Burn 500 Calories in a 45-Minute Boxing Workout

get ready to torch 500 calories with this 45 minute cardio boxing workout with equinoxes the cut creator Chris Dodd Apollo thanks Anna go ahead grab a water and if you're feeling strong grab a set of light hand weights either 1 or 2 pounds it lets get ready to rhumble welcome to round 1 the main entrance let's go ahead and get you ready by bringing those feet a little wider than hip distance apart I want those knees thought I want you to pull your abs into your spine relax those shoulders now show me your guard whew I know right out of the gate show me the straight punches right here just go 1 2 now this dynamic warm-up is not just about getting your body warm it's also about getting your mind right craig love that it's called the main entrance for a reason so I want you to visualize you were a boxer right you're stepping into that arena then you're climbing into that boxing ring I want you to focus I want you present and I want you ready to work are we ready we're gonna take these straight punches to an alternating hook to the body and hook to the head and three two one here we go hook body hook head nice slow pace now we have to target zones you have the ribs and the side of the face right here now notice for all releasing our heels right yeah there we go you're gonna hear that a lot today why because when we release the heels of course that's where all the power and boxing comes from but it's also going to burn more calories sign us up right yes of course we got to see our I know you're ready 500 never take this to a squad for uppercuts right here at the top let's try it again squat bring it up four three two one now we want to sit back on those heels shoulders are relaxed we're just getting loose it's the warmup I salute Lee this is the warmth advertised all right just give me two more elbows are tight to the body target zone right underneath in chin one more hold your uppercuts now this is better known as the shoeshine why do I get a shoeshine because and as an absolute favorite so we're doing it again focus on just getting loose give me a few more now we're gonna turn this into four hooks in your neutral stance to reverse lunges in three two one here we go four three two one two nice big reverse lunges again four three two one on the reverse line I really want you to focus on the extension in your hip keeping that spine tall targets don't write with face come on mark let's do one mark or 30 times acrylic Tolan yes you do and all right bob and weave just a little under action spines tall now well I have you in this bob and weave I would love to introduce to you my punching partners in crime aka the ninjas meet the ninjas we have Casey with us today Oh crazy the case is showing the modifications so we need to dial down anything keep all eyes on her now we have two of our master cut instructors with us today the colas team and Cooper yes you're feeling spicy today su-mei you're gonna want to watch them for some progressions all right ninjas are we ready to take this bob and weave and move it to our orthodox dance let's go now if you're at home no worries you're probably going to be marrying us you're in southpaw right right foot forward left foot back give me four more here's three turn this into a jab it over your uppercut jab up there's our tempo we're still taking it slow even though it's the warmup and I get my brain working I know right you know slow and steady slow and steady we don't want to go zero to 60 out of the gate now we have to target zones the jabs for the face uppercut is underneath the chin now I want you to turn the punch strike you with those first two knuckles and we always talk about it right that uppercut the power punch so what are we doing we're releasing those heels there we go you need four more here's three laughs – big arm swings rear arm right here big arm swing now we're opening up that shoulder girdle they also want you to focus on opening up your chest why because we spend a lot of time in guard right and we're hunched forward yep so feel this now this is the easiest thing you're gonna do all day long and you can enjoy this moment let's say listen enjoy take it in all right let's get our legs involved here we go ninjas all the way down and around whoa know that yeah give me four here's three laughs – squat in fact feet here we go down – beat go now Casey doesn't have to touch the ground we are you want to sit back on those heels back is tall amou dotes be as fast as you can get the heart rate up Hausa two more now speed it up and three two one here we go down up all right where are we going we're moment southpaw you're going Orthodox give me four three – jab uppercut here we go and jab up there is our tempo there is our tempo we're at it – target zones you know I'm face underneath the chin I still can't believe this is so we're getting your bodies warm we're getting your minds right we want you to just get comfortable some punches and working those stances all right give me four pairs three last two big iron swing rear arms right here big arm swing there we go that should feel nice