Bulldog Chaos Knight Has Been Eating Healthy

[Laughter] I'm coming bottom the Lunas afford right on when you go be little careful he's gonna fuckin kill you I don't know I got this choice blocks kappa can i get them with a show i got party this deal not high enough lovelier it hurts one mA oh not enough that's not enough sir miss kunkka bottom the seeds of her questionable probably away from my ass Bell most likely oh I'm dead don't know me I save him life's it lights the lights – oh wow oh my god she said Wow thank you thank you oh yeah I'm gonna find a reason to give you a minus one wait what waiver Academy Academy oh you pee right now having use your modest Midas I think that targeting faux dog come on we're Luna good on a Troy Derek follow-on dunno you betta they're gonna go on you a blinking sternum we kill everyone okay okay okay no I said Lou nice snipe goal just goals go someone my god what in God's name is this free is killed you cannot just do what I tell you I'm coming table nothing gonna come stuff let's kill everyone I'm coming where did not done then send in the back line kill this guy yes I got I don't have dust you didn't know he did not know no you didn't let me sneeze it's under attack they're coming your top tower is under attack get up all the day boys debate we deem got you baited I'm a big boy go bit of a tip no gasps no no gasps okay inspect for sand King will to me please tend to intimated why I'm coming go go go forget slightly trigger real Hockley let me be scared straight guys when this was happening you guys wanted to kill a witch doctor I said of morphling is that right big deal smiley triggering turn off the fucking heal already deal please turn it off deal it's great put my ace here thing don't what else they we're good everything is fine you're fine sure they're more flea black black black that's another – voice yeah I'm sorry get tragen about a yield buy everything is running full of cutting more flame add I'm gonna fight them Lee nice top bottom gallon get us aboard mark dude yellow fuck off the mortgage because rich talking up more important here okay I realize that this is a coreos I focus instead of chasing supports it's a difficult choice to do and maybe rush sometimes you got to do it let's go we have phantasms I've region region region region a son a son nice Ward's send 10/10 what is going on not play voices alone you should have just taken the center on the back line telling you fools lying gods names did we not kill us thanking why do we chase them in what in God's name would kill him is what would have happened team tipping is that give him easy drink Mikey Jesus your bait of my life kill a TI winner wrong I mean if your support you're on behind me now don't get picked off it's a complicated play look at these Oh Annie pull up any spell guys and he lit up anything I don't that blink so I can't say it will save easily a k because we've been look at it any kind of Sun they don't die that easily anymore they still do actually nevermind or do they yes they do I'm out boys five seconds until like against it run for your life please I die like a bitch weeds God sank Italy's my twenty five twenty p.m. realtor spell we need eggs if I had said nothing dice I'm falling attorney if you keep chasing coming keep chasing I'm coming but later I got late now Jase Jase Jase fool or pieces shit rude I'm gonna dig the dog one doesn't have a buyback though yes yes a school that doesn't know women is there camera on Ibaka Oh whoopsie see more of link players everywhere for second oopsy Oh tiny room let's go let's go with my raw damage man and this is a Cosme now if you're a support you should not be here cuz I'll just jump and kill you you guys buyback sapega tonight I'll kill you poverty my dad which is there means I also stopped dude come on crying leave me can it go six right fuck I'm scared for my life look my illusions barely type it cuz they life still I was well remembered a life still nice don't die just TP what just a people hair just say fuck you reduces armor my damage pause look at my massive damage just TP I don't do a lot of damage because my old is my damage so you cannot look at this like Sven it's like son there's not a little W about it I might need this cuz they all probably focus me ladies I put a sentry we do have sentries right yeah we do have detection right you have no detection at all whatsoever oh yeah oh yeah I'm gonna get my 25 now boy line minus 1 right thank you oh please what a sentry let's go I'm gonna go on him go most people my illusions can't I literally can't I I can died off thanks for glimmering yourself buddy and blade I'm coming back into disgusting goddamn 25 well did about people bumping the raw damage mile to soon ready again because I've been cool a reduction in fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck I can I'll die easily I cannot die easily lights the light still likes you oh no I'm taking damage well I might feel I shouldn't let him sick is this one oh shit I bet it is a long summer any mana let's go I have old look a Sunday cannot kill my illusions either how did he kill my illusions that's a good question Billy they cannot see ya oh look this cylinder they cannot kill him almost I mean he can kill him slowly literally not figuratively but literally unkillable a human boy plus 45 to askin but it's also crit so it's more than 45 and then I have a luna aura I've Lunara I'm gonna do in his vast plate I'll do this I do this I was gonna sell this is fine it's fine it's fine smiley face five seconds done look by second five second five second giga stun it's a six second stun look I'm blanking you see I'm suggesting effects and the other lights feel it it's a thermos and people laughter the goals and look at is two seconds that's not so good but it could be more it could be more look at this guy's boom five seconds time offense I got so useful lose bettors thought I would lose if they're already ours well played everyone oh boy that's a plus T for me all right so whoa whoa whoa we want the game that's a Lisa plus fun you got mine welcome to pega place sir you got a couple – there's something – take it please eat it yeah sorry oh if you were high rank you would not get a fuck for this games this is your solo rank we give you there you go new heroes no I got rid of Spectre


  1. Hi, guys. What's the context of +1/-1 from bulldog? Even tho I don't quite get it, I still laugh. Thanks!

  2. Play with arch

  3. EEL

  4. That luna is she for real? -1000iq

  5. Quelling first lmao

  6. Fire emblem music on the start Pog

  7. Goes midas blink ck…. Says "WHY DO I DO NO DAMAGE REEE!!"

  8. Why is this boi so funny

  9. I love this man

  10. Is that the fire emblem theme!?!!?!

  11. Eel
    Stop playing that
    Stop it please

  12. heart of terrasque = ART

  13. all mega cucks are – 10 now

  14. 2:10 sounds like teemo. The guy I used to see with Baumi.

  15. As the first level 25 master ck in the world. I have to say, I am much more impressed with your ck this game than in your previous games. Obviously not as good as me, and I think your item build was out of order and you use spells out if order, but otherwise much much better than your other ck videos

  16. I feel bad for this NP cause he can actually play LUL

  17. 5:11 "please turn it off" 5:16


  19. Fire emblem music at the start Pog

  20. Fire Emblem PepeHands

  21. Admiral I f***ing love you man! 8:40 xD

  22. I wish bulldog wouldn't minus so much like maybe the max is -3 so they can atleast catch up and trihard

  23. kill a TI WINNER?


  24. bulldog, i love you, can I please play with you?

  25. 1:35 "Don't ult me, elp elp!"

  26. For some reason the Item BKB is non existent in Tue higher ups

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