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not everybody wakes up happy sometimes you feel sad scared crappy Elias is that she left me feel my way boil kind of devils can't wait to leave this closed-minded town my boss is such a breeding Creek I can't believe my sit alone I'm never moving out of my parents home just got ghosted should've known pretty sure I'll end up alone they say I'm too young to raise my baby girl take your opinions and Succot world [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you


  1. Who’s here from 2020?🙋🏽‍♂️

  2. Burger encourages weakness and victimhood, instead of motivating people they can be stronger than they were yesterday. This sort of nonsense poisons the mind.

  3. idk about anyone else but i'd feel super awkward asking for a pissed/salty/dgaf meal. Just give me my food, I dont need everyone seeing how i feel lol

  4. bruh meal

  5. Where is the suicidal packet? I don't see it.
    Guess they really don't care about suicidal.
    #Mentalhealth my ass

  6. That skank one, simple. Don't whore around school, respect your body you fucking thot.

  7. Wow, inciting hatred and political violence in the UK like a backpeddling corporate coward today… just stumbled this ad to try and understand what BK's intentions were and why. LMAO. LMAO hard, is this truly what your marketing dept's world outlook is? What weird irresponsible creeps you are…

  8. My generation summed up in 2 words "muh depression"

  9. Well, since we are profiting off shit….. listen to my song abt McDonald’s? https://youtu.be/XzTWmdEfpoY

  10. Nothing says mental health awareness like a burger king ad…. Definitely not a very poor advertising choice or anything.

  11. how does this have 16K dislikes?

  12. Wow trying to make money off of others struggles and illnesses. Burger King hits a new low!

    It’s all about money and greed!

  13. Man, what a new low in advertising. What is this emo shit? I'm going to Wendys instead from now on.

  14. Man, what a new low in advertising. What is this emo shit? I'm going to Wendys instead from now on.

  15. I kinda wanna try the "dont give a fuck meal…" 😂

  16. 1:07 ? Really girl you living in the 90’s? Most conservatives would actually be like damn she kept her kid! WAIT AGO GIRL! Cheers 🎉 . A young millennial taking responsibility instead of the abortion way out.!
    Or was her anger aimed at Pro-Choices cuz I know I have heard them say such things to young teenagers 🤔

  17. 🤔

  18. Guys medications are exploiting mental health too, So that’s they can sell pills, Stop selling them

  19. Yo that’s my school @bhs heads

  20. Man I was gonna say I'll never eat at burger king again.. but the severity of the situation struck me! Where oh where will I ever find another place to get a weird burger and undercooked fries, served in a dirty setting by half-motivated grumpy employees?

    Oh, what a mess bk really whatever shall I do there simply are not 12 other options scattered mere blocks away from one another where I can get a burger oh my

  21. Hey I just heard burger king UK is promoting sales of milkshakes, and that the promotion is almost certainly tied to Sargon who recently was covered in a milkshake when an anti free speech asshole threw one on him.

    So bk is encouraging shutting down free speech now?

    I shave with a safety razor now (and love it) so as to avoid giving Gillette any money. I also avoid any P&G products since they are the parent company.

    I never ate at bk often, because they are too ghetto, but now I have a reason to never eat there at all.

    I hope more woke advertising happens immediately so I know exactly what companies to avoid.

    And yes I see the hypocrisy in me posting this on WokeTube.

  22. Is it true you've been advocating political violence in Scotland?

  23. burger king now incites political violence in scotland. boycott burger king forever

  24. Why do they all say things in rhymes? Do mental people only speak in song ?

  25. Atleast make them different meals lol they all have Whopper, Fries, and Drink…. BK is trying to profit off mental health WTF…honestly thought this was a Joke..like who really wants a meal from a fast food joint, with “PISSED” on the side…BK takes the L.

  26. Wow… This almost feels like a comedy sketch.

  27. As someone with a mental illness, this is kinda disrespectful, Burger King wtf is wrong y’all

  28. Just discovered that Burger Kings executive branch is full of Leftist PIGS who promote & foment assaulting people in UK by throwing milkshakes on people they don't philosophically agree with! Isn't social media wonderful when we can find out who not to support financially & spread the word? Go fuck yourselves BURGER QUEENS!!!

  29. They give you a sex toy with every self-loathing meal!

  30. Statistically speaking, single mothers are more likely to raise children that will eventually turn out to be criminals. Give up your kid for adoption, single moms and start being a part of the solution

  31. This is hilarious. You just got a customer for life, Burger King 😂

  32. You guys all sound like you could use a salty meal.

  33. Am I the only one that think this is ridiculous?

  34. Im depressed and I know a burger will not help

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