little breather and a little breather from the warmup now you knew it you enjoy the moment Thanks over we're taking those legs or getting them involved here we go down and around all right beautiful keep it going give me four more here's four last three to give me a squatted that's beat I did not forget how we doing two more now you're ready for taking it up a notch a 3 2 1 and go down up find your neutral stance come on stay with it give me 4 3 2 1 oh my god is up I just want to take care of the ground I want to warm up those legs just a little bit more for some kicks all right who pinned it forward make sure to get that heart rate down feel that hamstring stretch walk it out high plain feet head business apart shoulders factor Neath the wrist now all I want you to do 3 movement we're stepping our right foot forward you can step with your left you're gonna lunge it you're gonna reach rotation bring it down come down into this nice big deck now make these pushing through your hips on the side lunge reach that should feel good and back to you in case you can take it to her knees for a modification right there now we really want to feel that warmth and our spine opening up our hips and yeah you said enough yeah it feels so good good and what you start feeling those wrists warm up as well beautiful let's just do two more I'm sweating bullets I don't know that you really alright who is ready for round two yeah I know we're ninjas that's what so are you who are you show me you're ready by grabbing those light hand weights any shoulder or neck injuries you can refrain from using them all together Casey doesn't need to use them now ninja show me your guard show me your boxer shuffle let's get you into that Orthodox fighting stance you're getting into southpaw light on those feet hands and guard we have three punches back to this boxer shuffle all right now let's go ahead and take it down we're gonna go over it slow give a jab head a cross body a weed hook back to your guard boxer shuffle back and forth let's try it again jab head cross body lead hook back to guard boxer shuffle shoot I'm short I'm slow talk about those targets outs face midline of the body side of the cheek right and three two one here we go head body hook boxer shuffle here we go body hook I know you're feeling it now that cross to the body it's a fun punch right we're really getting your glutes your hands your quads and balls you're welcome ha ha d hood now this is all about punching right we're just introducing those punches now we're also firing up that core and we're also what cutting up our shoulder yeah there we go house two more laughs – beautiful you need one more now finish with some straight punches here we go one two that's something really fun for you we really gonna really love me you're gonna really hate me we have some boxer squats oh yeah yeah so we're gonna do we're gonna bring it down for two counts and up for two counts as you're punching in three two one let's go bring it down for two and up now range of motion is up to you down and two up we have the rhythms AC doesn't have to go all the way down I'll be filling it oh my god yeah oh my gosh right now guys no shame in my game me too okay let's do it – I know abs are tight spine so you're ready boxer shuffle drill – are you ready ninjas don't punches into this boxer shuffle let's bring it down you have a jab you have a cross you lean hog rear hook boxer shuffle let's try it again give your jab your beer cross two hooks leaving the rear are we good target zone space side of the chin and boxer shuffle one more slow that's it here we go and jab cross let's get ready to pick up the pace in three two one hit it jab cross hook hook shuffle now most boxers would not be very happy with his rear hook they think that it keeps them open right open to other punches this is the cutting tool of the rotation hook two more come on hands up abs tight elbows 90 degrees one more guess what give me some cherry fingers what right into again now Casey's keeping her knees low where's Koopa Nana that's where we're going can anyone man thank you you're like bit over there fast yeah really fast everyone in 432 boxer shuffle oh my body okay heart rate up heart rate up yes jack here we go first drill give me that jab head cross body lead hook and boxer shuffle white on those feet right again head body elbow 90 degrees use those legs refer no more calories that way target zones face midline the body side of the chin wanna bring those punches right back Wow body hook ninjas were ready in three and two and one let's have some fun here we go head Bobby hook shuffle there we go do you want to think about give that magnin your chin retracting the punches get back to your face every single time right we also want to say I already say look like a butterfly oh how do we do it knees are soft abs are tight and again snapping those punches to more whoa laughs whoa and stay with us here we go straight punches right here and one two boxer squats on deck you're so welcome taking it down for two and up for two and three two one let's go down to two now I want you to go low except