Building Muscle After 40 While Burning Fat (Dumbbell Workout)

let's get it done hey guys funk Roberts from over 40 shred comm and today I'm excited to bring you a dumbbell workout that's gonna help us pack on some muscle while we burn calories during and after we're done now did you guys know that research shows and proves that in even in our 40s 50s and 60s we can build muscles just as well as we did when we're in our 20s and that's great news but the key is we've got to do it the right way we've got to use the right exercises with the right protocol hitting our total body and of course we've gotta rest so our muscles grow anyway today we're going to use what I call my dumbbell metabolic superset workout where we're using three different sets and each set we're using four exercises and with each exercise we're doing 45 seconds of work as many reps as possible followed by 15 seconds rest one after the other for three rounds once we're done that set we rest for two minutes and then we move on so you're gonna see in this workout we're doing upper body lower body and then full body so we're hitting total body to ensure that we build that muscle guys it's about getting strong and building muscle over 40 50 and 60 or we gotta do it right got to make sure we rest and we gotta use workouts like this alright so here we go guys – check this out I'm done talking now it's your turn to get it done okay for this workout you're gonna be doing three separate sets and for each set you're gonna be doing four exercises now I want you to perform each exercise for 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest one after the other for three straight rounds once you're done rest two minutes and move on to the next set repeating the exact same protocol are you ready let's get it done our first exercise are lying chest press to crush the problem now I love this exercise because we're hitting the entire you want to do two chest presses first regular chest press followed by two crushed presses and then continued for the full 30 seconds I like to use heavy weight here challenging weight here but again make sure that you focus on your technique pressing the dumbbell straight above your eyes our next exercise are bent over rows again another great exercise but this time for the back here we want to ensure that we our back is straight our core is tight we're bent over enough that we can roll those dumbbells up by our hips okay so we're not rowing straight up and down we want to roll roll up and back so you really get those lats doing the work our next exercise our standing shoulder press they're alternating shoulder press or you can do them both the same time with all depends on you but again you want to stand nice and tall you want to make sure that your arms go to 90 degree angle so don't bring them all the way down just to a 90 degree angle and press up that way you continually have attention on those shoulders our final exercise are dumbbell regular hammer and reverse curl so we're hitting all the curls for the girls and again you're just gonna do one regular curl to a hammer curl to a reverse curl so try to get that cadence going keep the shoulders back keep your body tall and exhale throughout each movement our first exercise in round 2 are dumbbell rack squats now here you want to bring the dumbbells up and you can rack them however way you want is you can see I've got my palms facing me and we want to go all the way down into the squat trying to go as low as you possibly can keep the heels in the ground and blast straight up as soon as you come up squeeze the gluts and drop right back down our next exercise are dumbbell high swing so take the dumbbell from the one of the ends really hold it tight and again it's a it's a lower body posterior chain movement so you want to make sure that you have a hinge and use a lower body to get the dumbbell all the way up in the air and once you get to the top and brace your core you're gonna make sure that you embrace the core cuz that's what's gonna make sure that you keep that dumbbell nice and tall and then shoot that dumbbell back down between your legs and continue the next exercise forward dumbbell lunges keep the dumbbells to your side and you're gonna lunge forward make sure when you're lunging and keep your body nice and tall and use that front foot to push off and make sure you don't drag that leg or drag that foot when you're coming back on our final exercise in set is stiff legged deadlifts a great exercise for the hamstrings here we're gonna keep our legs and slightly bent and we're gonna come all the way down with the dumbbell right through our shoelaces so make sure you go to the shoelaces and then bring them back up the key to this exercise you want to make sure that you point your gluts and right back straight to the wall because that will engage your hamstrings you'll really feel it when you do that finally in round 3 our first exercise are squat clean and prep so you're holding with holding the dumbbell to the side and go into a squat then use those hips to clean the dumbbell up and then press straight up over your head and repeat that exercise again make sure with the squat your heels in the ground make sure that the King you use your hips and make sure we depress your course site our next exercise the renegade rows great core exercise great shoulder stability exercise and great chest exercise of course back as well with this you want to make sure again you're rolling the dumbbell straight by your hips the the key here to this exercise is press the dumbbell that's on the ground put all your weight on that when you're rolling the other dumbbell up our next exercise a reverse lunge to bicep curls so instead of lunging forward with this exercise we're gonna lunge back and again with the lunge back you want to keep your body nice and tall step back into a lunge and as you step back you want to curl those dumbbells up while you're curling dumbbells up make sure that your shoulders are back step back to the regular position and then alternate legs finally our last exercise of close grip push-ups now your chest will be a little bit fatigued from doing the renegade rows but you still want to get this exercise done bring your hands together and go all the way down and press all the way up moving as fast you can in 30 seconds so there you have it guys an awesome total body dumbbell workout that it's gonna help us pack on some muscle while we burn calories during and after guys make sure you warm up before you workout and also stretch after to ensure that you recover faster now listen in the gym that's when we stimulate the muscles that's when we break down the muscle and it's only after when we rest when all the magic happens when we grow so make sure you get those rest anyways I hope you like that workout please leave your comments like this subscribe this channel and finally if you want to get in an amazing shape at the age of forty fifty or sixty then download my free one-week kickstart over 40 stretch program for you guys it's totally free workouts nutrition everything you need to get it done anyways I'm Punk Roberts I can't wait to see you next Tuesday get it done


  1. is it ok to do this excersics every day

  2. I love the simplicity of the movements and equipment in the exercises !!! I am 61 gave been working out since I was 17.I love the kettlebell and burpee combination.i still gain muscle especially in my shoulders and arms!! Thanks for your hard work and dedication to fitness!!

  3. Great work and meaningful. I'm 47, can I change it to 30 seconds instead?

  4. I like you

  5. Thank you for the video. What weights dumbells to you recommended to start?

  6. excellent thia might be a life changer

  7. EXCELLENT , Your da man.

  8. You da man. love it!
    over 40 guy .

  9. Hello
    New to your channel..
    I'm 46 years old.. weighting 335lb..
    Last time I worked out was in 1997..
    Now I'm 46 with a herniated disc surgery that I had done more than ten years ago and I'm also diabetic with arthritis,yeah I know..
    What would be your advice as a beginner, starting working out again?

  10. thank u

  11. I've watched another video that said I should not do squats and lunges.  Who should I believe?

  12. How much weight approx should be on each dumbbell for these exercises?

  13. Love this guy! STAY TOOOONED!

  14. This killed me! Had to do the last exercise on my knees for a little bit. Great routine

  15. Im gonna try this 4am later. Challenge my mind.

  16. Thanks Funk Roberts…appreciate it…get it done!

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  18. Just finished first workout. Sweating, sore, limping a little, huffing and puffing…. 41 and a desk job just don't go together well. Time for a change. Think I found the first part of it here. Thanks Funk.

  19. So are we doing each circuit 3x for a total of 9 rounds….or 1 set once for a total of 3 rounds?

  20. What's a good workout/diet for someone over 40 who has diabetes

  21. Yeah Funk got that body by just doing the mentioned exercises

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