Broken Cultures in Health Care

One of the problems in health care is that we have broken cultures
in health care. And that senior doctors or especially hospital administrators don't know what their job is. When you ask them,
"What's your priority?" They say "patients." No, it's not. It's to take care of the people
who work in the hospital. You take care of the people
who take care of the people. That's what you do. Every administrator and every senior doctor
and senior nurse should be preoccupied with one thing
and one thing only: are my doctors OK, are my nurses OK,
is my staff OK? And if you get that right they will devote all of their time and energy to taking care of each other and the patients. The problem is we have cultures in which they think money is more important or patients are more important or anything else other than the doctors,
the nurses and the staff. And so the doctors, the nurses and staff
are forced every day to spend time and energy to protect themselves from their own leaders and take energy away from doing the right thing for the patients.


  1. As a healthcare leader and nurse this absolutely hit home. Medical professionals are so busy covering their butts from administrators and lawyers that they waste valuable time and energy NOT doing what they are there for.

  2. he is so smart! and it sounds so easy.. yet leaders fail at this basic task..

  3. 💯💯💯

  4. I always put a lot of effort to take care of my staff and I did this because instinctively I felt it was the right thing to do.. but the right part east because ı was a good person bıt because İ thouht I gave a different power to the organisation.. but I was never able to make th “why” connection.. 🧿🙏❤️🙏 thank you so much for showing it…

  5. Absolutely true. I have worked in the health/medical system in Australia for many years and everyone in that system feels unappreciated, overworked, always on edge with their management, and feel like management doesn't give a damn about them. The main reason I left the system was because of the way management treated us. No matter how hard I tried to ignore it and focus on my work it did affect me. The environment is VERY toxic

  6. I love your videos and all of your content. However the volume on the outro to most of you videos is way to high. RIP Headphones.

  7. Love Your videos

  8. Hi! I sure do like your content. It's like gold to me and so valuable for my working environment. I was looking forward to viewing your video about needing pessimists, but now I can't find it. Would you please include a link? Many thanks!

  9. Thanks SIMON from INDIA

  10. As a nurse, I have been saying this for years

  11. I cannot express how you have changed my mindset about life and how I should go about treating others. You have opened my eyes to a different perspective at tackling life and people.
    I just want to say thank you.

  12. Suffice

  13. I love you sir, please may I introduce myself to you, I am Diwakar from India. I am living with the same dream of yours , or I set my vision of yours . My name may not be popular now but give me some years I will be known to this world and spreads your leadership styles to world to lead a better peaceful place to live. Lastly, you are my dream place soonest

  14. Spot on!

  15. Very true and the same is in schools and every organization

  16. Right on

  17. I love this MAN 😉 Take care ..

  18. Respect 👌

  19. Take care of the people in your charge as you say. Instead of micromanaging them until they leave.

  20. Completely agree. This in turn would really help with the state of employees`mental health, to be treated properly, to feel that they matter, they have a voice, they are enabled to do their job. I particularly like the serve their people… Unfortunately many organization`s leaders expect to be served…

  21. Place value on the people who make the business (or hospital) special, not just the targets.

  22. …with love,appreciation and respect for you and your work❣
    peace,love&blessings to everyone☮❤🙏

  23. It's the same in teaching too…

  24. You are such a Greatest motivational teacher & My dearest teacher I love you a lot 😘😘😍😘

  25. 100% true!

  26. Love Your videos ! Always sharp..

  27. Simon, you quite literally helped me to find my inner calling. I've listened to so many of your talks on "why", "leadership", "the infinite game" and so on. And you truly captivated me like no one else had done before. You may very well be my biggest source of inspiration! I just wanted to express my admiration towards you. 🙂

  28. So true!

  29. Simon! Glad to hear from you! Would love to hear from you more frequently!

  30. Love you Videos

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