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whether it's the never-ending to pay on funding for the UK's National Health Service or repeated attempts to repeal Obamacare health care remains the most divisive issue in politics every country across the globe has a different system to access health care for many developing countries they operate the out-of-pocket model where health care is paid for at point abuse with no centralized funding system and the opposite end of the scale is government-run universal health care used by the UK's National Health Service since 1948 this leaflet is coming through your letterbox one day soon financed through taxes and compulsory national insurance contributions it's guided by the principle that health care is free to all at the point of delivery it's this single-payer health care system which is the fundamental idea of Senator Bernie Sanders new bill Medicare for all the function of a rational healthcare system is to provide quality care to all in a cost-effective way a tax funded health insurance plan but with privately operated hospitals providing coverage to three hundred and twenty three million Americans how the tax funding would work is still not clear however support for the bill is growing amongst Democrats but with the recent failure of Vermont's ambitious single-payer health care plan and the threat of too many administrative job losses Sanders plan is unlikely to pass in Congress according to Sanders the bills opposition is the pharmaceutical industry the insurance companies Wall Street and the Republican Party the current profit-driven health care system fits him with conservative ideals of small government and has resulted in the country becoming the leader in new treatments and technologies for conditions such as cancer but the many obstacles and high costs of these treatments means that roughly 13 million uninsured Americans won't be able to access them and the u.s. is still spending more on health care than any other country in the world but is universal health care the answer President Truman thought so he said that every American should have the right to adequate medical care and to adequate protection from the economic threat of sickness he has against federal action in the field of hell a single-payer system such as the UK's NHS does just that was also costing less than half of what health care costs in the US so if it's cheaper and everyone gets coverage why do many conservatives argue against it because the NHS is under serious strain a recent report by the OECD found that the current quality of care within the NHS is uneven and continues to struggle to keep pace with many other countries many analysts believe it needs more funding a policy that will involve raising taxes something most governments would like to avoid so is there a way of ensuring universal coverage without compromising on quality of care at an affordable price the answer may be a hybrid multi pair health care system used by a number of countries including France which the World Health Organization ranked as the number one health care system in the world back in 2000 more recent research amongst oacd countries found that France has the fewest number of deaths that could have been avoided by better health care the country uses a private nonprofit social insurance model sounds complicated here's how it works the entire French population has their health insurance automatically deducted from their pay for people on low or no income their health care is subsidized through taxes meaning everyone is covered but there's a catch unless you have a long-term condition the system only covers 70% of your medical costs this means you pay a small fee when you have a consultation but much of the country has additional private insurance to cover this amount many analysts argue this small fee results in high standards of care it reduces waiting times and means patients have the freedom to choose where they receive their care services it also costs eleven percent of the country's GDP and has more beds and doctors per thousand people as well as longer life expectancies than both the US and the UK the system does have its critics some French employers believe the funding of health care is a tax on jobs so why aren't the US and the UK adopting similar models one reason may be that satisfaction levels in the US and UK healthcare systems still remain above 60% and therefore any attempt to change them would be a political gamble but those levels are down from 2014 may continue to decline with many American citizens still uninsured and NHS waiting times the worse for a decade public opinion may force changes by finding the best way to deliver high-quality health care for everyone won't be easy all pain-free hi everyone Tom here thanks very much for watching if you like we saw check out more of our videos and don't forget to subscribe


  1. Doctors and Dentists would have their salaries cut bigtime. Is this the reward they deserve after years of schooling?

  2. Here in Canada we have ONLY socialized medicine…we pay a good chunk in
    taxes (about 42%) toward healthcare and we are barely handling it now. ie. long waits at
    hospitals for emergency services, backlog of diagnostic procedures and
    delays of months to years for elective surgeries. Our baby boomer
    population is just getting started to get really old. Our one tier
    system will most certainly collapse within the next 10 years. A Hybrid system is
    the way to go.

  3. The simplest model for the US would be the Dutch and Swiss system: private healthcare, but insurance is compulsory and the state pays the premiums of the unemployed as part of their unemployment benefits. That's immediately achievable tomorrow, as opposed to pipedreams about nationalising the entire health sector.

  4. It won`t work because of the people who would loose their jobs.
    The Rich and Pharmaceutical companies would loose a lot of Money.
    And what the industry takes to insure against mistreatment and major claims for compensation.

  5. Unlike all advanced countries, the U.S. has no universal healthcare system; almost 49M people, soon to have no coverage of any kind. It's like the republicans are missing the empathy-gene, totally lacking in compassion; and common sense, resulting in healthcare system inferior compared to single payer/universal systems in developed countries, like Canada:
    -* administrative overhead for health care: Canada 2%   U.S.A. 18%
    -* per capita cost: Canada $5,000 to cover everyone, U.S. $10,000 but tens of millions left uninsured
    -* access to health care:.
    — in Canada, it is considered a human right.
    — in the U.S., it is bankrupting millions of families, while maximizing industry profits. 
    The U.S., unlike all civilized countries, has no paid maternity leave.

