Caffeine and Dietary Supplements/Sports Nutrition

hi I'm John Travis senior research scientist at NSF international in this video we will be discussing caffeine and dietary supplements and sports nutrition dietary supplements and sports nutrition products promising to boost energy and performance often contain caffeine many people consume food and beverages containing caffeine on a daily basis but too much caffeine can cause serious harm to the body symptoms of caffeine intoxication can include elevated blood pressure and heart rate as well as dehydration this is why it is crucial that sports nutrition companies not only properly measure the caffeine content of their products but also ensure the true amount is disclosed on the product label this can be more of a challenge than one would expect many ingredients and botanicals can contribute to the caffeine level of a finished product for instance guarana green tea and Kola nut contain caffeine and too often used in combination this causes a caffeine stacking effect and makes it difficult to know the true caffeine level without proper testing in fact NSF conducted a study in 2013 that found a third of products tested failed to state the correct amount of caffeine on the label to help manufacturers ensure the safety and quality of their products NSF international has developed the most rigorous testing and certification programs available on the market consumers and companies alike rely on NSF dietary supplement certification programs because they test product to verify label accuracy and that they are free of harmful levels of specific contaminants this includes testing to verify correct caffeine label claims as well as to ensure that caffeine levels do not exceed the amount alala per serving the NSF certified for sport program takes this a step further by testing products on a lot by lot basis for nearly 200 prohibited substances on the world anti-doping agency NFL MLB and NCAA lists for more information on NSF dietary supplement programs visit us at NSF gorg you

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