Budget Rogue Home Gym

so one of my most popular videos has been my home gym build and how much it costs and I get a lot of comments from people saying hey that's my goal one day to have this kind of setup or people who said I spend way too much money and they could find it cheaper somewhere else or they would just rather go to the gym and pay $10 a month so what I wanted to do in this video will show you that you can still get a solid home gym set up at a lot less of a price then I paid and in this case we're going to take a look at rogue fitness and I say in this case because if you like these kind of videos and want to see some other ideas of home gym build that you can do on a budget you can just let me know in the comments section below and I'll do that but I'm gonna go with rogue for a couple of reasons which I'll mention in just a second before I do that I do have to mention that yes any time you buy anything brand new it's going to be more expensive than when you buy used so I get a lot of people who tell me you know what you can just go on Craigslist you can buy this used secondhand refurbished and that's true you can but from what I've seen the equipment available use usually isn't very high quality you don't see the same big-name brands with the high quality manufacturing behind it a lot of times these pieces are beat-up they're mixed and matched and they don't really go very well it might be rusted over and in most cases they're more of a holdover until you can afford something better so I'm of the opinion and just do it right the first time and that's what I'm going to show you in this particular video and secondly talking about rogue the reason why I want to go with them in this video is because you really can't beat the price to quality ratio you get with them yes they are name-brand yes they are a little bit expensive compared to what your budget might be but you really get what you pay for in this case and they have a ton of accessories and it's very easy to go ahead and set them up they ship fast and I really have nothing but nice things to say about them and they ever want to send me anything free I'd be more than happy to accept it I actually tried to get them to sponsor my initial home gym video and they did not want to do that but that's another story so let's get into the instance right here of the best budget home build from rogue that you can do alright so we're on the rogue website and let's start where all gems need to start and that's what the good barbell because when you think about squatting benching or dead lifting that's really the main constant piece of equipment that you'll need access to so I've made a video on this in the past I'll link it in the description box below I literally think one of the best bars in the world for the buck is the rogue Ohio power bar so regardless we're doing just a rogue build or a Titan build or any piece of equipment manufacturer build if you had to ask me what's the best barbell I can buy I would still recommend the rogue Ohio power bar now there's a couple variants here there's a 20 kg version and a 45 pound variant of it for this build I'm going with a 45 pound version because again we're on a budget this is cheaper as well as many of the people that watch these videos lifts in pounds so just makes more sense here and for this since I'm assuming that you're probably going to be wanting to take care of the investment you make here we can get away with just using the bare steel bar and with regular maintenance we shouldn't have any issues with this or again if budget isn't as big of a concern you can spring the extra twenty five dollars and go for the black sink with bright zinc finish instead which will hold up a little bit longer and probably look a little bit cooler in the long run so let's go ahead and add the barbell to our cart and we're well on our way for this rogue budget build but let's continue shopping because there's a lot more that we have to buy so from the barbell let's go ahead and take a look at rigs and racks now again I'm going to make some assumptions with this build namely that many of you guys are going to be putting this in your home which means usually in your garage in your basement or for you freaks out there maybe even your bedroom but because that space is usually somewhat of a priority so we want something that's going to sit and not take up a ton of space necessarily and also for keeping budget in mind the bigger rack or rig you go with the more money it's going to cost so we're not going to look at rigs we're not going to look at wall mounts we're not going to look at power racks we're gonna look at squat stands in this case because you can really get some good bang for your buck here now there's a lot of different options and they range in cost anywhere from about 300 dollars up to 900 dollars there's some differences in how tall they are what the mounting equipment look on the bottom if they actually are 2 by 3 or 3 by 3 steel and some other accessories that many of us probably aren't that interested in like a rogue mono stand so I've taken a look here and feel free to peruse yourself but I honestly think the best bang for your buck is this rogue SML to see squat stand so it's actually the same cost as if you were to get this version in just the regular matte black which is standard so unlike the rogue rack that I purchased which cost extra to get a specified color in this instance you can go ahead and go to town and not add any so we're going to go back to bright blue because I really like the contrast here now some other reasons why I chose this particular squat stand is because I really like this base plate here you're going to get a lot of added stability especially if you put this up against the wall and again if you're squatting and racking into this you're not going to have any problems with the actual weights themselves or the stand losing balance you also get rogue standard spacing here and then when you get down to the benching area you get Westside spacing so the holes are a lot closer which allows for a more precise placement of your actual Jay cups and unwrapping of this bar you also have some band peg holes in the bottom as well and one of the nice things about this being a 3×3 steel post here with the monster light series is rogue has a ton of different accessories you can add on to this and one of the accessories if you're worried about stability here you can add are just some simple plate storage pegs which you could put along the bottom sticking out to the side or even pointing backwards in this case and throw some weight plates on to add