British Citizens SHOCKED To Learn How Badly Americans Get Screwed On Healthcare

An amazing new video is gone viral on social
media posted by the Twitter account politics, Joe underscore U K and in this video, Britains
were asked how much they think American citizens pay for certain kinds of healthcare. You know,
certain services at the hospital or at the doctor or certain medications. And all of
them were shocked at how badly American citizens are getting screwed with our healthcare system.
Here’s a brief sniff a snippet from this video. Take a look. So two EpiPens. How much do you reckon they
are? $80. $600. $40? I’m afraid not. More? More. A hundred dollars? $150? More. $250
More. Shut the fridge. 300 pounds. $600? What? Why? That’s a very good question. $600 yeah. For me it’s more like just hives and shortness
of breath. So it wouldn’t be like an immediate death situation. But like, so I’ve been fortunate
about how to use it, but it’s something like, keep on me. Like I have my backpack right
now. I have it on me. Cost of childbirth. She’s um, 50 grand, something ridiculous.
Now I’ve blown it. I’ve blown the figures up in your head. And I have an odd cause they’re
large. It’s the highest generally speaking. About 30 grand. Okay. Okay. Reasonable, reasonable.
It’s so, it’s just like now I’m like a what? A benchmark. A hundred $200. Yeah. Uh, the average is about
10 grand. It can go up to 30,000. 10 Grand for a baby? An inhaler. $100. Yeah, you’re
pretty close. It’s a bit more $120? $250 – $350? For an inhaler. Yes. So if you’re poor, you’re
dead. I believe the young woman said it best when
she said, so if you’re poor, your dead, which is pretty much how the United States system
of healthcare operates today. If you’re poor, you’re dead. Her little soundbite, right?
There needs to be a campaign video, but only for the politicians who are actually pushing
universal healthcare. Medicare for all single payer plans. Not for your Medicare, for all
who wanted people, but for your Bernie Sanders types. If you’re poor, you’re dead. And that’s
not an overstatement. That’s not hyperbole. That’s what’s happening in the United States
today. People are having to ration their medicine. They’re having to hop the border both North
and South to go to be able to afford medications to stockpile it so that they can actually
afford it. And again, this is a uniquely American occurrence. Other countries do not pay the
markups that we pay here in the United States. Their governments negotiate drug prices. We
don’t because we’ve made it to where we can’t. We have promised drug companies that we’re
not going to do that because those drug companies are the ones who fund most of our politicians.
The healthcare industry funds them to the insurance industry funds them to the hospital
corporation. Every part of the healthcare system has their dirty little fingers on at
least one politician making these rules, allowing these companies to continue to gouge us at
the point of service. This has to stop and the only way to stop it is Medicare for all.
Not all who want it? Medicare for all period. End of policy. That’s the only way. And you
can’t phase it in either. I’m sorry you can’t. I do like Elizabeth Warren, but her, let’s
take our time. Put her feet up, just gradually get to Medicare for all. Nope, that’s not
good. That’s not good enough. People will still die. So let’s Institute a plan that,
yeah, guess what folks? It’s going to be a little painful at first. It’s gonna be a little
hard to figure out in the first couple of weeks and after that, everything should be
okay. Change is hard sometimes, but not as hard as losing a loved one because they couldn’t
afford their insulin. Which would you rather have a couple of weeks of confusion about
healthcare or sticking someone you love in the ground because of the price gouging from
big pharma.


  1. It's all about the greedy people making sure the wealthy stay wealthy by making sure they all make a profit. The poor are the people who suffer and it does not have to be like this…..we could be like other countries and make sure we think about people.

  2. I went to Japan and I had an infection in my throat and I wanted to get to the hospital but it was 3 am and I could've used the ambulance and it was free. I told the nurse at the hospital how much the average of what ambulance would cost in California. They were shocked. The USA's medical system is a sham and scam

  3. Profits regardless of the social or environmental costs.

  4. After WW2, European got Tax paid medical care for all, US citizens got drum rollπŸ₯ the GI Bill.

  5. So you dislikers, do you like high cost healthcare?

  6. Grass is always greener I suppose. My American friend moved to Great Britain to be with his British wife. He loved the British healthcare system. She loved the American one. Go figure.