for Casey down – but your punches they stay high right yeah are you punching out your heart base down to house two more okay okay elbows are tight palms are down last one now give me that boxer shuffle I got I'll show you all right drill two or be ready for punches let's take it down give it jab move across hook three your hook boxer shuffle let's try it again target zones face side of the chin I think everyone has it do you have it I hunt you down again – one here we go one two hook shuffle yeah one two three four last is known as a 3/4 jab cross hook ninjas have a do it yeah I'm talking to you – yeah that's hard I shoot me right you put clay for a challenge yeah I know and if it were easy or you know what you were getting into when you press play at Christmas boxing beautiful last one all right cherry pickers you knew they were company here we go hand up take it to find your neutral stance stay with me I know it's hard I feel my love – give me five four three two Oh amazingness haziness nice boys a team effort either so in the basic round Tim we introduced punches check we're introducing your kicks check safely put those weights to the side it's how loss if you need to all right show me that guard show me that boxer shuffle now this drill all about the lower body we usually start in a fighting stance so don't however just this spice it up and make it fun we're starting in your neutral stance so go ahead let's bring it down to squat sit back in your heels we're stepping our left foot into our right you can do the opposite – roundhouse kick one low Katie can keep both your low one high get your weight underneath you four four leave legs snap kicks snapping from the knee toes pointed let's try it again slow later why we sit back in those heels it's my tall turn look we are kicking standing leg soft one low one high roundhouse weights underneath you for snap kicks how's that feeling whoa kind of hard to do slow slow we're slow here we go down I want you to master it to step and look one low turn those hips one high then you have four ninjas are we ready to try this one let's end it here we go down two step and look low and hi here's 4:30 you can use that arm for momentum get it here we go down to step and look now if you're feeling spicy baby fun fight thing whoa if you are guess what you can turn these two squats into one jump squat Koopa Nicole you ready down jump in step it in think you're right back on tempo now remember Casey keep in that range of motion oh nice jello are we feeling this yeah I feel like we've done 205 recipes oh my god okay I think we should only do one more whoa low and high here's four three jump rope it oh my god face it bounce where did you feel that everywhere yeah but that hamstring yes obliques oh yeah we're gonna talk about everything you should be feeling on the other side will you light on your feet this is a single basic bounce for jump roping yeah all fighters jump rope it's a great way to get your heart rate down big breath in through your nose three months are we ready so they've Lucy boxers catch their breath jump roping kind of all right let's take a ride oh we're doing it the other side here we go give me two squats step in look remember most important thing protect that need and your toes are pointed on both kick so for snap kicks there we go two more point that's how you can use your hand for momentum let's try it again SWAT it there we go sit back in those heels knees are soft point that toe one low one high remember you can also you have time to work up to that range of motion all right let's do one more slow down and to turn it one low one high it's getting quiet nothing to get nervous well here we go down to step and look low and high here's four three she was talking about where you should be focusing glutes Oh bleep oh yeah blog and core you feel that let's talk about it again I know and I'm actually feeling really tight this morning which is why um Nicole oh you can look at new cold roundhouse kicks there bananas take it down down to now I know right ooh it's very spicy yeah let's try it come on give me a jump oh hello hi here's four three let's add some hot sauce come on here we go down look low high house two more I think I might die down huh right on those speed come on keep those hands and guard I know it's funny cuz guess what's wrong with you I'm feeling it legs I was ready oh my god oh yeah oh yeah right you're actually looking forward to jump roping why yeah welcome now jinkx is gonna stay here tape we're turning this okay yeah we're tearing this another little bit harder right to rotations of the rope underneath that feet and we're jumping it ready here we go double unders on deck we're doing it it's actually two rotations right there we go that rope is going underneath your feet two times this is what I go in go round go Wow three five three four three two and one oh my god who's ready to cut their floor who's ready to cut it you need a towel or if you need a mat go ahead and grab it down now so we bring it down nice big high plank position walk it out shoulders stacked underneath your wrists hipster down