what's going on guys it's Trekkie welcome to another video this is the video you've all been waiting for it's a video with some the PTI PTI stands for a physical training instructor means some go way back face to basic training and then we were serving at the same regiment in Germany together however he took a different direction than myself I counted on with trade and he went off trade so he became a physical training instructor he's not working in a face-to establishment the crew working with recruits training them all through PT through PT you've got a lot of questions for Samwell so we brought him all down in that and there's some great questions I want to start off with the first one I can't remember the name and I couldn't find it on the video when are you guys asked some why did he join the house he is a driver and why did he join the army so Sam alright so for the army then I joined that really because my first son was born and I wasn't really doing anything on civvy Street at the time with my life and then obviously when he got a child it's time to grow up get a career for myself so that was my reason for joining as far as RLC driver when you join the army certainly when I did it in the careers office you've got what was called the barbed test that gives you a list of jobs and it just so happened at the time RLC driver were the ones that were recruit in the soonest so that's what I went for that one I didn't really put a lot of fall into it in hindsight I would have probably looked around a bit more and maybe found a job that was a bit more suited for me but that was my reason why just because it was the quickest intake any time yes makes sense that so guys like I said to us before you know him when you join that I mean that try and join what you actually want to join because there's a lot of people regret sometimes what they actually joined just to get in quicker so I'm you know make sure you make your mind up and you join what you want because yes you can really trade while you know army but that takes a bit of time and that endure better to wear them beyond happy basically but I want to come with these questions and they're there's four people who ask the same question so Elia Dean has at 2012 mr. Anton more let you all ask some hard to get their room time now to get the room time down for PFA okay so the PFA 1.5 mile run two point 4 K overall you I'd say involve wall training and Hill reps okay so breaking it down to four hundred meters if you've got access to a running track that'd be the best way and doing 400 meter laps of that little bit of rest time in between a good goal to go for is a nine minute PFA time so for that you'd be wanting to run around the one minute forty four hundred meter loop and then maybe take a minute off in between or two minutes and then go again and do that six times up in it as best you can and then again when you're running if you can average six-minute mile pace for a run of about three miles then when it comes to a mile and a half run you should be able to maintain that pace of six minute miles and hopefully get your time to about nine minutes not everyone needs nine minutes I think the lowest time to get in would be 9:30 for some of the infantry cap badges other than that certainly temper is Matt to standard within my core so just going off that Hill reps interval training and I know you want to ask me the questions however there's so many good websites out there runners world things like that that can give you brilliant training programs and if you go on to the British Army website they've actually got a link on there called how to get fit for the Armenia which can break all that down fee but the overall is interval training hands down because you're working at high intensity for a short period of time if you do that for any number of reps or ever and then your recovery time will increase and then when it comes to run like a 1.5 mile run you'll be able to maintain that fancy yeah yeah so you go guys Sam's you know exactly told y'all to do it and that's pretty much every person in the British Army was a physical training instructor will probably tell you the same thing and like some already said this websites out there even the Blitz Charlotte Army website which she'll tell you exactly how to get fit and then there's also a new tube already British Army YouTube videos you know and how to get fits or there's a breakdown I've watched them how to get fit and how to increase and change your workouts every week so I want to come home with these questions now so the first one here I've got from Bob anaconda and he's asking I opted to go in the infantry I trained five times a week in short intense sessions of cardio on long runs both are wearing my boots I don't do as much strength training shoulder start doing strength intense and endurance question mark I'm relatively strong but I'm not sure if it will sufficient will be sufficient in the infantry if i short start doing strength exercises would it be bodyweight off free weights also keep up the good video striker real helpful and useful and it's good to see that you are helping people want to get more first and knowledge on the army in fact some you know for jumping into this video you know because I'm not the professional he's the professional you know but yeah some so um so what I say first of all the fact that you're doing mixing it up between long runs in the full training that's good so you want it constantly varied mixing that up all the time don't just do the same thing you know if you're running five miles a day everyday soon enough your body will just get used to that and you're not gonna get any better you'll just maintain and a level of fitness that your yeah for the stroke for exercises a lot of people assume that you just need to be muscley and massive and