[Applause] jumpers shoppers better took the risk or what am I fix we firestarters Dodgers surprise trying to make the ocean oh my above the side yes but stop let's I better like chakras shoppers better suppose risco by the markets we fire starts as doctors surprise [Applause] goblins from Mars fry your notes we clone up pulled up selling pork occur in row two no three got a fish suburban got boring beaches – yep good German that I want the great form I need to learn the next oldest all the weed and the bro we suck it up and we did the must now we taking over we want the gloves to go take the [Laughter] [Laughter] the gripping I get the swerving spillage it mean I'm sick for sure and now takes the that y'all bitches hurt and y'all just business take it to work and not speaking cursing my words of murmuring chasing Cheeseman I've been affirmed and I'm in the club but I ain't a surgeon I'm your favorite rapper but the sake of version this that Simon Says man from see I've been at work where y'all been asleep I got a million is not a hit to me people don't get one cater to one day you do you love me when they try to bring us down we only go up we tell them now we everybody shows up [Laughter] [Laughter] to say everyone got to say they told us that we never make it now feeling like I win


  1. Thanks for this video much love

  2. i se alot guys doing the same move but turbo is unique my mans have hes own move thats what u call talent

  3. im in love with him wow mazing

  4. It’s amazing, it’s really challenging the limits.

  5. The best in calisthnis

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  10. Is there someone with hight above 180cm?

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  12. Hooowwwwww is it possible!!!!!?????

  13. Easy when you weigh 80lbs

  14. this guy is just most insane workout monster.

  15. When he's hanging by his neck and behind the head, on the bar.

    What are those two exercises called?


  16. 3:53 – 3:58 apparently xxx is still alive and dominating the calisthenics scene.

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