abs are tight now I want your feet a little wider than shoulder distance apart with three movements we'll talk about the modifications once we get into it to cross body knees you're so welcome we're gonna bring our right leg up you can bring the opposite drive it into that opposite knee two times now with that same leg turn it into the Scorpion flip light on your feet open up that chest three seven other side drive and two scorpion flip are you ready try just a little measuring and three two one here we go drive to flip reset and drive – there's your rhythm not too fast we'd rather you have nice form now Casey can hold a high plank or she can hold some cross body knees completely up to you I would shoe comfortable but guess what she's still under tension she's still working and then when you feel comfortable to add that scorpion flip do it right cuz I think a lot of upper body strength to Flint it does it opening up that chest okay I know we're feeling it right two more Oh who is sweating bullets everybody trip me right the cut works by the way yeah all right last one last one oh let's go ahead transition into our verse table whoa whoa and whoa all right reversed table time we're gonna go ahead pop it up feet are about hip distance apart we have three movements again we'll talk about those modifications starting with this arm you're gonna give me two elbow strikes strike one strike two I want you to reach for that opposite foot and then reset try it again slow drive one drive two and reach all right are you feeling good about this yeah now Casey can omit the touch she can also just hold this reverse table still under tension what here we go drive to breech back down one two now notice if you're joining us on the elbow strikes you're really driving that elbow all the way into that ground on that second one right fill that Anna I know when it gets quiet they're like oh my god please stop all right now if you're joining us on the reach what I want you to focus on is exploding through the hip so why because guess what we're not just working that core but we're also hearing those triceps you feel that yeah drive whirling funny great yes drive one drive two and reach we're feeling so good journey for more that's it come on stay with it stay with bye-bye boring crunches our way come on cut style core work right that's what I love about the cut we get out of way out of the way around to take a seat of position oh my gosh yes yeah my shoulders are on fire yes okay so this is what we're gonna do we're gonna get into this little defensive technique feet firmly plant in the ground spines tall pans are up and guard now I want you to get into some blocks now this mimics a Russian twist so your elbows are tight you want to thank could visualize someone coming in at you for a punch right I'm gonna really protect that face now yeah just a sneaky way of throwing some punches into the mix right now I know Koopa Nicole or feeling spicy maybe you go ahead and pick up those feet coupe in a call you can pick it up right and we could try it if you want we want to try it yeah now yes it's burning it should be what at least yes it's a good burn and we set it you push play you showed up for a reason show me why you showed up give me a little more rotation everyone stay with me come on you look Jake nine eight seven six five two and love yeah okay welcome to round 3 the next round you should feel good about that now round 3 masteries about picking up the pace you've matched your punches you've mastered kicks we got your core and away now we're gonna put those punches and kicks together for some combinations all right I'll be ready Oh loosens my favorite yeah if you're feeling spicy grab your light hand weights again they're optional show me your guard show me your boxer shuffle let's get your Orthodox stance at home you're giving me southpaw now this is one of my absolute favorite combos it's long so what I'm gonna do is break it down to you we're gonna go over the punches first then we'll sprinkle in those kicks you're so happy about that right yeah let's get you into position here we go we're starting off nice and slow you will the lead hooker skeezy lead uppercut a rear uppercut a lead hook to the body same arm lead hook head- two of these diagonal muay thai elbows you're welcome go up up body head down and to target zones underneath the chin ribs side of the face temple yes a lot of moving parts a lot to think about this is mind-body connection at its finest that's why I love the cut everything about this I love it body head all right let's pick it up and three two one here we go up body head down – not too crazy fast because guess what you have some kicks oh I just want you to master this I want you to if I want to set you up for success now really think about your form think about your your your target zone so you want to be hitting on just give me two more I think we've mastered this oh it's gonna get really fun in here Oh give me boxer shuffle all right we're gonna do this time to talk we're adding four push tips front and back two times four total of four cakes let's try from the top