BRONNY JAMES SHUTS THE GYM DOWN!! | Shows Off DEEP NBA RANGE at Balling on the Beach



  2. He reminds me of MJ. I mean a lot too

  3. Ain't tryna hate but LeBrons sons probably have a gym in they house where they practice anytime so if they should be good in basketball

  4. Bruh that’s what the security get all his big ass had to do was run, people was gon get out the way, shove da kid at all cost huh 😂😂

  5. Bronny shoes🔥🔥

  6. Bro I’m dead af the security really bodied that kid 🤣

  7. Dudes game and talent is really showing. Throughout all my time watching him he’s grown. He has a lot of potential

  8. Lol Bronny game been elevated. He just has to be aggressive and grow and he has chance to become legendary.💯

  9. Why did they push everyone out of bronnys way

  10. I play at that gym lol

  11. So we gonna act like no 45’s block wasn’t the real game winner

  12. Here's the part where bronny dunks 4:20 🤦‍♂️

  13. Dam that kid got shoved lol 0:11

  14. 4th

  15. notivikation squat boizs

  16. Whoa I see you bronny

  17. This channel should be called Bronny central now

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