    I personally don’t think Americans would tolerate the wait times. Another acquaintance from Australia told me some horror stories. Mostly involving bones healing incorrectly and having to be re broken when their turn for free healthcare came up after two months.

  7. That young English girl nailed it. You Americans need to pry your representatives from the clutches of big business and take control of your country back because it's almost too late.

  8. "But I know a bunch of english who hate their healthcare because they have to wait for everything" – – every republican who has blocked universal healthcare since Harry Truman

  9. America the greatest country in the world! if you're poor you're dead, God bless America and no place else. Lol What a joke!

  10. Medical refugees fleeing America.

  11. "If you're poor, you're dead." just how the elites like it.

  12. she's not wrong.

  13. Most people who live in countries with universal healthcare don't even get this far. A lot of their reactions are, "Wait, they get a bill?"

  14. Thank you for not mincing words. The time for euphemism and weasel-words is over.

  15. This is unbelievable! How on earth can the costs be so high? Why do Americans believe they live in the best country on the planet? Do you carry a tube of lube everywhere you go? Because it sounds like you are getting shafted at every turn

  16. I had no health care for 3 years after losing my right leg from the knee down, 3 years I had to fight in court to prove I lost my leg to get Disability benefits and not being able to work and needing Insulin for my diabetes( was told by SSA I would be better in a year, what my leg is gona grow back magically)…….so yea your poor your as good as dead.

  17. Where is the collective outrage in the US? Have Americans been played off against each other by their politicians so bad that they rather remain docile? Doesn't anybody out there understand what solidarity is? WTF is wrong with you people?

  18. "Shut the fridge.."

    My thoughts exactly.

  19. The owners of America can't quite make up their minds if they want a) an army of poor, struggling masses whom they can enslave so that they keep raking in millions of dollars, or b) piles of dead people on the streets. They can't have it both ways, how stupid of them!

  20. African countries will have to band together and do a Health Aid concert for America smh.

  21. The British NHS is a very generous system of healthcare and is unique to them. Here in Australia, we have just Medicare which all citizens get, with costs different for concession and non-concession holders but there is an annual limit for how much one pays for prescriptions, and when that is reached they're free for the rest of the year. On top of that, there is private health insurance for which I pay about $140 per month. It's all fairly simple and straightforward – hardly any paperwork and one rarely has to deal with insurance matters directly with a company. That's how it should be but in America, Big Pharma gouges everyone for medications and the rest of it is a convoluted, expensive nightmare. Should America adopt what they call 'Medicare for All', what went before it has to be scrapped entirely and a system on the Australian model should be introduced in full; it can't be introduced gradually. Americans won't know what's hit them but assuredly, within a month or two of its implementation, they'll all be supremely happy they did – except, of course, those who will lose their excessive profits.

  22. America is a country with aspects of a third-world-country. Everything is set up to milk citizens to death and the citizens call it communism if somebody wants it different. It's so stupid.

  23. Here in the Netherlands it's getting worse every day… It's not as bad as in the US, but we're apparently heading there…

  24. God bless America thank fuck I'm British,the NHS has its faults but rather that than USA system.

  25. I am German an have Diabetes. I pay 40 € a year for medication. Nothing for the doctors work and blood tests at the docs.

  26. Jesus…just googled's 40$ for 100 vials in my area…charging 600$ is not price gauging…it's criminal ..

  27. No. If you’re the working poor, you’re dead or lower income. Earning a salary that keeps you out of Medicaid but working for small businesses or as a contractor, who don’t provide decent insurance or if they have pre-existing conditions. I have health insurance which pays for my scripts. I however fell and cracked a rib. Pain sent me to the hospital. Waited in an empty waiting room for 2 hrs, finally went back and was seated in the hallway. Saw a PA and had an x-ray, turned down an MRI, was given a script for totally ineffective lidocaine patch and told to take ibuprofen. Useless. Went to my primary, received a script for stronger NSAID and a muscle relaxer and a note not to work for a week. Hospital, after Blue Cross/Blue Shield, cost me close to $4,000 for sub par medical help.

  28. DISGUSTING! Its SO SAD that not even the basic is free. Whats even weirder they get HOOKED on Opioids, like a PIMP getting his Prostitute hooked on drugs…SAD, SAD, SAD.

    No wonder USA has a hand-out culture & the Repuglicans are exploiting this misery like a PIMP.