slow here we go lead up rear up lead hook body lead hook head two big elbows now step it in wait underneath you give me a front push hinge look back back push both feet are flexed front and back let's try for the top nice and slow here we go up body head down and to step it in push drive through those heels Oh boxer shuffle I think the ninjas are ready that means you too baby we're not going back see sweating bodies get ready to judge 32 but here we go up up body head down to push look back let's do it again come on body head down to drive through those heels your feet are flexed I want you to focus on those glutes now this one this combo is all about your core and it's all about your glutes you feel that oh you have a method and that you the madness now I see your pretty elbows they're actually amazing all those I want is have them mean why because making a mean means you're gonna cut up that core let me see let me hear your ninja come on yeah push it drive a little more power come on I told you to work with me let me see you let me hear you whoo when you have those to thank me last one scenario push it get ready new strike right here and rear elbow right into it strike now if it feels funky with the weights drop them KC can omit the plyo Koopa Nicole are you jumping to the ceiling come on sorry what's it yeah slip that out I've never been so happy GG slips now it's your slip sir visualize this moment chill wiper like a Mini Cooper not an Escalade Mini Cooper yadzruck now coupe I want to show my we do splits take those Jimmy Morris take Cooper bath we're taking this south pot you're going Orthodox everyone we're slipping it out feel back or feel those obliques four three two and one baby I check your pulse are you still there I'm still here I give away my hands up and guard just the punches here we go Lee up reel up lethal body lead hook head to big mean elbows let's try it again body head target zones right here you have the chin ribs side of the face temple one more slow that's it I'm gonna set you up for success let's get ready in three two one hit it up body head down – there we go this is all core now since we're talking about the core the best way to fire it up these are power punches use your legs I know I don't like a broken record but I'm telling you that's why it works that's why it's effective give me two more that's it last one you know what's coming up right boxer shuffle we're adding your vintage kicks all right get ready made it on the tail here we go up hook body hook head to elbows now adding port push takes what you really focus on driving your heels that's how we're gonna target those glutes let's try it again slow how do you feel about that yeah like head down and – I want to see those lean elbows drive forward make sure to hinge forward to get that momentum and power all right give me a boxer shuffle I think the ninjas already think you're ready – we're ready yes my body we're balancing out this workout yes it feels funky but it is so good for it so good when they get you smarter in three two one hit it up up body head down to drive it forward look where you're kicking come on here we go it up body head down to drive come on I want you to focus on that core I want you to focus on those glutes I want you to focus on those mean other's bodies head down – all right I think I'm ready for them to see and hear those mean elbows are we ready wait let me see and hear it up up body huh huh huh I apologize to anyone in the other room sorry Oh body let me huh come on stay with it two more let's go come on huh told you it works come on stay with us one more up that's what these strike their elbow I enjoy it there we go now remember you can add a little jalapeno to this take a little higher land a little softer that's right Koopa give me a crowbar – that's one Oh find your neutral stance get your breath give me some slits pin four and three do the jalapeno you need to grab a drink please do so you need to check yourself in the hospital please do so don't tell him I sent you don't tell him I say okay you're doing great down the cut that eat some jalapenos drink some water go ahead towel off take a shower cooped up shower we didn't we did a little combo are we ready again weights optional whoa show me your garden show me your boxer shuffle we're getting right into it let's get in that Orthodox fighting stance we bought you a break you're so welcome okay this is another combo let's bring it down we have a jab cross hook you're gonna give me that mean elbow good now this time I want you give me one a push kick into e-r e-r reverse lunge there's a nothi again jab cross hook big mean elbow step it drive with your heel reverse lunge all right now Casey doesn't have to go all the way down she can keep it up right all right is everyone good with this one jab cross hook elbow we're gonna speed it up in three two one hit it jab cross hook elbow that's a tempo push and touch a dead one two three elbow there we go now this one there is a lot of shoulders going on with the punches there's a lot of course the Jimmy Tarbuck and there's a lot of glute action right on the