Brynmawr Wellbeing Centre – Clinical Futures

What we have here is a building that allows us to deliver primary care in a different way, using the full range of health care professionals. So this service here and this building here embodies Clinical Futures in a number of ways. The first thing is about altering the skill mix and supporting the altered skill mix. The second thing is about co-locating all those services that are traditionally based elsewhere and bringing them all under the one roof. So bringing them closer to the patients’ homes. So you’ve got community pharmacy, dentistry, podiatry, substance misuse, mental health professionals, as well as the traditional General Practice, albeit general practice done differently to how it was done historically. So this is the corridor where we host the GPs such as my colleague Dr Majumdar here, but as well as GPs what we have here is room for the other healthcare professionals, taking on some of the role that would have historically been the GP role. And that includes people such as Advanced Nurse Practitioners, clinical pharmacists, mental health professionals, paramedics… so we’ve got a wider range of people supporting the GPs to best meet the needs of patients. Recently, we moved to this new building and it’s a fantastic feeling because we are all under one roof. Communication is really better and we can easily communicate with different health professionals. So historically a lot of patients would have gone to hospital for the type of thing which can now be treated effectively in a setting such as this closer to their home. It’s lovely. It’s a great facility – really accessible and it’s nice to see a nice new doctors surgery with a chemist just there, so it’s really convenient. I’ve used it a few times now for my baby. So yes, it’s a lovely facility. It’s nice to have something new and great in Brynmawr. It’s easy for the patients and also the staff as well. It’s all on one site so they don’t get confused which site they have to go to. All the services are under one roof and the team is all together as well, which is enhancing what we can actually provide and how quickly we can provide it for the the patients. Better for patients, better for the people caring for them, better for communities!

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