even extra added stability without having to mount this to a concrete floor you do get some other options down here too which we'll talk about in just a second but again given all of these other options through rogue I do think that this one is probably the best bang for our buck if we're trying to get the highest quality at the lowest cost so we went ahead and we chose our color the next thing we also have to do is choose a pull-up bar i really suggest going with the single one and a quarter inch pull-up bar which you can see is already on the rack here itself I don't find that this is too thick which isn't necessarily a problem I've ever had but if you were to go with the other option which is the standard fat skinny bar what that actually looks like is two bars on top of each other and the problem with this particular attachment on something like a SWAT stand is if you lose the functionality of one of the bars and the lower bar could potentially get in the way of the upper bar or vice versa now if we were going with a full-on power rack that would be different because you could actually take that double mounted bar and mount it horizontally instead so you could have one person use the skinny bar and one person use the fat bar if you got freaky like that you could do some interesting things if you both did it at the same time so there's always that as well so let's go back here and let's choose the one pull-up bar that's great some other options down here if you want wheel brackets if you want a different S for mounting feet you can do that I don't think these are necessary here what I would suggest anyways is having this rack put on some or stall map that you can get at your local tractor supply company for about $40 for one piece which is four by six so if you get two pieces which run $80 you have protection for your floor as well as a nice sturdy base to put this rack on but I do think we will need these 24 months your light safety spotter arms pair so this is in case you fail and your bench and your squat whatever these safety arms will catch it and hold that weight and these racks are actually rated to hold a thousand pounds which is more than I think any of us will probably end up lifting so let's add those to the cart as well and I have to actually add this because I haven't added the rack so let's add that rack and we should be good to go so right now we have the barbell we have the rack itself and we have the safety spotter arms so we still need a couple other pieces so the next thing we're going to take a look at here is we're going to take a look at the actual benches themselves because everybody cares about bench that's why they get their own spacing set and I think in this instance we're just going to go with the flat bench from rogue which is their utility bench do you want to get fancier they do have options that can incline and do other things for sit-ups but again this is a budget build in a sense so we're going to go with the best bang for our buck which is just their utility bench for one hundred and seventy nine dollars and we'll add that to the cart so we got a pretty good set up here we have the rig the rack we have the bench we have the barbell now what we also need is the actual weights themselves so I'm going to take a look at their plates options and this is where things can get kind of confusing because there's a lot of different options here but again keeping budget at top of mind there's two real things we want to look at the first which is the rogue Olympic plates which says start at 750 the second of which is the York legacy iron plates would start at 470 I'm going to open this up in another tab because this is actually somewhat deceiving because based off these pricings you might think that this is the cheapest option and you might start looking at these weights themselves but I'll tell you is that is not true the rogue option is actually a lot cheaper even though the average starting cost is higher 750 compared to the 450 or 470 of the York plates you'll notice that these are just for single plates they're not for the pair so let's take for instance the 45 pound plate is 83 dollars for just one compared to when we take a look at rogue you're paying 105 dollar says it's hair so this is actually a much better deal and this is where things can also really get expensive because not only are wastes in general expensive but when you factor in the shipping cost of all these that's where some of this can really get to you that's really why I like to buy things all at once because shipping can really add up and I really want to try to save you guys on those shipping costs so the amount of weight that you're going to get is really going to vary depending on your own actual lifting level but I would say for most people if you want to just buy them once and never have to worry about it again five pairs of 45 should be sufficient that's going to give you 495 pounds on the bar and then if we get just single pairs of everything else that should hold us over for quite a while so let me go ahead and do that I don't really care about the 1 and 1/4 plates most people don't use those that I know of at least and we're going to go ahead and add those all to the cart and eventually they'll do that one of the things I don't like about rogue sight is it's kind of slow and finicky and sometimes I've had several issues where I thought I'd added something to the cart only to find out later that I haven't so I think that's everything we need again you can add on stuff as you see fit but we have the squat stand we have the barbell we have the safety arms we have the bench press we have all the weights we need and we have the flooring again if you go to the tractor supply store and buy them for 40 dollars for a 4 by 6 piece which I would highly suggest as rogues tends to get really expensive in that instance and some people might not even find that they want them so as of right now our total cost including shipping and handling is right under $2,000 so if you compare that to the cost of my own home gym what I paid which was roughly $6,000 at the end of the a it is quite a difference we're about a third of the price now you will notice right here the shipping might seem somewhat expensive 192 pounds but to put that in perspective we're shipping several hundred pounds of pieces of equipment and if you were to let's just say for instance clear all this out and just get a pair of 45 pound plates setting as you would for this so for under two thousand dollars you can get a very nice home gym set up and be well on your way to making all kinds of games you


