California To Expand Government Healthcare To Illegal Immigrants


  1. Socialism only works when your in a very VERY small village

  2. Grab a gun and start purging

  3. Wasnt california on the verge of bankruptcy and unable to pay pension plans for state workers

  4. Florida is better than California

  5. Fix the literal crap in the streets and homeless population before even CONSIDERING free health care for anyone… how is that hard to understand…

  6. It's like these Leftist politicians "think" that taxpayer money is so limitless that they can just give taxpayer money away…
    And idiot Leftist voters keep these moronic politicians in power…

    I'm a conservative living in the dystopian Leftist People's "Republik" of California, I'm leaving along with so many others due to the communistic political elites policies.

    Socialism is for the economically illiterate, and too many in California are illiterate….

  7. Will one white liberal explain to me how paying illegal aliens much less to do my job secures mine!

  8. Hey, at least they're DOING something!
    Which is what you asked for.

  9. Illegal aliens are treated better than US taxpayers

  10. And mandate will work just as well as the tax did for Obama care. All this means is California weirdos will move to red States turning the purple or blue. Build a wall round California

  11. Can we just give California to Mexico.

  12. Funny how your videos are demonized yet I get commercials before them.

  13. I can also foresee a million legal citizens going to the doctor and giving them a fake name… how could they prevent it? they have no documents

  14. Don't worry about the homeless or starving children but, instead focus on economic criminals. The only thing illegals deserve is a swift kick back over the fence.

  15. Why is Tim still a Democrat? All of his videos are against Democrats. Just walk away already.

  16. This video has been hidden from me…

  17. Shit I’m a citizen and I don’t even have a health insurance. This has to stop.

  18. goodbye california.

  19. California democratic governor should raise the taxes on the rich elite in Hollywood to 70% to pay for it, the Hollywood elite are always saying they should be taxed more, give them what they want, of course we all know that the elite are only saying what they think their liberal fans love, everyone knows that these Hollywood elite use tax lawyers to help them pay less.

  20. Low skilled immigration is a net cost. Even Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman admitted this. Of course that was pre-TDS

  21. All the crazy lefties in California keep voting for these idiots who are turning their state in a literal toilet and they blame Trump. 🙄 Isn't it funny (not funny) that the majority of people who hate Trump live in areas run by Democrats? They have a 💩 life so they assume the rest of us do too.

  22. Gavin Newsom, this is why California is falling apart. You will be voted out, or shot out of office!

  23. If your YT is gone, I'll watch your videos elsewhere if you'll still upload.

  24. Remember, there was a guy in NY slums a hundred years ago who was sick of his streets being covered in feces so he assembled a cleaning crew himself to clean the streets. California, unfortunately would rather complain, tax & do nothing.

  25. What are they doing to us? We're already taxed into oblivion. What more do they want from us?

  26. I know you're sincere, but national security is a right wing position for the most part.

  27. The red elephant scooped you in this.

  28. Why solve the problem when you can throw a bandaid on it

  29. California has 33% of all welfare recipients, and has a massive homelessness problem. And they want to spend their money on immigrants instead of American citizens…

  30. I hope the plauge wipes out all the whacked out leftists in California and make it how it was in the 1960's.

  31. At this time, I would fully support California and New York counties that are no longer interested in "taxation without representation". Let the Liberal "Paradises" pay for their own programs.

  32. Woah what?? YouTube's demonitizing Tim Pool's video's because he's half Asian? Wtf Youtube!

  33. Tim, you probably dont know, but very little of the FOX News staff is "conservative". You could probably count them all on a hand or two.

  34. Can we just stop all the waiting and kick california out of the USA. just let them drift off in the ocean to become Garbage island 2: the electric boogaloo. IM PRETTY SURE no where else in the USA has fucking plague.

  35. They're like $370 billion dollars in debt over in Cali…Consider that this debt exists concurrently with the mass fleeing of working-class people away from California…They're the last people who can afford this. This state will burn, and then they'll just move and do the same thing to Texas

  36. Tim, you don't know what the solution is? Are you retarded? It is simple, you need money coming INTO THE STATE at a higher rate than it is going OUT OF THE STATE. But stupid leftists can't figure that out because they can't do basic math, apparently. The solution is not that complex, Tim.

  37. Again, the left wants to spend money they DO NOT HAVE on people who are bringing NOTHING IN for NO REASON. This is literally trying to REPLACE US CITIZENS WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

  38. I can't believe conservatives don't either a) move out of California, or b) fight these laws.

  39. Iv been wondering this for a while: u say your videos get demonitized yet i always have to watch an add before the video.
    Does this mean youtube simply takes 100% and still runs the adds but cuts the youtube partner out?

  40. Jesus…

  41. Give them all the illegals and sell Southern CA to Mexico. PROBLEM SOLVED!

  42. Tim, this is the Democrat way. Anything to look good to the fools who will vote for them. Power is a drug.

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