push kick and the reverse lunge we're feeling our what left glute yeah so you're feeling your right yes two more come on huh yes last one huh hold it right here hold push and touch push and touch yes you're doing it stay with us one more here's four come on three yes last year we was feeling this Bobby lead come on just a little under action get your breath all right now we know Nicole and Cooper are doing spicy are you feeling spicy it depends what we do in a set and you're feeling spicy Casey's not feel spicy but she is spicy right now you could stay here or add a plyo let's go so under it up I won't you light on your feet tall through the spine we're burning out those glutes quads those hands you're welcome where are we going in let's do a home it is light on this feet I love them so much don't you work out every day transport oh we can't forgot every day huh alright pasta shop we get brats late every day with you it's is so much fun it's a sin it's so much fun hands up here we go jab cross hook rear elbow step in it push over sponge it straight again jab cross hook elbow good push look at that floor look at that technique face side of the chin temple all right just one more slowing there you have it one two three you know Bo let's speed up in three two one hit it jab cross hook elbow step dry touch now if you're joining us on that reverse lunge spine is tall that's how you're gonna really focus on that glute now I always like to say when in dalek jab it out but since we have no coal steam here when in doubt you can dance it out right new class tour again you probably recognize nicole from her cardio dance workouts here on pop sugar that's what she happens to be on the cut team – we're so lucky let me hear that elbow come on where's our for mark let me hear you one two three punch let me hear you ha sorry goes in the room do what drive touch last one huh hold it hold the push hold the touches you're welcome I just forget it I know you were so good yes those glutes should be on fire we're cutting a mother yes give me four more come on is everybody all right are we adding the hot sauce you tell me this is your workout you push play for a reason show me why you push play let's go hit it there we go under it up but your neutral stance come on keep it up three guess what all right do you know what's coming up I'm obsessed with them I know secretly you are too what do we have bunch of new clothes favorite now where you do some spider-man plank push-ups no offense Spidey you're awesome however I'm really obsessed with Wonder Woman right now somebody naming these Wonder Woman plank push-ups welcome here we go find a nice big high plank Wow make sure your heart rate goes down safely before you come down you can push pause now we have one spider-man plank hello bowed rise up to that see me Casey's just gonna drive her foot up bring the back one single push up she can perform hers on her knee other side now there we go if you want to make it harder on the push-up add a hip extension go ahead and look for Koopa for that one are you ready now you know I tend to lose count I don't like that task well please do not let us do more than ten okay here we go and three two one so dry and push up that's one drive please count to it elbow to knee so we're working poor and strength yes if you're joining us on a hip extension right squeeze that glute at the top hmm over there yes I'm doing tricep push-ups it's easier for you to have a little wider grip go ahead you sell oh my god why do we you push-ups could they cut you up and I love that yeah they're so convenient okay guess what around for you this is your knockout round my personal favorite oh boy okay first thing we're doing that we work at speed power drop those weights we're getting ready to it one switch stance throw that's all we have time for show me that garden to just show me your boxer shuffle let's move to Orthodox we're going southpaw one switch stance drill all right let's bring it down you have a jab cross double lead hook switch jab cross double lead hook Casey is walking it jab cross to that other stance to target zones face side of the chin now I know we're working speed let's do two more slow but I still want eat a hit target zones proper form and technique are we ready in three two one go one two switch light on your feet release those heels find that loop in your arms now why do we do switch dance drills Oh cuz they're awesome Oh cuz they make it feel like a badass dressing yes we also do it to empty the tank this is where we get breathless you're like I was already breathlessly like in round two this is your time this is your time to work you've mastered these punches a little faster 100 switch once you land on your feet right one more come on give me these anymore beautiful one more so amazing so guess what we made it to your reaction girls this is one we're working power can you believe this is this legal is this legal yeah fine okay give me some fast feet give me your hands right here into the guard position all right don't you love her feet go Nichole's – i just bought you a water break Oh moon boats beat hands