Calum Von Moger's Old School Bodybuilding Arms Workout | Armed and Ready

I'm not interested in today's bodybuilders it's too much the classic physiques i'll Schwarzenegger Dave Draper Franco Columbu that's what I want to look like but maybe just a little bit better I'm Calum von Moger okay so today we're doing it biceps and triceps workout I like to start with the compound exercises something like and I work on the mass and the other size of your arms and then I finish up on like isolations exercises the detail so we're going to be doing basically three different exercises the biceps and three for the triceps the rep ranges between six to twelve reps and five four sets I like to do a heavy volume just so you can get like a good pump and a really good solid workout on it I like to do high reps at this start so 12 to 15 sometimes you can warm the muscles up and then finish up with a heavy set around six reps I like to do this exercise because it emulates the old-school style of bodybuilding from the 60s and 70s this is what they did back then all right we're going to start with the pipe Center when let's let's get into it so here we got a barbell curl I'm going to do five sets to sort of warm up sets already have your working sets starting at twelve reps down to six usually good like a mana arrest 3060 seconds first assess what the end of the exercise I like to do once 2 minutes rest just to get like enough recovery time so I can completely good rap for the last step I think it's a great starting exercise these barbecues because you have to have the coordination the balance there's no isolation there's no machines you also develop your core strength a little heavier and getting ready for Shay in June wfx mr. universe so that's in Korea yeah that's the goal just for this year just to do this show and then I'll just take it easy that's all I ever had the start so we didn't I kind of had a membership at the gym till I was 19 or 18 so what we had was instead of Baba some whites and some dumbbells so we knew was just barbell curls so strict care so you can do like cheat kill or you can eat barbeque Sochi tails you can like use a bit of momentum you will swing you use your back a little bit but you know getting used to handling have your weight so that's why we call it a Chico so now we're going to suppress curls I'm just going to do four sets here again six to twelve reps you know you want to concentrate on good form here you're nice and locked in so the good thing with the preacher curl is you can yeah you're isolated and you want to focus basically at the top and the middle you want to squeeze your biceps as hard as you can force all the blood into there and you know it's a good one to like get a good pump on as well we need training you in for your concentration into what you're training you know this limb pointing at something else and just going to the motion because you're not focused so whenever I lifting I think of the muscle though I'm training to give this mind muscle connection and if you do that you have more control you actually get a better palm you can sort of feel working a lot more than if you just lift the weights yeah last one I'm going to do a a narrow grip so the wide grip is good for doing the outside are the inside as well it applies up and when you do a narrow grip it works on the outside a little bit so it's all you play at the grips you can different different way to a hit devices and different angles so little awesome that's it breaches this is the four sets over that normally are all I see is like a did the negative reps again let's go when you have a spotter you having a spotter these days for that that's right that's it for this all right I like to finish my bicep workout on the air concentration curls I see great isolation exercise so also for really defining the peaks your biceps when I do them I stand up I let the arm hang loose I draw the shoulder so I don't lift with the shoulder and I pull it up as far as I can up to the top I like to sort of open my arm off of it they work the whole whole middle of the tepee the way I do is probably different to what likely the way a lot of other people to now a lot of time you see people sitting I don't like to do that because there's no much resistance on your on your bicep plus you got like you know you can't you swing you can use your back like to you so you lift it up with as much force as you can let it down out of control you never want to just let it swing down again see three to four sets six to twelve reps but you want to be able to at least I manage the white system at risk if you bodybuilder you want to be able to do then matter reps and sex under tension I'm not you know cheating a looser form and technique the good thing with the concentration curls at the end is if you go you're doing with one arm if you meet you can spoil yourself so wherever I can go the extra rep it's worth going wanted to rub Starfire it's just exhausting a muscle to complete one more set to go all right so we're all done with your biceps next we move on to the triceps I start with five sets 12 to 15 to down to 6 reps so we're starting on a French press you're a-lying triceps extensions and it's just a good compound movement are the first two sets of lighter just to get the blood into the muscle warm them up I came ready for the last a few working sets to come always try and keep your elbows in nice and tight as far as you can keep them close to your body I like to bring the bar to the forehead or just above so that you get a bigger stretch on your triceps the nice explose on the way up control them went down I used to follow a workout I'd write it down follow it to the key I do like 4 sets 10 10 12 reps every time after a while you're limiting yourself to that ml reps and weights after while you start to go okay use as a guideline but you need to break the rules you need to go faster reps you got to go past the steps you know if you stop there or then that's as far as you're going to grow if you want to do further you go a little bit further if you want to you know develop so I tend to go a little bit more when I write down those last two sets ago 70 as you can for six you can get more seven eight reps yeah these are the last two everyone that's it French forces are alright so for this exercise of triceps overhead dumbbell extension it's great so basically hitting the longer head your tricep you want to give the form strict go down as far as you can and extend way to the top that's pretty low still a warm-up set we're going to do three more sets usually can handle bit here yes sir I like if I can get 12 reps no worries then it's too light sometimes we'll just keep going until it's been there but generally but it's well done I see okay it's to like get a heavier weight still with it to light I think heavier his head stuff still working at your pants the way the last step the last few reps they're the ones that you want to bail them when they don't say you wanna be just a masseur happens on this exercise for Southern one wait I can do for Mayo said four sets but because I thought I could do more and won't you please the except few extra reps a whatever things yep it's still a bit too I'll do one more set let me know I'm not sad it's just let me do one more oh that is the last exercise of the day see how the triceps we do dips I like to do it at the end because you the triceps really fatigue no one else it to four sets throwing better reps just go till they're completely gas so feel that you can do no more still keep the four master streaks go right down to the bottom full range of motion lock it out of the Tom so I like to keep especially the triceps at the end the rest a little bit shorter because they recover quick and then one one stride seem to like I can handle you know the weight from the rep so you find it too easy you know you can do like more than 15 20 so in the rest time increase the intensity no excuses right through to the end of workout course you're going to be 50 out of breath normally uh you know it's always the last two sets that counter so so you want to finish it off every last set your glass around doesn't matter doesn't matter I do I finish it off and keep hydrated ensure we shrink what's a fluid stream your work yeah that's our up little Golden Rule easy go off she's if are you training the end of workout if you can touch your shoulders then then I've done so you pump up until you can touch your shoulders anymore then and you're finished I recommend doing this workout you know maybe once a week if you're just beginning if it's like a lagging body part you know you struggle with your biceps you can train flights a week like this for more videos like this just keep coming back to pavilion calm


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