Budgie Health Tips on Budgie Breeding Boxes17 07 2014

do you have a pair of buddies that are showing breeding behavior perhaps that's a very common experience and I suggest that you allow your buddies to breed or go through the motions at least once or twice a year so some points that I'd like to make that would help you do this our first of all selection of your breeding box or your buddies and I suggest that you can even make them yourself or you can go to one of the bigger pet shops and buy them there or you can join one of the budgie societies and they have bungee breeding boxes for sale at a very cheap price as a general rule so you can link up with one of the AV culturist to breed budgies and ask if you can buy i want to buy a box new box from from them they'll know where to get them as cheaply as possible etc and I suggested you check for the following points in your buddies breeding box make sure that it has a concave bottom on the inside so that the eggs tend to roll in together and make sure that the the bottom of the breeding box is then covered with a thin layer of sawdust the sawdust should come from non treated timber avoid poisoning your birds with treated timber and the other thing that you should make sure is that your budgies breeding box is not just pine pine board and that it is free from four Muntean so when you open your budgets breeding box smell it quickly and see if there any smells of formalin if it is it needs to be aired for maybe a week or two out in the Sun kept try of course but it should be air before it's placed with your buddies you can buy budgie breeding boxes with a little tunnel on the front and a little ledge for the birds to stand on and I think a lot of buddies like that and the lid can be oh there's different lids on the boxes to allow for inspection and I suggest you do get into the habit of inspecting about Jesus breeding box on a daily basis and your buddies get used to that so the fendi problems occurring when you have chicks if you have chicks budgie chicks you can recognize these sooner rather than later so there are a few points on bunch of breeding boxes and we'll speak a little bit more about bungee breathing in one of the next videos if you want to learn a lot more I would strongly recommend that you buy my book dr. Ross Perry's budgie book and you can buy that has either any people or a hard copy at ww Gold Coast burdette com ww Gold Coast be calm is one of the places where you can buy dr. Ross Perry's bunchy book right now

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