BTEC PE – Components of Physical Fitness

fitness components there are 11 Fitness components and these are split into six physical fitness and five skill-related fitness components number one aerobic endurance also known as cardiovascular endurance and stamina this is the ability to work for a sustained period of time some examples of athletes that require good aerobic endurance would be a games player such as a midfielder in football or a center in netball as well as a long-distance runner or swimmer number two muscular endurance this is the ability to perform against moderate resistance for a sustained amount of time a good example of sports requiring muscular endurance would be cycling or rowing where the performers have to repeatedly perform the same action while supplying force number three flexibility this is the ability to allow a greater range of motion around the joints of the body this is important in sports such as gymnastics or hurdling in athletics good flexibility is also vital for all sports performers to avoid injury number four speed this is defined by the equation distance traveled divided by time taken there are three types of speed accelerative speed which is when a performer increases up to their top speed from zero meters up to 30 meters pure speed which is when an event is just about speed such as 100 meters in athletics and 50 meters in swimming and speed endurance which is the ability to use speed over a prolonged period of time with short recoveries number 5 muscular strength this is the maximum force that muscle can apply performers in weightlifting rule require outstanding muscular strength and dish into sports like combat sports and rugby number 6 body composition this is the ratio of fat free mass to fat mass in the body successful performers will generally have the desired body type for their sport a gymnast or horse riding jockey need to be smaller light mouth and runners tend to be really lean while sumo wrestlers have a high percentage body fat


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