Building an Outdoor Gym


  1. 🌴🔥nice nice nice bro🔥🌴

  2. Good job man! You inspired me and I did something similar. It's on my channel 🙂

  3. Great job you two. We are building off grid in Saskatchewan and enjoying a balmy -23 C evening tonight 🙂 We've been at it for about 5 years and are now well established and living very comfortably in 540 sq ft. Now onto building our 2000 sq dream home ( .) Keep it up. You're not the only ones, There ARE more of us and we are growing! You guys are doing an awesome job!

  4. Nice good jab

  5. Hey bud, it is amazing. But what’s the name of the app you build your construction/design

  6. Okay, nice gym. Shows you can build and work. Why didn't post the parts, dimensions, etc?

  7. Nice but for the upside down 45° supports. First set should be under. Other four are trip hazzards. Just x-brace one side. Sorry, js.

  8. 1..7 million views and using copy write music…lost that ad money bro

  9. Wheres the leg days?

  10. Its too big.

  11. Awesome when I have my own backyard

  12. When you find something to do with your architecture degree 😂😂😂

  13. The legend says that he is not using it anymore

  14. Councils should do this to parks

  15. Faster is scaffold

  16. Anyone else got it in recommendation in 2019?

  17. Lol, cool, but next time place it at the beginning not in the middle of the construction.

  18. um.. what about leg day?

  19. Dimensions?

  20. This song can even turn chicken into 🦁

  21. This song can even turn chicken into 🦁

  22. The rope there I wouldn't do it, I'm a very tall guy and even if I wasn't like you still to short, I would put a heavy bag instead but you can tell it's adaptable even here, sure you can take off that rope any time

  23. Which song is this ? Name of the song please

  24. this is outdoor crossfit..

  25. Thank you now my brothers dont have to spending any money in the gym anymore but hey ! Pewdiepie had fall and he needs your help so i suggest you to subscribe to him

  26. When you so much addicted to gym… And you feel Like normal workout are not enough and workhard… You get this ideas…. Seriously its awesome brother…. Epic setup… Gonna try it

  27. guys literally only want one thing and its fucking disgusting…

  28. That song was 100% game.

  29. Too Big and too expensive for only 4 exercices station

  30. Ojalá se queme

  31. i dont aprreciate the censorship

  32. How do you build so fast?

  33. Que bueno escuchar a Mike Shinoda!!💥💥

  34. when you like to workout and have an architecture degree

  35. Did this guy ever drop dimensions and materials?

  36. Cool vid

  37. Where can i buy a big backyard

  38. Immediately thumbs down cause the gay song.

  39. Looks like gallows.

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