    Under fRump, truckloads of money disappearing from actual health care – squandered to fill up private coffers – and to pay for the insane tax break he gave to the richest 1%. He truly is the dumbest president in U.S. history! And his supporters, the "base": ARE YOU CRAZY?!?

    In case you don't know: hundreds of doctors have moved to Canada to practise, because they are beyond fed-up with the incoherent, unfair, unjust insurance game built into the American health care. The only developed country, so lacking in common sense (and simple math), that they can't see the bleeding obvious: universal healthcare is superior!

  6. From the UK, you don't want free health care. It sounds awesome on paper but we have terminally ill patients struggling to find beds due to the number of people leeching off of it. With free health care, people go in for headaches and bruises instead of taking pain killers. It creates a nation of hypochondriacs. I can say this from personal experience as I went into A&E for a headache during the Ebola crisis and I had about a 4-hour wait at 11pm at night just to see a consultant who sent me home straight away.

  7. It works is Germany Sweden, Japan and just about every other civilized country in the world. This is only a question in murikkka

  8. I think the USA should have healthcare tax. That way everybody pay something in. I like the idea France has where they pay 70 percent of long care and you pay the rest.

  9. What do you mean "can it work"?? It works for literally all of the other 32 developed countries. American idiots have been fooled by insurance company propaganda.

  10. The wait list for an MRI in Canada is around a year, you could be dead by then. What they really need to do is get all these colleges to stop charging so much for education so we dont have to pay doctors and medical staff insane amounts of money just to break even and make their sacrifice worth it. Also better regulate the cost of treatments and medication so these pharmaceutical companies cant charge their outrageous prices for meds, especially those in high demand. Healthcare premiums reflect on all of these costs. The educational requirements and expectations for any job is higher than our predecessors was and our college education system has marketed on that. Same way college professors need to make more bc of the money they put into their degrees and then full circle the college has to pay that value to hire them causing tuition increases for everyone. So if anything needs to be semi socialized i believe its our higher education system. It should be based more on merit and less on money.

  11. Countries with universal healthcare include Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

  12. The United States must recognize free, universal healthcare as a human right. Most of the world’s countries already does, and they are under no threat of socialism or communism or whatever the greedy or ignorant conservatives of Wall Street and Trump’s base either believe or try to force other people to believe.

  13. The Americans are so brainwashed by this left and right propaganda is unbelievable.
    This greedy people want to keep you all in darkness to keep taking all of your savings and retirement money.
    The whole civilized world figured this out long time ago how to take care of the health needs of their people.
    It’s very simple just look other civilized country.
    Every election they promise you to take care of this problem but in reality nothing going to change and we are paying more and more because the pharmaceutical and insurance companies are running the show. Every year they are taking more of your money and is never enough for them.
    All of us are paying enough taxes to have very good health care services for all without anybody seeing a medical bill.
    Unfortunately we spent all of the money on meaningless wars and paying these greedy vampires who are sucking the very life out of our society.
    They can’t take this with them any way and one day they going to stand before God.

  14. Healthcare free of government taint ought to be a recognized human right.

  15. UK healthcare is much better than our garbage healthcare in América

  16. Some people already have practically free healthcare here; it's called getting a job with good insurance benefits, which is paid for by the employer.
    If, for example, you don't even have a stable job and you need medical attention for your heroin overdose, why should you be entitled to the money I paid in taxes? Rest assured I won't demand your money if something happens to me… I'll pay for my own expenses, you pay for yours. What a novel idea.

  17. Medicare For ALL Single Payer..

  18. Capitalists fear losing their Profit Driven system where everyone gets the best deals at the lowest prices; market system – it's what we have now and it's the best! 🙁

  19. Check Panama Caja del seguro social and health care system its not perfect but it have a big advantage to make it a stepping stone. in addition, all doctors have to serve for some small period of time every certain year at the government hospital to keep his/her license. in other word, that guarantee that the best doctor are also available to improve the quality of the service given.

  20. if the answer to a perfect healthcare system is higher taxes just do it, it's worth it. more taxes for a better health care 'worth'

  21. The reason the French system, which is manifestly superior, is not quickly emulated in every country, is only ignorance and greed. Of course people should be required to pay a portion of their healthcare costs, and government should only subsidize care which fits a reasonable definition of “medically-necessary.” Otherwise, the system would quite naturally be overused and abused, and therefore become prohibitively expensive. Further, a national sales tax, or VAT, could easily fund such a system. But within those bounds, there is simply no excuse for the failure to implement such a system immediately.

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