    Obama tried his best to install a Holistic approach with Medicare, but Trump & friends prefer the pimping remedy instead.πŸ˜•πŸ€•πŸ€’πŸ˜·πŸ˜‘πŸ˜΄

  29. Aussie here , had a dirt bike accident in the middle of no where and got airlifted to hospital ,,, cost not one red cent ,,, I like socialized medicine ,,, keep the American way for Americans, why the hell they'd want it ,I'm not sure

  30. Do they have healthcare in Russia…. The GOP are a Russian Based Company.

  31. And then I stand here. Must pay around 1500 euros per year, but then everything and i do mean EVERYTHING that is life-saving is insured.

    and most things that are life-changing too.
    got i'm glad not living in murica.

  32. So if your poor your are dead well yeahπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  33. My medical bill was around 8000$ last year and I'm not even a sick person just went for a few test and co-pay with deductible took that sht through the roof. I have a pain under my foot and i can't even go until i pay the 1500 i have left to pay. This sht is crazy and I'm working 2 fulltime jobs, paying 12000$ in rent can't even buy a car, my car has 2600 000 miles in it. Seriously medical for all would help so much the added tax would be nothing compare to what i am going through rn.

  34. Recently I needed a brace I went to physical therapy the price tag was $800. Therefore I went on the net to look. I found the same brace for $32. I paid $17 because of black Friday discount.

  35. You guys are so mean, you have to look at how much the doctor and pharmist gets paid in US. They are all in the 6 digit range Brits.

  36. In the UK we pay for our health care in our taxes. I would have been dead years ago if not for the UK National Health Service. I could never have afforded those USA bills, and still can't, but i'm alive

  37. The UK National Health Service is far from perfect, i know, but i would not swap it for the USA system

  38. Amazingly Trump advocates a "change" in the British system as part of his"presidential " assault on the common good

  39. I live in Nova Scotia Canada. Population 2 million . We have a doctor shortage. 50 thousand people on the waiting list up to 200 thousand unofficially with no doctor. Long waiting lists for a operation or a bed on a nursing home could be years.

  40. In America, healthcare is a privilege, not a right.

  41. Ready to die if you're poor. Welcome to America.

  42. As a Brit, I've never felt so lucky to have affordable care.
    I mean, I knew the US healthcare system was rigged, but Fucking hell, 30k for a baby? You would think the US suffered Hyper-inflation.

  43. If the US stopped invading other countries then the money saved would pay for health care 100 times over.

  44. WOW, how do you yanks put up with that shit without making some heads roll?

  45. "If you're poor, your dead."
    Di– Did I just witness the birth of a meme?

  46. America – the land of the (not) free and the dead!!


  48. So right after this piece is an ad warning us of the dangers of Medicare for all, with dire predictions for a destroyed healthcare system if such a plan is adopted, rationed healthcare, and lies about cancelled procedures in GB. Basic right wing fear-mongering; Harry and Louise lies redux. Why do conservatives hate Americans?

  49. My two-pack of EpiPens is $4 and I have two two-packs. I'm on Medicare though.

  50. Think republicans are watching this?

  51. JOB 9:24

  52. PSALM 7:11

  53. I struggle to see why the US hasn’t got a β€œNHS” like system over there. It could go hand in hand with private health care like here in the UK . So people who are can’t afford it will get seen to without having to worry about the cost at the end of the day. The US needs a total overhaul of the system to be fair. But let’s face it, it’s not gonna happen any time soon. Just sad

