Can NATTY & NOT NATTY Coexist In The Same Gym?

so I know I'm really strong I'm jacket I'm handsome and lean okay but there's a lot of guys here running some gear and they're a lot stronger than me do I think it's fair no fair I mean look at this guy look at this guy how good that haircut is can't argue with that I can't light with that look at that body you've got some selfies it looks super jacked I don't know it's rough sometimes I beat myself up all I can do is my best makes you think about life though really ponder [Applause] like it is being next to a guy on steroids doesn't bother me the reason why is because I've been a team our whole life not taking Pete first guys to fit on steroids and not even to have known it like college football so when I look at it as the meat market x-man regard to what he's taken it all comes down a little power and Hart baby so if you get a guy who's next to me was on steroids typically he's gonna recover faster than me but what I do is just mostly about the longer that we go the more of the Vantage that I have the natty guy because it comes down to endurance after that the word does of muscle endorse beat those strength and recovery that this guy is getting and really in the long run I feel like I got the advantage every time Jared it's certainly a variable then we're always conscious of especially when we're trying to help another lifter first thing I'll ask them hey are you on the gas at all are you I'm free we're gonna probably differently um it is pretty much the same free we can't handle the volume every can't handle the intensity and the totality where it has to be a little bit less your technique does not change at all frequencies training is not gonna change at all just the workload a person can take without so we can service I think we think about most people in here change who were training with when they trigger behavior somebody's doing something and make it making big jumps for big strength days we want to gain we want to have ourselves but we never time we'll do we'll have something improve this ourselves so the main variable it changes very little just bragging rights like pull 600 and this guy pulls 575 and I'm not natural he used to bragging rights there now if he's better than me and he's natural and I'm not he's a lot better than me there's all the bragging rights so there's a little lion intangibles it makes it kind of fun or uh you know joking he will say if somebody has a PR say a pole I pull 650 they'll say boy that's easy for you to do Tom you're not a natural lifter we always ever might I speak giggle about that but it's not that big a deal it's really important and when we start to compete him at the higher levels it's critically important you'd usually want a level playing field so if you want to go somewhere with a natural power of the career you might want to stay as a better races to do a lot of testing and then do accurate real testing because it's good you can be if someone else's is close to you it's close to your natural talent but they're not natural you're just not gonna be dunking so uh we keep that in mind too but it's a fun topic to talk about and but there's a serious side to it as well but I which we try to each other we try to use our peds our performance fancy drugs as little as possible but I get me good now general long on time go just to treat peds and alcohol you can drink your whole life you don't have a problem at all in the long life there's a beautiful life everything's fine then you're crazy with alcohol it will kill you the same way you can use it for 30 years you get a species your entire competitive athletic career and you're gonna be fine if you're world champion you probably will be but if you're crazy with peds unfortunately they can kill you that's unusual but it can't happen so I'm a little self-control don't lie to your coaches don't lie to your friends don't lie to your doctors and the drug-free lifters can be non great for the person you get along just fine yeah in all seriousness it is different because someone like myself if you're natural you tend to have to do a little bit more work so I got a little bit more work in a little bit more volume in my opinion and then I think someone that doesn't I don't give two shits if someone runs gear or not I'm too big of a push to do it myself so hats off to them I have no problem whatsoever with it it's my way of controlling my abilities I guess it's gonna take a lot longer to get to my potential which it's not what that Prudential is mine's less but it's gonna take me more time which hopefully will keep me lifting longer that's my goal so I want to be doing this for many years I'm 32 I know I look like eight but my goal is to be doing for a few more years and I think I'll help me yeah so I think everybody recovers a little bit different I mean I think the big factors are gonna be sleep and diet and mine's not perfect and I think that's gonna be the biggest factor for myself and that's something I can't control so whether I'm running here or not and he it's important that if I can't control my sleep I can't control my dad I do my best to do so that's something I can always work on regardless and it's maximum for me personally I feel like there's such a huge dissension in overall training capacity and strength it's pretty apparent so you can't really get the additional motivation being around big big guys or guys who are stronger not to say there's natty guys that are stronger than me there's many guys are really strong and they're blessed in genetics but being that for the most part the par is a huge dissension you see it so you just gotta take their intensity pump them up bring them up that way no one feels out of place that's how you're able to come that's how I'm able to coach this with that Nattie's and definitely dial it back because the training intensity on gear versus not on here you're it's really the recovery time so if I'm gonna have my girls going that full full speed like I'm going full speed it's gonna they're gonna pretty much burn out pretty fast so I dial it down because I was there the first seven years I was on a tee and it was us APL so it was there is a learning curve and I'm taking that away from them so they don't have to experience that burnout or man I run into a wall so we use my knowledge so they can continue to break plateaus


  1. Steroids do benefit performance obviously. But being natural is no reason to make excuses to stunt your growth. I am a natural athlete and during phases of training where I'm functionally over reaching I can hit up to 90-110 working reps on squat 110-140 working reps in one week on bench, and up to 60 working reps on deadlift. Just understand as natural athletes you have more potential than you hold yourself accountable for.

