1. brother sankofa i study sifu bruce lee art of jeet kune do with you on everything your saying..we should start a martial arts program for are people..word up..dip in the house ..peace

  2. This Sankofa I'm down for lol! I understand duality of course, but just for me being an empathy; when there is so much of any one emotion I tend to feel overwhelmed so I move away from loud seemingly emotional characters. I'm emotional myself lol and that's enough to meditate with.

    But I appreciate this softer side 😁

    That being said, been highraw vegan for over 6 years now and I feel amazing and I am in the best shape of my life. I feel vegan helps all blood types due to the fact that it does wonder for the blood in the long run. Vegans have the most alkaline blood.
    I am also a personal chef and teacher. I've seen all blood types benefit from whole foods, high raw, plant strong lifestyles.

    Love&Light 🙏😌🙏

  3. Sank just inspired me to have a healthier diet

  4. Great topic to add to your konscious platform! Enjoyed this video a bunch🙂

  5. Great video

  6. Diatomaceous Earth is AMAZING for detoxing.

  7. Right on time brother Sankofa

  8. fire baby fire

  9. Thank you for the info brother. After doing my own independent research on Milk Thistle & Diatomaceous, I will be adding these to my body building diet.

  10. Peace, something is different with you Sankofa…? You seem more at peace! I feel this balances you out when you talk about health and fitness vs the Black movement / scholarship. Great!!!!

  11. im tryna figure out how Sankofa spells that rock-like substance he mentioned.

  12. Health is very important! Keep doing your thing brother Sankofa!!

  13. Great Msg Sankofa !!!

  14. Overdue !

  15. Filtered water then add plants to it

  16. sankofa my black peoples thank you for the info. im gettking that milk thistle today and how do you spell the dyomesis/dyomation. its no coincidence about u doind this video for the past 2days ive been saying i need to get back on my work out. but i was trying to figure out a supplement diet.thanks that info was peace. black power

  17. Greens for growth, literally

  18. I love health and the fitness information
    Peace from the uk!

  19. man this is right on time ,I was just saying I got to get back in shape ,thanks sankofa

  20. 💯 Im with it!!!

  21. brother sankofa says Fish is healthy,well technically its not, the ocean is polluted and fish in the sea take on the toxins of the ocean, so my point is fish is not healthy

  22. Sankofa is the truth! All praise due to Allah!

  23. #limitisnotthelimit #LINTL that's your slogan Brother. Powerful

  24. Those urges are real

  25. great info.. I'm a trainer and i always preach plant based along with complex carbs after workout and ofcourse water. i always add lime to my water. My protein intake consist of salmon, chicken and some vegan dishes.
    peace and love

  26. absolutely God

  27. Beautiful information Sankofa. Every time I bring my family up from Atlanta to New York you guys show us a lot love and make us feel at home. I need to make some lifestyle changes myself, and your commentary is very inspirational. Peace Brother, and thank you guys. Saw the Pills here in Atlanta at the MX Festival. Hope to see you all for the Tommy Sotomayor vs Polight debate in August.

  28. be nice to see sankofa go vegan…80℅ raw…if he does it right and drinks 1.5 gallons of water a day he will be super fit and ripped in 2 months.

  29. Thanks my brother much appreciated

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