  54. The other way is to STOP all political donations to the murderous politicians

  55. i am american living in austria for so long i actually have double citizenship, as I married an austrian…..first I want to say nothing is perfect but for me living in austria has been a medical godsend. As you mentioned insulin, I pay nothing for the two kinds I take, and of course, when I was working and paid austrian income tax I was paying for this plus my eventual pension. most americans are not even conscious, I certainly was not when I lived there, that the stress and insecurity an adult has everyday of his not only working but retired (if possible) life is incredible so I must hand a compliment to those who manage but actually it is not necessary and as most things continually change to meet new needs and expectations so too should the awareness of this unnecessary situation occurred to the public. I know it is ingrained not to accept charity, etc. but your health care is not charity nor your pension as you have paid for it and those who earn more also pay more. one of the reasons for its success is exactly what you are saying, it is for everyone, when you need medical care you are not asking for charity and your treatment is the same treatment whether rich or poor. what i like about our system which makes it in some ways not perfect but we humans in our imperfect and sometimes selfish way still can choose at extra cost some of the extras we still associate with our ability to pay……what is great is the preventive medicine which saves you and the government a great deal in the long run…every year an invitation to a complete physical. Now for the shocker as most Americans do not know the difference between communism and socialism ….Austria is a democracy, it is a social democracy and is a republic. Our average age both male and female is longer than yours, prenatal care and postnatal keep more of our children in good shape and alive than in the united states and just to top it off, our schools are not as highly ranked as Finland's which are tops but should you pass your tests, and want to attend the university it is tuition-free, should you want to go on to med school, etc. also free. so you see it is a mindset one would have expected America in its development, increased population, reduced and limited natural resources which make things much different to the times when our constitution was written etc. would have evolved acquiring new goals and dreams and some changes did take place but right now especially one has the feeling it is going backwards, what a shame. and for some fanatical patriotic people who call themselves, real americans, I can assure you there really is no such thing. You are an earthling for sure…..and while each of us is unique we all belong to the same species no matter what color we are….guess, that is enough, wishing america all the best for the future but time is growing short…….it is up to you.

  56. I'm here cause the NHS spent half a million on saving my life by the beat upper gastrointestinal unit in Europe!

  57. And that is why instead of focusing on Brexit. Focus on keeping your NHS. You absolution do not want the trash we have in the US. So we subsidize middle men that can deny healthcare because it isn't good for their for profit model. Can't have for profit in healthcare, too many people are dying for nothing.

  58. Yes, exactly. My cousin is sick with Cancer but his poor and drying…slow and painfully.

  59. I have family in UK and my cousin was asking me about health care here. The upshot was I was told.."I may have some issues with our NHS but I'm going to quit complaining as your system is horrendous"

  60. And yet millions of people in this country (I'm in the UK) are going to vote for the Tories in a week's time even though it's pretty obvious at this point that they want to make our healthcare system more like the United States'. The problem with a lot of Tory voters nowadays is they're so foaming at the mouth anti-EU that they'll vote for them no matter what so long as they take us out of Europe

  61. I'm British and in my 50s and take blood pressure medication, inhalers for my asthma (and no I don't smoke) and anti depressants and am self employed and I pay Β£100 a year for all my medication. . My brother who is a type one insulin dependant diabetic and needs inhalers for asthma and because he has a chronic illness pays not a penny for his medication. You're being fleeced man.

  62. WE as American's have been fleeced for years – by the health care system in this Country!!
    And our politicians have allowed this to happen! They get medicare for life – for free!! They should have to pay what we pay – why are they above the rest of us???We pay more than any country in the world – we have people filing medical bankruptcy – even with coverage! Our government has literally bowed down to pharmaceutical companies and have allowed people to die – because they don't have health care. I know a woman who pays $4,000 for a shot in her eye…every month, in order to STILL be able to see – eventually she'll go blind! Since when does any shot cost $4,000 dollars? WE NEED TO DEMAND that our politicians stop taking pharmaceutical money and telling them to stop killing AMERICANS! If we look at the numbers of people who have died from cancer, or other illness's because they didn't have insurance – this is murder – in the first degree! This blood should be laid at the feet of these pharmaceutical companies, they should be sued and they should be forced to provide this service to the AMERICAN PEOPLE at an affordable price!! WE need to be reimbursed by these pharmaceutical companies = they make BILLIONS of dollars off us – every year!!!! WHY?????

  63. It's expensive and sucks balls.

  64. Muricans get screwed everywhere. MAGA

  65. In Houston, Texas the
    Home owners Insurance companies, are not paying for any damages, such as Farmers insurance companies &
    there Companies under
    There Co.they make Senior Citizens pay for
    Home owners Insurance,
    But make you hire attorney to try &make them pay for damages,
    Their Insurance companies hire attorneys
    just to keep from paying your damages to your home.

  66. Don't worry, good people of the UK, if the Tories and Trumpster Fire get their way, you'll be joining us soon enough. Grab your ankles and brace for impact.

