are those are below parallel I just for me it's different though so for me in the past when I've always squatted I've never had an issue of oh you're not hitting depth I've always been a guide to balance out of a hole or grow really really far into the hole and so seeing me now doing this and being careful to not go very far what I'm doing the wall balls when I'm literally doing them right now I'm taking myself I'm definitely not hitting parallel and you can see I pretty much am or I am and so but it's just the idea that my body is used to going past parallel and essentially I don't see how the whole that when I go just to parallel my mind thinks oh not even close because I'm not balancing it when in actuality I am hitting the actual standard it's just your body in your mind or having a disconnect I guess so yeah I'm gonna tip through these 80 wall balls I'm broken and go to the skier I'm Andrews done his claw cause he stopped he's then at 9:13 which is a solid time we made a 10-minute time cap I think when I approach this work out what Andrew nail looked at in the beginning we decided that the bike was gonna take two and a half minutes you know because that's an average pace your wall balls we're gonna take three minutes your skis going to take two and a half minutes and then your thrush doesn't really want Chiron the thrusters to be honest because it's it's faster and so but if you add up the three implements before at two and a half plus three gets you five and a half minutes plus of another two and a half minutes gets you eight minutes so that gives you two minutes to do thrusters but you got to find her in like the fact that our ski probably won't be at 2:30 because we're gonna be running a little skiing a little bit slower and then transition time to take that nicka to account also so I believe I actually get done sub 5 minutes or at 5 minutes and that's mainly because I biked fashion at 2:30 and when I see three minutes for wool balls when I look at workouts like this especially for workout to have you know more than thirty wall balls every increment of 30 so every multiple 30 I know it takes a minute so if we do 60 wall balls I know I can do it in two minutes now it might be a little bit faster but by the time I grab the ball or drop the ball move on my next movement it's about two minutes a minute per 30 reps now the more multiples of 30 I do at a 20-pound I know the more attic garnered in time I have so if I do 80 here I know I'm 10 less ninety and I've also probably saved a lot of time so therefore I know I have you know extra ten seconds there or whatever the case may be considering I got done with 450 so just math in your head when you're working out and just thinking about it and now you see me just my skier then you see me attempting to ski I think I was skiing at if I started it I don't know when did I grab that probably like I probably started actually skiing after I adjusted it at like 509 or 508 probably so if I can say I can ski at 230 then that puts me at a seven like forty eight pretty much so let's see if I actually stick to what I what I think I'm capable of doing even though right now I think I'm probably skiing at an 11 to a 12 puppy a high 11 to a low 1200 counter per hour pace which is pretty slow but what's going through my mind right now is the fact that I just use my overhead for wall balls and now I'm skiing which is using pretty much is laughing right here and now I'm gonna go use my overhead again for thrusters and I know I want to do my 41st was 75 pounds I'm broken I know I have to at this point in order to have a decent time and to finish below sub 10 so if that's the case that I'm going to probably coast on the skeered a little more that I probably should knowing that I'm gonna go a little bit faster on the thrushes but that's the give and take you have to be like okay well I know I can't go ham here because I'm gonna give it my all if I give them my all here I'm not gonna be able to give it my all on a thruster and you might be able to do both if you're in a competition setting but right now I know I'm not capable of this so yeah so what did I say 748 sir hopefully at this point we're about 20 calories out from finishing so or hopefully we're at a 30 to 30 Cal mark on my skier and actually be really cool if I could have my rower screen on here not a second camera per se but there is an app on my phone called bird data that you can Bluetooth sync to any PM 5 plus maybe p.m. 7 monitors skeered biker rhoward and it'll show your monitor on your phone screen actually and so it actually really cool if I could like film this but also have my phone going at the same time running that app like in the corner or whatever and then screen record that app and stick on the screen this would be a lot of extra work that I don't think I have time for but it'd be cool be able to see my screen you could actually see myself what's at that time but I know for a fact with my averages now I can tell you my average it'd just be cool to kind of see the ups and downs of what that looks like that could also be cool to have a heart rate in here too so if you know how to put my heart rate on here that would be really sick also I just think it being a lot of extra work to record that heart rate monitor and then have it installed or have you know four screw record it put up my computer upload to my Final Cut Pro so we got on the bar at 8:05 which I believe was the exact same time that and rigged up on the bar you have to go back and actually check I think the only difference is here is that my thrusters are faster than Andrus thrusters and I am just hauling tail right now so again like I'm going below parallel just if my knee was better I would be bouncing out of this hole more instead of stopping I can tell right now by watching this video I am stopping myself at some point I'm not going all the way down and you might be thinking wow that's really deep and that's auctioning not deep if you go back and watch any previous video of me doing threshers that's not as deep as it could be now it's still standard fine but there's a difference so should be done pretty soon and there we go we're done at 9:05 boo that's a little sore from that beyond it's like my quads are sore because I'm a squad in a week and a half and so uh yeah that's pretty much it hope you guys enjoyed watching it if you have any comments or concerns let me know if you know a great way of putting our gaeta or heartbreak data on a screen also let me know push you guys watching ever have a great day how'd you guys later


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