Burma Health Insurance

if you live and work in Myanmar then you're very lucky it's a beautiful country but it's very important to have the right health insurance Pacific prime is the world's largest distributor of international private medical insurance to individuals and to SMEs in 2013 we were awarded by bupa international and I chai Denmark their top global distributor award but we don't just work for blueprint I chai in fact Pacific prime is a leading global distributor for virtually every international private medical insurance company so how can we help you well what we'd like to do is maybe gives to you some advice if you're looking for insurance the process we would normally go through is to spend some time talking to you to understand your needs the point being that health insurance is actually a very complex product it's made typically today by insurers in a modular form so things that we would consider when we talk to you is to help you understand and identify which parts of the modules or which parts are the plan are important to you so I'll give you some examples an impatient component going into hospital outpatient components would be things like drugs medication GP visits you then have well being optical dental maternity so if you're started thinking of starting a family evacuation and repatriation if you're living and working in Myanmar then evacuation could be very important because in the event of a serious medical issue you most likely will be evacuated to perhaps Bangkok or maybe Hong Kong or Singapore or perhaps to the west towards Europe beyond those aspects there are things like chronic conditions are they covered in full or not things like pre-existing medical conditions will they be covered things like deductibles and excesses a good way to control the costs direct billing facilities in the hospital's lifetime renewability does it have it or does it not geographical zones of cover so you've just covered in Myanmar or outside of Myanmar so as you can see as we start to break the plan down into the different aspects of cover all the different modules then most people don't actually really understand those aspects and our job is to help you understand them to identify what's important to you and then we can go away and start to review the market so once we've understood your needs and what's important we can then go away and start looking at different insurers we work with all of the leading international insurers so booper and Aetna and Cigna and Ally odds dkv axor Aviva the list is very long but there are also many insurers you perhaps not heard of William Russell interglobal IMG HTH integra global ala carte an hour job then is to come back to you with these insurers who perhaps the big brand names you have and the insurers you haven't and identify a number of insurers and a number of plans which are most suitable for you we will then go through a review process with you to check which plans are going to be the best so as you can see it's a very thorough process we really help you understand the plans we can survey and review the entire market and I'm very confident that anybody who spends five minutes talking to us at the start of the process when they're looking Falcon surance is much more likely to buy the right health insurance plan for them so if you're living and working in Myanmar and you're looking for help on health insurance why don't you come and talk to us

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