  67. They better not use that sound bite from that little British girl, you will be up on some impeachment charges!!!!

  68. Healthcare is just for rich people to make money off other people's lives.

  69. The people who say that democratic socialism is the same as authoritarian communism, are the same ones who don't have the guts to tell you what they really believe in: the racism, social darwinism and self serving religions that breed a permanent underclass.

  70. #ifyourepooryouredead how much compassion and humane behavior… #smh or… There are only rich people living in the USA. #justmy2cents

  71. The funny part is that they all have one thing they dont know about : THESE PRICES ARE COMING TO YOU VERY VERY SOON MY BRITISH FRIENDS . BOJO is already working on it to bring you the ABSOLUTE BEST AMERICAN HEALTHCARE MONEY CAN BUY AFTER HE DISMANTLES THE — NHS — !!!! Dont believe me , just wait , its coming . You are already Β£2 TRILLION IN THE HOLE πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  72. This is a greedy country and you can add housing in that group, we don't care if starve and die on the street.

  73. In Canada, dental care and pharmaceuticals are generally not covered by government health insurance. Canadians either have to pay out of pocket or buy expensive private health insurance which may not cover the costs in full. We Canadians also have occurrences of people not filling prescriptions due to lack of affordability (and dying as a result), or of people showing up in hospital emergencies with serious (in some cases life threatening) dental issues because they couldn't afford regular dental check ups and professional cleanings. At least basic health care is covered, though.

  74. As long as our healthcare' industry is for profit in America…we will always be the poorest nation in the world. The 'greatness' of America is a big, fat lie…just like #45.

  75. Shut the fuck up you make me sick

  76. ha the medication im on in the uk , the pharmacy cant get holdof now because the usa wont sell it to us anymore , so im on the way to dead .

  77. so if your poor your dead? just what Ben Shapiro wants

  78. $2,000 for an ambulance ride. And it ruins your credit if you can't pay. Therefore you struggle getting a roof over your head and transportation to get to your shitty job. So it goes deeper than just healthcare.

    Americans are so used to this cycle it's become natural.

  79. Fellow Brits, fight for the NHS as if your life depended on it. Because it does.

  80. The Ad was designed to shock as most Brits don't understand how bad privatising OUR NHS would be.
    It was designed to target the Brexit voters that think selling out the country to a trade deal with corporate America would be good.

  81. Evidence of Harm by Randall Moore is an excellent documentary.

  82. Canadian here!
    I'm so on your side.πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ #Bernie2020 πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  83. I can relate to the phrase "If you are poor, then you are dead." I had a friend die in 2009 because he could not afford to find out why he couldn't hear out of one ear. He had brain tumors but he never got that checked out. If he had, he would probably still be here today. The weird thing about that is, he used to listen to Michael Savage.

  84. If anyone is arguing that this is some socialist pie in the sky propaganda, send them this video to see how far right you have shifted

  85. It’s disgraceful and immoral.

  86. So how do we get Joe Manchin to vote for M4A?

  87. When they screwed the people of France they sharpened up the guillotine amazing it hasn't happened in the US yet.

  88. One of my mother inhalers costs $750 and is not covered. So she does not have it.

  89. Dick move not to include the link to the source video as a courtesy.

  90. The richest, most powerful country in the world got rich off robbing themselves. Something very weird about this.

    If you're poor, you're dead!

  91. 45 bucks for my inhaler, but then I have decent retirement insurance. The price is going up though.

  92. Recently got blindsided for not letting a guy use my phone due to his rudeness and had to to take an ambulance to the hospital. Fortunately he was caught, unfortunately they never sent me a letter to testify and request the DA to require the bills be his responsibility. Also lost track of how much debt has come to my house since from the various departments

  93. Holeeee Crapola!! I am an English guy living in a supposedly 3rd World Country (Thailand) and the Thais pay 30 baht (approx $1) per month for free healthcare in government hospitals! It is more expensive for non-Thais… My son had to have an emergency appendicitis op and it cost about $500… America is one seriously fuked up country… $200+ for a bloody inhaler?!! W.T.F. !!!

  94. buy a ticket to thailand 1000$ estimate childbirth here is between 300-1000$ so you still have 8000$ more in saving.

