Broken cars, more health problems, thunderstorms and more! (#69)

it's been a while since I've done any vlogging any updates so I'm still sick sinuses are still killing me I have resorted to trying a neti pot and it actually works if you know what that is you know how gross it is if you don't know what it is it's basically a tea pot that you put saline water in put it in one knows it goes through your sinuses and comes out the other side I can breathe I still have a monster headache took some Tylenol we'll see how how that goes hopefully that'll take the edge off time I need to drive in and get the kids you might be able to see behind me we picked up a boat so we have a pontoon boat now it's a 1997 it's not in bad shape actually the problem with one of these is you hope that it floats but you never really know for sure until you put it in the water but this is something that the rest of the family is really excited about I have no interest in anything to do with water whatsoever but they'll enjoy it the kids will enjoy it we finally got the 88 step van working with the new transmission because that let go but now our Caravan I think we've got a stuck brake it'll be two weeks before we get into the mechanic but I've already got car seats transferred I'm driving the other car anyway so it's not a huge deal but I'm not driving it again until I Drive it straight to the mechanic it's got a really bad vibration in the front end 55-plus the steering wheel is about 10 degrees to the left to keep it straight so steering wheels out of alignment when you brake you have to steer it to the right to keep it going straight so it's definitely got some issues and there's also a bunch of blue over odorless smoke coming from the wheel coming from the wheel well but there's nothing coming from up inside the hood it's just all in the wheel well so I'm pretty sure we've got a stuck brake also when I was coming through town at the 30 mile an hour zone if I didn't keep keep on the gas it would just immediately lose speed so I'm pretty sure there's a stuck brake maybe an alignment issue that I don't think it's a wheel bearing and I don't think you've broken the suspension or anything like that but you don't know it's possible stuff is still getting cleaned out and that's going pretty good hey the brand new saw that we bought it doesn't run because we waited three months to try it it's out of warranty so I'll have to play with that this thing hit this was a local pickup so I'm not too worried about it there's only 20 bucks birds were back up in the burn again the listing said it worked it does not work try it bypassing the switch I also brought out my voltage detector and this thing has ridiculous EMF I'm getting high voltage readings two feet away from the front of it even when the fan is off I'm seeing the motor getting power so I'm pretty sure that the motor is in fact burned out so this will be it end up being cosmetic restoration for display but it's really sad because this turns really well the bearings are still really really in really good shape it turns very very smoothly the spin down is really nice on it but unfortunately I'm pretty sure they burned the winding out somewhere along the way there's a fair amount of rust on it so it probably was stored outside or in a damp location and that combined with the winding always having power just burned it out but pretty much in that time of year when we do nothing else but if we're outside we mow but I'm gonna try to start the weed whacker and work through some of the stuff up close because I don't have a push mower right now because all three a minor down you can focus light better than that so see if I can get that started all right well the trimmer works on both my hands are numb my back's gonna hurt probably a day or two you can see where I stopped all that down there is done all this over there still to do so you'll see when I get time I've got half an hour before I have to go get kids so I'm going to put on a pair of pants that are covered in grass sit down ok to recover it's a nice watery keep on going it's what we do so to this side we have sky and the moon into this side which technically this is to the west you can hear it that is not a train that Thunder has been going long enough for me to come down here and run the trash out go back upstairs grab my phone and come back out here that's actually that's somewhat ominous back over there too welcome to Indiana clear skies in the moon on one side and you can watch the weather literally rolling in I'm gonna get the barn closed up and get inside so I got a feeling this is about to be nasty but even with even with the impending storm it is still so quiet it is still so quiet out here it's amazing and the lightning okay don't move all windows are up and yet to this side and it is starting to rain sore literally on the very edge of it this is gonna be fun there is a lot of red headed our way from that exact direction this is just the leading edge of it oh boy this this one's gonna be fun there our County is not under anyone's any warnings that the real close to us are in case you're wondering yes I am under a for me now notation that it's moving pretty fast yeah I think this vlog has been long enough gone a couple days I don't really have much else to say just gonna kind of play the storm out see how it goes the radar shows us on the very southern edge we might see a little bit but the heart of it will be further up north the kids are in bed so no more magic swords tonight thank God slow we'll see T storm majus ORD out yeah I can just see the rain coming down I don't know what that is as you can hear it it sounds like the kitten crying I'm assuming it's a bird or something because it did sound like it was coming from down there no not sounds like it's coming from over here we've looked or we can't find it you know what the radar looks like

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