California Extending Taxpayer-Funded Health Coverage to Even More Illegals

“If you build it, they will come.” If the old adage holds any water, it is no
wonder Pew Research Center reported in 2019 that the state of California is home to the
largest population of illegal immigrants in the United States, accounting for approximately
one in five of nation’s estimated illegal migrants. Liberal Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Golden State’s
radical left Democratic legislature have built just the type of ostentatious and inclusive
welfare state to bring such a population. And Newsom once again rang the metaphorical
dinner bell Friday, announcing a more than 350-page 2020 state spending plan that will
expand government health care coverage to more of California’s illegal immigrants
than ever before. “It’s often said that budgets are statements
of values,” Newsom wrote in a letter to the state legislature affixed to the plan. “In America’s most populous and productive
state, our state Budget is more than that. It is a blueprint for a better quality of
life and brighter future for millions of individuals striving and succeeding together.” “California is showing the nation and the
world what big-hearted, effective governance looks like,” the progressive governor later
added. According to The Associated Press, however,
that “big-hearted, effective governance” includes blowing some of the state’s rainy
day cash on full health care coverage for illegal immigrants 65 and older under the
government-run Medi-Cal program. This will reportedly add an estimated 27,000
people to the state’s Medicare-like programs. A notable anti-Trump governor, Newsom has
long championed the cause of illegal immigrants within the state, publicly decrying the president’s
efforts to uphold federal immigration law and warning illegal residents within the state
to “know their rights” as national Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids loomed large
last summer. In fact, Newsom and his Democratic coalition
made California the first state in the country last year to provide full, tax-payer funded
health care to illegal immigrants, adding more than 130,000 low-income migrants age
25 and younger to the same plan, according to NPR. Not everyone is impressed. Meanwhile, housing insecurity has “ballooned”
within the state, according to NPR, with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
suggesting more than 150,000 state residents are currently homeless. Seventy-two percent of that homeless population
also lacks any sufficient shelter to speak of and homeless encampments — and their
myriad impacts on local communities — have begun to plague California’s major cities. Perhaps with all this sanctimonious talk of
“values,” the California governor has forgotten the meaning of the word “priorities”
— one he would do well to familiarize himself with as an elected official in the United

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