  95. It cost me $ 38,000 to have my son by emergency c-section at shands at lake shore hospital in lake city Florida on Black Friday November 24th 2006. Smh I'm Canadian and the American government would not let me and my Canadian child come back to Canada to have the baby. SMDH its rediculous my perminant residency was surrendered to ice 3 years prior. So i was forced to stay till my new baby turned 6 months and I came back to Canada. No reciprocity means they can say what ever they want and you can't do anything about it. Forced to re immigrate and get papers for my 4 year old. But refused to let my husband of 5 years in the country cause he n i would stay. This is what ice said to us. Now I'm afraid to go home n visit north Florida. My high school reunion will never happen. Ill never see my home family or friends on Florida or America ever again because if they try to keep us that means loosing everything I built in Canada since 2002.

  96. Inhaler, for me in Australia, Visit to Doctor for Doctors prescription, FREE….. the inhaler with TWO in the box, 6 dollars fifty cents. Insulin, Novorapid 25 pens, six dollars fifty cents, Lantus Solostar 25 pens six dollars fifty cents. Doctors visit Free, quarterly HB1C blood test, Free, I have fortnightly INR blood tests because I take Warfarin, FREE! If I need to go to the Doctor for anything Free, I have Congestive Cardiac Failure all medications are six dollars fifty each. I am drug stabilised, if however I end up needing a Pacemaker, it will be FREE! I do not pay health insurance of any kind!

  97. This is capitalism.
    Quit your bitching cause this is what you want.
    Capitalism has no nation, capitalism is not dead or alive, capitalism is MAXIMIZE PROFIT. End of story. 1 rich person for every 100,000 slaves. Enjoy your life.

  98. You better watch out the Mexicans don't

  99. Western medical culture. Only when you are feeling bad, then cure start to be distributed. Cure basis. Action taken only when need arises
    Eastern medical culture. Before you develop symptoms of illness. Preventive basis. Action taken on every possible outcomes.

    Western: I dont believe in the mumbo jumbo this asians are selling. I would rather much continue my form of freedom. And that is by making others do the work instead of me.
    Eastern: Your selfishness will be your own downfall. Ignorance of possibilities are close minded.
    Western : You low life scums sell snake oils and will ultimately kill us anyway. What makes your method so potent that your love ones are still with you. O wait they are no longer there isnt?
    Eastern: No, they arent. But many are still alive as a result. Rather than focus on what would be lost. Better to focus on what to be gain.
    Western: To gain? you mean the death.
    Eastern: Stop beating yourself.
    Western: Says the easterner who wants to migrate here. Go back to your shithole where you come from.
    Eastern: Your vision is clouded.
    Western: Im not naive or delusional.
    Eastern: Not all eastern medicine works. That we have learn and have corrected.
    Western : oh yea, only after your fucking love ones died then you learn. Must be great to experiment your products on them.
    Eastern : Hypocritical, Arent you doing the same.
    Western : so you reveal your true colour. So are you going to sell those bogus medicine that killed your family here as well. Easy way to earn a profit on someone's death. and we only did it when someone is about to be dispose, you did it on a fresh person.
    Eastern : werent you lsitening, I said MANY OTHERS LIVED. It was painful, but better my own blood than others.
    Western : Lies. ALL LIES.

    The pride and ego of two worlds. Failed to see each other's problem. Every generation from time again and again.

    My view.
    American healthcare for all can be resolve by making sure that people have a heart at helping others. But because of all the fear, guns, the need to secure. Many are charging at rates to ensure that you dont have enough money to go after their life when things doesnt go your way or turn out the best you hope. Price is not only affected by supply and demand. Is also affect by the risk of getting shot.

    Dear Americans. Ask yourself, why do you need all those ridiculous policy that destroyed the very nature of helping others? Do you really need policy/policies to enable you to help others? What i saw is someone playing the devil's advocate and spread fear among your people. The devil has no form. No amount of physical ammunition can hurt a formless being. Where did your heart go to?

  100. Canada has had a single-payer health care system in every province and territory since 1968. The U.S. is more than 50 years behind us on this, and shows no signs of progress.

    The Affordable Care Act was a step in the right direction, but was flawed because A) it was through employers, which meant the unemployed weren't covered, and B) it kept the insurance companies involved in the process, rather then cutting them out. It doesn't matter much now, since Trump made sure to scrap it as soon as he could.

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