Broke Bodybuilder Budget Mealplan


  1. Try out the meal planner here: ​​ – Thumbs up if you like my professional chef chopping skills at 5:16

  2. Was in love by 0:04.

  3. Hi Scooby! Love your work mate! Great video 🙂
    Just wondering how much water you put in after the beans had been rinsed and drained?

  4. more such vids please

  5. Ramen is 390kals a pack its very close.

  6. Why does scooby look like my GTA online character?

  7. Minced beef and eggs boys. Minced beef and eggs

  8. When's the next Hollywood Physique Expert video?

  9. Fucking yeees scoooby looking big bro

  10. Hey Scooby, I’ve read your how to get rich section on your website and have been kind of using it as some sort of direction for me. I decided that if I go to college that I’d go for computer science since I’m somewhat interested in it and I have a pretty good natural talent for math. I know this is a well paid profession and it’s one of the fastest growing jobs. I believe this all falls under the category for me to go to college according to your website but I’m still unsure about going because I’ve also seen some things about it being better to learn on my own and that college computer science programs are outdated. So right now I’m not sure if I should just skip college and learn it on my own or go to college for the computer science degree. By the way, I believe I’d probably collect 50k-60k in debt for the 4 year program. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  11. More of this

  12. I've let myself get awfully thin lately. As a whole-food vegan, if I don't really try to eat a lot all the time, I will very gradually slim down to a body of a runner. Not that this is a problem, per se; and I would live a long healthy life as a beanpole!!! But when I DO want to put some mass on, I drink one WEIRD shake every day upon waking and before bed. It's just cooked lentils and unsweetened soymilk in the blender. Not very tasty, rather beany and "blandtastic" but hey, in just a few weeks of drinking this every day, my FFMI went up half a point!

  13. When he said "garlic powder" he sounded like Zoolander. 😆

  14. Dude Scooby thank you so much for giving the exact amount of grams and measurments of spices. I can literally go buy this shit, weigh it, and make it and this is now going to be a go to meal for me during the week and I know the exact macros!!!! Makes tracking so much easier. Thank you so much man.

  15. Hell yeah scooby is back!!!!!! I think you were the first fitness related channel I watched on youtube! The father of youtube fitness!

  16. When u find out ur hero likes dicks….. 🙁

  17. If I can offer a suggestion or even if it is possible. How about the price per serving on the same page as meals?

  18. Flaxseed is a cheap thing to eat that is good for you.

  19. Hey Scooby, would you be able to explain why doing multiple shorter periods of LISS throughout the day would maybe not be as effective as doing a full, long cardio session in one shot?? I know that some cardio broken up is better than nothing, but I am almost sure the way to go is one long uninterrupted session of LISS

  20. "But eating health is expensive" (typo)
    It asks to put in height and weigth and says cm or inches but doesnt give an option to choose either one.

  21. a very, very classical scooby video. for my taste, i would put some cheap meat in, else its just vegetable soup if you ask me.

  22. YouTube's rating system needs a love react for videos like this! You're doing amazing work, Scooby! 🙂

  23. hahaha! like the "starving student" intro best

  24. Scoobs turned me on to that there pea soup protein gains.

  25. only thing tighter then the meal budget is his shirt

  26. I thought you are vegetarian, how come you eat tuna?

  27. Crock pot and no worries about burning the tomato sauce. Good stuff!!!

  28. great idea the plan i got from the site all the salmon almost made me go broke it worked very well in terms of making me and my bank account go leaneer and leaneer every week

  29. This is pretty much my base of chili operations, right here. If you've got another buck to spare per pot, try zazzing this up with some canned chipotle peppers! Tons of flavor.

  30. Freddy Krueger got shredded!

  31. Thanks Scooby.

  32. Hey cali muscle says he got big off them noodles lol

  33. dude your back?

  34. Scooby be honest! does your husband eat when you cook?!

  35. You
    Gotta factor in the cost of the Costco membership

    Lol jk

  36. I would 2-3 packs of ramen to that chili….hell of a satisfying meal!

  37. I died at the onion cutting

  38. I fukin starving. My dogs eat more than me. Thanks. Hehe

  39. I’m very excited for this program. I already meal-prep bodybuilding meals, but I’m looking to go more plant-based and this is just perfect for me.

  40. Damn gooby those bi's are looking HUGE!

  41. I put a batch in the slow cooker just before I went to work this morning. Thank you, Scooby, not just for the recipes, but for everyting that you do to promote fitness

  42. as the great Kali Muscle would say… "when you have a PHYSIQUE! ALL DEM IMPURITIES…. YO BODY BURN DAT SHIT UP!!!"

  43. What if you are metabolic resistant as heck like me? What do we do?

  44. LOL, atleast try to get some pork on sale and add some carrots and bell peppers to the chili. that chili looks disgusting AF. fresh garlic is cheap aswell and tastes better.

  45. Is he wearing a shirt?

  46. eeeey! hes back! so happy to have you back here man. looking forward to your videos and tips

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