Brothers in arms: Hitting the gym with Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka

goodness gracious you taking forever you know switch gears no you switch gears with this right here underneath dirt no they go left and right yeah you know when I think about Brooks and Dustin I think about these very good friends but they also like really go after each other all the time big-time pokers big-time jams I think we're all chirping especially when we're working out it's kind of one of those things where you know you try to make any one of us better chirping and Joey Joey chirping at us live harder do whatever it is and it works I've never seen anyone like you like Joey you know a lot of times like we'll meet at Starbucks at 7:30 he's already rode the bike for like 25 miles going on a run and swam by the time he gets the Starbucks and I'm like just rolling out of that most people would have a heart attack about halfway through his workout I don't think anything is an accident and I think having Dustin Johnson win the US Open last year and his very good friend Brooks kepco win the US Open this year go back to back is no accident we talk about how science is integrated itself to golf we first work on the structural strength that it takes and we gradually and progressively work them harder and harder and then they understand how to perform very technical lifts that are very good for going you know you wanna outwork everybody and you want to beat everybody you know you put in the work and there was also calm you know what matters to every golfer in the world they want to be number one they finally see it it's obtainable they love to own the Power Rankings and at the end of the day they want to win majors oh it's fun when we get all three of us in there you know on the road leave it at home we're all pushing each other try to make everyone better I have a bad day when they don't win and I've worked so hard to not emotionally attach myself to the result oh you gotta stand there little short ass in the middle I still haven't figured out how to detach that emotional like I see it for them I feel it and I'm like that all of a sudden doesn't happen and I go it's gone you


  1. Dustin Johnson needs to either start doing more cocaine or less.

  2. Going to be so arthritic in their 40's.

  3. Brooks is a beast!!

  4. Good advice to these poor young guys being lead astray, stay away from weights and the gym before you completely ruin your discs in your back and your shoulders along with a million other things that can go wrong. It's not worth it

  5. Is wearing their wives pants part of the workout arrangement also?

  6. Joey D is "emotionally attached " because he is getting paid big bucks to hang out with millionaire sports figures. Puts him in the loop and makes the little guy feel sooooo important. Otherwise he'd be hanging around a Gold's Gym tweeking morons.

  7. amazing how many fitness/weight fanatics are short.

  8. Tiger changed the game forever…

  9. These guys could finish #1 and #2 in the upcoming PGA 2019.
    Mark my words.

  10. And funnily enough Brooks and DJ were the only ones in with a hope of winning the PGA at Bethpage Black on the final day, everyone else capitulated

  11. You gonna put some weight on that bar???

  12. Right now, Johnson can't putt. I've seen this before with other guys. Watson could make putts until it was in side 6 feet. I hope Johnson gets this fixed.

  13. Brooks is gonna win a lot

  14. Amazing what tiger has turn this sport into….

  15. Damn there are some jealous people , stupid people and insecure people in these comments . Who probably couldn’t hit the ball farther than bob barker hahaha

  16. "Golf training center"
    Sure ok

  17. Nice bro.

  18. Ain't javelin throwing…. it's more to do with putting…. check out Ben Crenshaw..Nick Faldo..

  19. …Tiger created this generation of super golfers… then, won his 15th Major vs guys like DJ & Koepka.

  20. "Brothers in Arms" get the fuck outta here! These dudes are pussies compared to real brothers in arms

  21. Do they even lift

  22. I wonder which one of them is the top in the relationship. 🤔😏

  23. Dustin sounds like a stoner.

  24. Holy shit they’re jacked and ripped

  25. Bash bros is not the name you want….

  26. And they proceeded to play in two of the final groups in last year’s US Open and Brooks won…. awesome

  27. Great golfers, but the bar for being jacked is very low on the tour. Koepka wears women's medium shirts, he's avg size

  28. one more 5 footer and these two would have won the last 4 us opens 👀

  29. "big time jabbers" lmao.

  30. Dont think they like each other so much anymore..

  31. The extra bulk looks good on Dustin because he has enough room for it on his long body. Brooks? Not so much. He looks like a 10lb sack of potato's in a 5lb bag.

  32. Why do you need to be well-conditioned in terms of cardio to be a good golfer?

  33. Put your frigging helmets on!!! Can’t win majors when your brain damaged. Idiots!

  34. Why do a photo shoot after a workout though

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