  1. where did you get your lamp?

  2. I own a rogue power rack, bumpers and bar but honestly if you want “budget” and “best bang for your buck”…

    TITAN FITNESS all the way!

  3. Planet Fitness @ $10 a month = 200 months; any local gym @ $30-$35 a month = 60 months. For a home gym $750 will do the job.

  4. Never thought of building a home gym till now

  5. Pfft just steal plates from your local gym easy game

  6. Super helpful for my set up. Thank you.


  8. This is why Americans spent millions of dollars trying to invent a biro that worked in space and the Russians used a pencil.
    You are lifting weights, there is no finesse here you are putting metal weights on a bar and lifting them up and down, how in fuck does that warrant the purchasing of a $300 bar. You can't have a 10lb weight that is better than another 10lb weight so why go expensive, do you think the expensive 10lbs all be more 10lbs than the cheap 10lbs

  9. Ok. I'm not hating. I like the video, it was good to roam around on the rogue website. But for some perspective… for less money as that squat rack (functional equivalent) I got a titan x3 36" depth phenomenal power rack that is … unbelievable value. I mean why even? I like rogue but the only thing they are at the value point with is their barbells. Everything else is better bought elsewhere

  10. I wish I had room in my apartment to have a home gym…

  11. this guy keeps on saying or making reference to bang to buck ratio but i have a 6ft bar and 100kg weights that are good and not rusting that are only 100 pounds (150 $)

  12. If you are just going to get Iron plates why not just go to Dicks and buy just your weights there. I mean iron plates are iron plates there is no difference. Dicks you can buy any plate size for basically $1 a pound.

  13. Budget and rogue does not belong in the same sentence. Good brand BUT they are grossly overpriced. Talk about brand power leveraging their reputation to charge excessive prices on stuff that should be considerably less. Just check the price of their collars to JUST HOLD THE WEIGHTS INTO PLACE 😂

  14. TWO pairs of 10's… and 35's aren't needed. Save some $. Also, why would you suggest getting just a squat rack and adding spotter arms that cost $163? You can damn near buy an entire power rack at that point, even a Rogue priced one.

  15. Craigslist offer up problem solved this guys a fucking idiot

  16. Any one have there rogue rack outside ?

  17. People who say “I’d rather go gym and pay $10 a month”. Gym membership in Ireland is hella expensive like €50/€60 a month in most cases especially in small towns where there is no big Competition between gyms so they keep prices high

  18. $150 Marcy bench/squat rack and bench. $300 for 265lbs worth of plates and 45 pound Olympic bar. Start up.

  19. I have built squat stands and a bench out of wood for a lot cheaper. This is not a budget friendly video.

  20. 2000 dollars for all the shittest rogue stuff… That bench is useless btw and you don't have any dumbbells ffs.

  21. I use alot of Marcy kit, very happy with it and have a huge set of gold coast iron plates, nasty but they are still heavy lol… One day I will have an elephant bar though ha!