and guard we have four drills this is your start and stop now while I explain them we're practicing them so you can move it yes you're so happy drill one power jacks so you dip distance apart you're bringing it right here no KC's just gonna toe tap it out won't you landing lightly proud chest there we go light on those feet give me four you're welcome three it's so amazing to and one back here at speed yes we felt that this isn't even officially started has not officially certain its drill to ski feet hip distance apart now we've come out of the boxing ring oh now in the slope you do not want to see me going down the slope it does not look this pretty lose your heads back put your arm back Casey's walking at four three two and one that feed come on let's see it whoa third row squat and punch find a nice deep squat sure he punches as fast as you can Casey's keeping a taunt can you get a little lower yes here's five four three two and one back up but practicing forgot to see you stay here I'm gonna show you from the side plank and reach find a nice high plank you're reaching to that opposite foot driving your hips up and Casey will show you a high plank modification no just love reaction drills get ready squat and punch let's go now you know with that spine tall want you to sit back in those heels just like Anna here we're working speed as fast as you possibly can can you add some jalapeno lower give me five four three two one back up power jacks you knew they were coming you knew they were coming give me ten give me nine here's a light on your feet seven six five let's work Lester laughs too bad one skein we're down the mountain we're out of the rain we're pushing those hips back usually I can't even count like she messed it all up give me five give me four three two and one that's me squat and punch three two and while back up back up you know what's coming plank and reach find that hot plate and reaching come on you knew what's coming clink and reach there we go I want you to reach it back come on push those hips up Casey's only this beautiful high plank shoulders snap your wrist hips are down abs are tight give me five give me four how are we feeling three two back up this is it and we're doing it one more time because it's my fave and you probably already felt that it was my paper Squatch I love it this is where I like to walk around naked or punches right can we get a little lower can we get a little faster yes nuts wheat these see thousands of bodies coming through a room try with the cot it works if you do it give me ten nine eight seven six you made it don't freak out it's around five it's a final bill miss your cooldown yeah oh my lord swing that arm around you should feel so good because guess what that is not easy I really want you if you need more time after this to stretch please after you hit stop stretch it out a little bit more go ahead come into this little bicep stretch gently pull in that palm of your hand that should feel really good now bring that same arm around a little shoulder stretch pull it across your chest add that little wrist rotation right there keeping those knees soft bring around for a little tricep walk those fingers down your spine Oh open it up that was so good let's go ahead big arm swings right here everyone looks like they took showers I tell you it's hard but it's so fun working out should be fun right you should look forward to it go ahead little bicep stretch pull on that palm beautiful take some big deep breaths go ahead little shoulder action add that wrist rotation right there again if you need more time stretching is so important go ahead bring it around and if you work at a desk you should do these stretches every oh my god absolutely even need the cut work out what you need and if you do roundhouse kicks like Nicole you should really do this judges go ahead and bring it in there are you doing a standing hip opener I want you to grab this foot and then gently place it above that knee now go ahead once you find your balance bring this hand into a fist bring this palm open go ahead and connect now bring it down to your heart center now slowly come down into that seated right can you feel that all through the spine let's go ahead and switch it up go ahead place that opposite foot love that knee bring that hand into a fist once you find your balance palm up little balanced find it go ahead bring it down your heart center and go ahead and take a seat again we worked out so hard so please take some extra moments to really stretch it out all right so go ahead with one hand you're gonna give me a big breath in through your nose exhale through your mouth other side big breath in through your nose out through your mouth go ahead with both hands one final breath all together as a team big breath in through your nose out through your mouth bring your hands to your heart center you should feel empowered you should feel strong in the body the mind the soul why because this was not easy and guess what you just made that cut you are an official ninja what you deserve it awesome


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