  2. This is just mind numbing that it's just acceptable like that. Coming from a country where any of it forbidden, even for non competitive use.

  3. The natty guy saying he has an edge in endurance LMFAOO wtf are you even saying

  4. Under 1g of gear a week is natty, duh

  5. When you walk into a gym anywhere in the nation, its safe to assume that over 90% of every male is on a cycle, sarms or the very least HRT and youtube is without a doubt the reason for the majority of them doing so. Im not bashing them for doing so, Ive been on HRT for 10 years and love it, just saying steroid use has become so common in the last 5 years alone that its as commonplace as taking a pre workout or protein drink.
    Hell Id say even half the women in the gyms take anavar or sarms.

  6. I’m natty not much respect for juice heads. However we can do exist, after all NOW AT DAYS I EVEN HAVE TOLERATE A SODOMITE who claims to be woman just to compete in track and field, because he couldn’t beat the male athletes. I Mean WTF IS THE WORLD COMING. And so… i listen to my LORD we have no choice to be in the world BUT DONT BE PART OF THIS SHIT, because that’s what it is SHIT. Well I guess I went off on this one.

  7. Personally I get why people who are seriously competing at a pro/national level would get on gear – it might make the difference between them having a day job or being a pro athlete. I don't get why you'd do it if you are just an amateur though. It's way more interesting to see how far you can get naturally, plus you have to take more recovery time which is better suited to those of us with full time jobs.

  8. Really appreciate the open public conversation about this topic!

  9. Those beards look dumb as hell, I call it birth control

  10. It is just sad to see more and MORE people using gear before even attempting to reach their natural limit. It's getting younger and younger too, crazy seeing these guys in their 20's look like they are in their 40's. The amount of people balding too, as much as people want to pretend like its a "natural" thing to be bald, just remember it is a RECESSIVE trait. It should not be looked as a commonality. On my college campus there are so many roided out guys its ridiculous! You constantly see these massive guys rarely doing any compound movements (except for bench because…..its the bench lmao). Then because they get their gains from roids, their friends hop on. I wish the promotion of health outweighs these poorly trained roid bodies in the future. Anyone can get a good body, and it takes TIME for everyone! Just quit being a pussy and do it properly (mostly for the young guys, you twats have ZERO excuse to hop on roids, you have all the damn time in the world with next to zero stress of real life in college, quit being a pussy and just TRAIN). Whats the benefit of looking "good" for 4 years then having to be a walking pharmaceutical cocktail the rest of your life? Whats the use of these genetically modified bodies when you can't do ANYTHING without the drugs (sex included)?

  11. Worry about yourself and it’s all good

  12. I thought that was Tom was Eric kanevsky before I saw his face😂

  13. Mark, next episode…. bathing suit try on haul colab with Ed Coan

  14. Sometimes I yell real loud at the grocery store

  15. If your competing…I think being on PED is a unfair advantage (goes without saying). But if your trying to hit your maxim potential, I have no issues. It just comes down to morality. Don't take away from others hard work…stay in your lane. The technology isn't there yet to really know if someone is a life long natural or if someone is cycling on and off or finding ways to cheat the system.

  16. Stop acting like its ok to juice!
    It's not!

  17. People also need to highlight the difference between Drug Free and Natural.

  18. if your eating meat, especially that reared in america you've been exposed to steroids and growth hormone and countless antibiotics, the only lifetime nattys would be vegetarians

  19. the endogenous molecular blood testosterone concentrations of a 2o year old man in comparison to someone running 250mg of test enanthate results in 39.6 million times concentration difference.

  20. Supertraining is going down, All the good lifters leaves. Why?

  21. I've been asked numerous times if i was on steroids.. my natty total is 730kg, i've been training for 7 years now without any injuries and keeping progression in mind. Why is it so uncomprehencive to to people, that if you get the work done and keep grinding, eventually you will have your total up!! I really don't care if someone uses or not, that's nit my business 😁

  22. This is by m bell who claimed to have never use.

  23. Who cares natty or not natty just do you

  24. Natty Or Not Mindset:
    "Everyone Seeks Power – Seeks To Grow In Strength, But This Goal Is Out Of Reach Of Ordinary Men…. The Poor Seek Riches, The Ugly, Beauty. We Compare Ourselves To Others And Seek To Cover Our Own Inadequacies To Find Peace Of Mind.

    The Mere Existence Of Those Who Are Better Than Us Becomes Intolerable. We Fight In Retaliation. … If Beauty Is Not Enough, We Use Money. If Money Does Not Work, We Resort To Violence." – Seth, Non-Natty Lifter from Street Fighter.

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