  22. 24" sufficient for in the rack squats?

  23. horizontically you say?

  24. This is the exact set up I have in my house. I don’t once regret buying rogue fitness. Maybe this is why they didn’t sponsor you. Your doing some free marketing for them. 👍🏻

  25. you said horiZonicALLY AT 6:35

  26. If you have an 8 foot tall basement than Rogue power racks are too tall at 90 inches. An 8ft ceiling equals 96 inches minus floor joists and drywall and also a floor to walk on. It means that you have about 87 inches or so. Why can't they figure that out?

  27. If I was going to budget $2000 for a home gym from Rogue, I'd do it a little differently:

    Rogue R3 standard power rack with Rogue standard utility bench 2.0 – $874.50
    The squat rack is nice, but for just a little bit more than what you'd pay with the safety arms you can get a full sized power rack.

    Rogue Ohio Power Bar 45LB – Bare Steel – $265
    Agree with your assessment, great bar for a home gym, and one of the best deals for barbells offered by Rogue.

    45LB Rogue Olympic Plate – Pair x 3 – $315
    25LB Rogue Olympic Plate – Pair x 1 $64
    10LB Rogue Olympic Plate – Pair x 2 $48.50
    I dropped the total weight down to 405lbs — this is a respectable weight for most people to work up to, and when they get to needing more they can order more plates later on. The money saved from buying so much weight off the bat lets you get a full power rack, and a couple of other accessories.

    SP2358 Plate Storage Pair – Long for Infinity – $48.10
    So you don't have to keep all your weights on the ground.

    OSO Mighty Collars – $27.50
    You can get standard clamp style collars for a little bit less, but I really like the ease of the OSO style collars.

    Concrete Anchor Kit – 8 Pack – $14
    You can get concrete or lag bolts cheaper at a hardware store but for the sake of simplicity I ordered a kit from Rogue to see if I could keep it under $2,000 and still bolt it down.

    Total with shipping to the West Coast: $1,998.88

  28. Wow. Look at the title. I feel like some people just clicked on this video made a “rogue is to expensive” comment and then left.

  29. People who buy Rogue Equipment are not on a budget, they look on Craiglist and take their time to find deals.

  30. You should do the same thing for a smith machine/ pulley system with rack.

    I just made a video on my page about the IM2000 from Ironmaster. Let me know what you think of that machine please. I’m getting one this year and would appreciate your feedback

  31. Also buying used equipment doesn’t come with the same warranty from the company and I’ve had bad experiences where I bought something used and it was missing a screw that I didn’t see until later on so from now on I buy new for the major stuff

  32. Were is this $10 gym membership

  33. Great video! Keep em coming

  34. lol budget build…

  35. that bar is 2/3ds of my homegym lmao

  36. For 2k you have a rack, weights and a barbell. No dumbells, no ropes, no lifting belt absolutely nothing

    I’d rather pay €20 a month for 100 months (cuz thats how long it takes to earn your money back) and have everything i need including cardio machines, leg press etc than do this

  37. Bells of Steel is a good alternative to Rogue. They focus on home gyms and I feel the cost to value is very attractive. Rogue simply felt far too commercial in a marketing sense and the markup seems to reflect that.

  38. Rogue for me it is the top brand of weighs and that's why they use it at the crossfit games, Arnold strongest man classic, etc.. The true is that brand is not cheap.. I think you can build a home gym with less money..

  39. Lifting weight is lifting weight it doesn't matter what your lifting just go second hand and cheap and u will be just as strong as this person who spent 6k. U could spend 1k and get the same out of it.

  40. I bought the exact same items with fewer weights for only 370$

  41. The best bang for buck is Gymholix, although it is a fairly new company, their entry-level squat rack can handle 580 kg and it is much more cheaper. I don't know if they started shipping America or Europe but I'm sure it wouldn't cost you as much as Rogue even with the shipping included.

  42. on my home gym I spent 600 bucks. $2,000 isn't a "deal"

  43. be sure to mount the pullup bar horizontically

  44. First of all I need safeties because I try a new max every week…especially on my squat

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