California Universal Healthcare Mandate


  1. Why not give illegals new Porsche turbos.

  2. Oh wow, I gave notice in on my job to leave CA two weeks ago, and at that job was required to sign a form claiming that if I didn't take the insurance the company offered, then I'd have to have it outside of the company from somewhere else. I've had my company's insurance for almost a year, but its not worth a damn as I still have to pay out of pocket deductibles on office visits that are over priced and don't give decent results. The doctors in CA suck. I'm finding that almost all of the people with whom I work are stupid as hell when it comes to their government. HEY NEWSOM TWOSOME, KISS MY ARSE, I'M LEAVING IN THREE WEEKS. Buh bye.

  3. California is ruled by tyrannical, authoritarian,fascist . If your a Christian, male ,gun owner. You're the criminal. This will be enforced by your local police force. The most tyrannical cops are in California . You can thank the fascist police unions.

  4. That's why I left 6 years ago…

  5. Those nice young boys in the thumbnail are throwing up their WCAM gang signs.

  6. look at all liberal blue states it's all becoming the same thing the average American is so stupid they have no clue More and more Americas now want this to be a socialist communist country

  7. They want to give free health care to those fucks in the picture ,they're out of their minds.

  8. Trying to find a way to move

  9. Its time to put them to sleep forever.

  10. Better get out now before the impose an exit tax

  11. That was an epic dreadlock beaver tail

  12. CA will collapse just like the USSR.

  13. I disagree, the best way to fight the Cali legislature is to leave California.
    If enough leave, who will pay the freight on their socialist ideas?
    The poor?
    The few rich that stay?
    When the middle class, and the working poor leave, the lights will go out in all of Cali.

  14. Look what happened to upstate NY.

  15. Whereabouts in southern California are u? Im a CLAMPER. From the big I.E……

  16. Look man, we all know the word thats on the tip of your fucking tongue.. Don't we???

  17. I live in California the governor just went to Central America to tell the central Americans that he's there to help them but not Californians he raised our taxes $0.06 a gallon on top of the $0.12 a gallon he just raised it when are we going to rise up and take the state back this is beginning to be a problem.. :

  18. Sniff, Sniff I smell the New World Order Cologne.

  19. 0:12 Whipping boy? Perhaps. I feel more like a milk-cow than a whipping boy as I watch more and more of my taxes go towards paying for things I don't support here in CA.

  20. Yep and another gas tax starts July. 5.6 cents a gallon. Welcome to $6.00 a gallon later this summer.

  21. They deserve NOTHING…

  22. Amazing how stupid people from California are. Don't blame me I wouldn't and don't vote for any Demonrats.

  23. Its everywhere brother. I just saw a naked native gal walking west on northern lights boulevard in Anchorage. Fucking dope and homelessness…satan rules this town.

  24. Hey Joe Middle Class citizen, Big party tonight at Pelosi Sanctuary mansion. Rino's, Democrats, will be there doing the Macarena, and for our Feature guest….drumroll…. Johnny Two Step Trump …. celebrate the night away as we Toast and do the (chicken dance) to Our President Trump for calling off the ICE raid for next week …. And "Say La Ve" to the middle class white conservative voter.. If your USA citizen take your crap and get out and bend over while we make room for the new democrat peasant citizen from South of border. All US vets, citizen senior citizens, and middle class America, there is tent and once a week shower waiting for you down at the Y… Good luck Maga Sheeple… Don't let the United States Constitution and your birth right hit you in the ass on the way out. Oh yeah vote Trump or Democrat, what's the difference.. ?

  25. Socialism testing grounds🤫🤫🤫🤫
    Been failing unless you're a Democrat fat cat 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  26. Very soon all us animals in the Commie-fornia Socialist farm will eat equally from the same trough.
    Equality at last.

  27. I don't understand why Trump still allows all of this treasonous evil to thrive

  28. Anarcho-Tyranny. The lawless run free while the lawful are on the run from the lawless.

  29. Move from that shit

  30. Glad Youtube just suggested your video! Subscribed!

  31. Really coming to Love You Brother and your sarcasm is Priceless. Please Never quit producing, You are a breath of Fresh Air between the Chemtrail Haze.

  32. Build the now………around Cali

  33. Time to move out of California

  34. Stupid California voters will continue to send leftists to Sacramento regardless of the consequences—sky high taxes, fees on everything, illegal aliens on every street corner, unpunished petty theft, erosion of Second Amendment rights, excessive regulation, and constant government intrusion in private lives. California is heading toward third world status.

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