you see from another view hey guys and welcome back to my channel today's gym routine is all about leaning out those legs and lifting your butt now to start we're going to grab a plate between 5 and 10 kilos and do 15 split plates squats try to hold your core tight and don't let those knees wobble boxing sidesteps if you struggle a coordination then this will be your nemesis opt for light dumbbells and hop from side to side look down if you struggle with balance and remember to relax your shoulders single leg piyo these might look easy but trust me you're going to feel it in your glutes lightly bounce on the standing egg and slowly lower yourself down aim to hold the plate away from your body for as long as you can now it's time for front squats get ready to feel your butt burn and your core tighten opt for a lighter weight to begin as always form over size and imagine your chest is being pulled from the ceiling while sitting down as low as you can remember to push your knees away from each other we don't want knocking these and breathe as you slowly come back up goblet squats with a name like something out of Lord of the Rings these really know how to work your legs and back roll your shoulders back and down before you begin and make sure the weight touches the ground as you come back up make sure you squeeze your glutes and push your hips forward Kable deadlift you may feel a little awkward at first but trust me it's worth it to lift those cheeks now you're not actually pulling the rope with your hands you're actually using your lower back hips and butt and thrusting your body forward pulling the rope with you make sure you have a straight back and have your heels firmly planted on the ground weighted hip drives it's one hell of a sexy move and will make you feel out your butt's lifted immediately rest your head and tops of your shoulders against a bench have your knees and feet at hip distance with the weight across your hips squeeze your butt pull your core in tight and thrust up to the ceiling before slowly lowering back down and last but not least remember to complete three sets of each exercise with a thirty to sixty second rest and don't forget to subscribe for more gym routines happy ginning you


  1. Qué bonito!! Qué padre ! Super!

  2. I've been doing this for about 10 days and my butt is actually starting to shape up. It's amazing.

  3. FAP FAP FAP!!! 💦

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  5. This help for reduce butt fat or not can anyone help me

  6. I like the routine, quick vocal instructions BUT please change the horrible music..distracting turnoff.

  7. This such a great video, I watched it yesterday and I can't wait to try some of this out. I love that you had so many things you can do before/without the machines. I can do a lot of this at home!

  8. just did this and died! thanks for the great workout!

  9. question? what can i do instead of the cable deadlifts if I don't have a cable in my gym?
    Also what can i replace the front squats with if i dont have a deadlift bar in my gym? Could i do it with free weights of a medicine ball?

  10. I tried the last exercise at the gym but lying on the floor, I dunno if I was doing it right

  11. Love video! Would u mind checking my channel?

    You will like it.

  12. Hii, I'm going to change my gym routine and guess which one I will do next? 😀 Thanks 🙂

  13. how can u have a channel this big and have your audio levels all over the place lol

  14. Name of the song plz?

  15. Tried this one out and my thighs are now DEAD

  16. Your routines are awesome,thanks.

  17. Great video

  18. This workout is wicked! In both ways! Got my legs burning!🔥🔥 hopefully will burn some fat off too

  19. I love these workouts and watching this has made me feel excited to work out tomorrow. I have some fat I want to lose before I focus on building muscle, would you recommend I focus on plyometric resistance training and HIIT for a month or so before I move on to strength workouts like this one? xx

  20. Do you these once or twice a week? From what I've read, twice a week is the most ideal!

  21. Omigod I did this workout five days ago and have only just now stopped feeling sore. I only did it twice through (couldn't muster up the strength for a third round) and it was awesome. It takes a lot for my butt to get sore because my glutes are large and powerful muscles for me and this seriously did the trick. Loved it!

  22. Hi Carly! Please please do a video on modified butt/ legs workouts for anyone with knee injuries – working these areas is a real struggle when you can't handle impact/ bend your knees very deeply! X

  23. on my way to the gym now I'll definitely be doing this !

  24. carly can you share about ur workout schedule? i started to workout yesterday and now my body feels so sore, i want to know about the ideal schedule for workout, do we need workout everyday?

  25. I've been suffering from tendonitis in my right wrist for about 5-6 years now and it keeps me from trying front squats. I think it could be too much pressure on my wrist. What do you think about it? Should I give it a try?

  26. wt 300 000 suscribers and ive never seen her before?

  27. So needa try this work out soon! SO HELPFUL!

  28. Hi can you do a routine you can do at home please? Thanks x

  29. Hey babe, I've been trying to contact you on your blog contact but I don't know if you are receiving them, I was wondering if you would be able to answer some interview questions for my CAFS IRP for my year 12 major HCS course. I would really love your input as my topic I'm rearranging is relating to food trends or diets portrayed in the media 😘 xxx it would mean the world to me if you could email me back

  30. Nice Workout! Hugs 3HomeWorkout

  31. This is exactly what i've been looking for, I've been using a program that includes squats and weighted lower body exercises, but I've not seen any improvement on my butt yet. Definitely going to integrate this into my routine! How many times a week should I be doing this? 🙂

  32. Looking good Carly!! Could you possibly do a meal plan video on gaining weight and muscles?

  33. Carly I did this routine yesterday and oh my goodness my ass is sore today! Thank you for that it's a good sore <3

  34. I modified a few things so that I could do this at home and it buuuuuuurrrrrrrnnnnns so good 👌🏻👊🏻💕😘 Thanks Carly!

  35. Would you do those exercises specifically in that order? Also I'm hoping to get into the gym soon to start doing some long jump specific gym sessions working on plyometrics and power, what would be the best explosive exercises and would you do a plyometrics gym routine video? X

  36. It's all about squeezing them glutes *claps hands*

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