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hi I'm dr. Ross Perry and I'm just very aware of how fortunate I am to be able to make this recording sitting on a beach beside crumb bun Creek with the Sun just setting in the background behind the bridge and you can see all the traffic of everyone making their way home and here i am at currumbin creek having a bit of fun with you in this bloody health tip i'm going to discuss the what will we discuss with you we could discuss the fact that i'm very interested in holistic health and the well-being of buggies and i'm relying less and less and less on the use of drugs as i find other means of preventing disease and managing existing disease when that when my help is needed so i talked about some of these things in my bookings dr. oz berries veggie book and you'll find other posts that i am putting up on various aspects of this but do understand please that as a holistic vet I am increasingly aware of many different options to the use of standard drugs such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone and hormones which have been the mainstay of my veterinary practice in my early years as a bird specialist donessa just as a regular vet interested in birds so in my silver years or golden years I am now exploring and embracing such things as quantum physics and there is indications on embracing supplements such as amber toes and CEO vet tox and various fruit juices that generally sold by direct marketing they're not just fruit juices they they contain additional products that support health and well-being and often support recovery from disease so these are some of the things that we might discuss if you're interested if you seek my job also understand that you can get remote help from me if you just don't live around the corner or where you can travel to me and the details of all this are on Gold Coast burger calm so the first thing of course i always recommend if the bird is sick is to see your local bird bit not just any debt find a bet that is really interested knowledgeable the birds but if you can't do that at least get my books one or more in my books gold coast at Gold Coast third vet calm if you're into budgies I recommend dr. Ross Perry's budgie book people want a general book on Berg here I recommend that you buy my book hearing for birds with love and gratitude and if your instant getting into the nitty-gritty royal inland you can get dr. Ross Perry's bird poop book and learn how to use a microscope and learn how to recognize there is agents of disease and other things that you can see and discover in bird poop so you've got lots of choices for help and if you want to contact me directly then the details of how to do that far on gold coast burglar calm so go exploring and have fun and keep learning it's a wonderful world and we can do much to say but geez now that we couldn't save in the past even veggies with cancer and often be saved using holistic methods what amazing


  1. why my cocktail bird is sleeping full day what the problems to my bird

  2. Can I give my budgie CBD oil?

  3. Hi doc I need you help ..my budgie skin is turning from pink to very red..

  4. hi Dr Ross I went to a vet to get my budgies beak trimmed and they cut it to short and its bleeding will his beak go back to normal

  5. Hi Ross I was wondering is you can give me some tips, because my budgie is pooing mainly water.

  6. How can I contact you I need help splinting my parakeets leg.

  7. Your golden years are your very blessed years Dr Perry and I for one am very grateful for all your knowledge and wisdom   Thank you..Great video for all who love budgies and all birds..

  8. Dr Perry, I just wanted to say thank-you so much sharing your vast wealth of knowledge here on YouTube. Thanks to your holistic veterinary methods, I've now decided that I want to be a veterinarian too. The way you love and care for animals is so inspirational. You are 1 in a million!

  9. Dr.RossPerry can you please anwser my question.My green cheek conure has lots of white dots on the its feathers could it me mites?

  10. Your a proffesional right because i need some help. Today i let my cockatiel outside of his cage so that he can fly and exercise. When it was time to put him back inside his he cage he refused to go on my arm instead he was flying around like crazy and crashed against the door with a loud thump noise when,he crashed against the door. When i picked him up and putted him inside his cage he wad trembling and constantlu closing his eye and i dont know why plz respond back im worried.

  11. Hi there, can you please make a video about what to feed a budgie with fat tumors? 

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