all that good stuff to get in which isn't the case of talks and when you ask the question about bodyweight exercises I'd certainly say that that that would be my main focus for when I'm joining up at least because you have to get your number of press-ups okay you want to be at least hitting 50 press-ups within a two minute time cap okay anything more than that brilliant but certainly a minimum of 50 press ups and a minimum of 60 syrup so that will get you through the basic tests comfortably and I accept any more than that happy date so bodyweight exercises definitely pull-ups push-ups burpees sit-ups all that type of thing are very good and that's all you need for the this stage of joining up once you're in ok and you know you can choose what you want to do then if you want to get particularly big and strong that's fine as long as you all can always maintain all the other tests you're passing those tests but the army you know they've got their powerlifting teams they've even got strong that so if you know you want to get big and you want to do that type of thing then crack on but for now I'd focus on bodyweight exercises and a little bit of cardio so happy – yeah next question is from B no butter what exercise would you recommend for a tolling guy like to bulk up and get army fit to lean guides evoke up no ok so again there's no need to bulk up like I said as long as you can maintain 50 press ups within 2 minutes that's all you need to get in and 60 sit-ups within 2 minutes that's all you need that you don't need to be bulky that it's just down to a personal choice whether you want to do that so if you're struggling with those types of things that you just need to work on them you know so if when you say lean if you mean that you're not strong enough at this moment in time then just keep working on your press herbs you pull-ups and you sit ups you know do 10 down to 1 press ups that's 55 press ups so you do 10 quick shake off do 9 and that's a nice little cheeky easy way to get 55 press ups when you don't even really feel like you're doing it because you do a certain a certain line set vania and then before you know it top done so for army fitness again like I said body reacts and Cordia don't worry about bulking up yeah the next question is similar to the one you've already answered that's from Donnelly chart he's asking my question is what's the best way to get my cardio Barre ass – shocking it's pretty much the same any yeah so best ways to improve anything in in the fitness world is to do it so certainly you need to get yourself out there mix your training up you know do a 5k run one day or a five-mile run one day and then the next day do a bit of interval training where you hit a maximum effort okay and then have a day off recovery is a massive part as well then go back to it and that next day you might do some Hill reps and then the next day for instance you could get a little bit of weight on your back ok I would probably at this stage just get used to carrying around ten kilograms on your back you don't have to run just get a bit of a fast walk on we call it tabot if you want to run with it then fine but just be careful not to overdo it at this stage because it is wear and tear on the body so that's why I'd say for that one happy days aren't next question is from Brendan Manas here if I said that wrong I'm sorry before entering basic training what would be the ideal amount of push-ups sit-ups and run short someone half so I would say a minimum of 50 press ups in a two-minute time period and a minimum of 60 sit-ups and assume that time period and then for your run just go if you can get it for a 9-minute mile and a half brilliant like I said for the infantry I believe they have to run a nine-minute for PFA time certainly the parachute regiment they'll need to run that time so if you're looking at joining that that's definitely the time they need to be running it him for peak on for me so yeah aim for that aim for a nine minute work towards that and certainly just keep it under 1030 but aim for the nine minutes yeah I think when we working with our work we're infantry recruits well not directly but I do drive them on exercises and and all that most cut budgets in the infantry so ten-thirty long time however with a peak company ice in the palace I'm pretty sure they're go for between 9:00 and 9:30 I think enough to get under 9:30 yeah so the next question is for from Lee Ryder and he's asking any tips for putting on weight again you don't you know okay so weight gain all right if it's general weight gain for some reason you're very small and that's what's worrying it okay it's calorie intake you just need to get those calories in yourself however when doing that be careful that you're taking it not taking in all these bad calories we don't want loads of fat and all the rubbish foods that gave us another thing I don't want to keep going into that too much you can do some research on what good calories and fat calories are but you just need to up your calorie intake some people have a fast metabolism you know these young teenagers and that that want to join up it's still very young but he's still active still growing so they might not feel with out yet so I wouldn't worry too much about the weight gain if you'll meet in the standards there's this whole thing of being big and bulky it's not it does no need to worry about that at this stage meet the standards that are asked of you and happy days doesn't matter how big or small you are if you'll be hitting those standards that's what we need yeah and the last question thanks you know thanks for the questions so far the last question is of Anthony Joshua I'm extremely unfit at the moment however I want to join the rifles I need to get fit aap what do i do month in that you know Sam's already pretty much touched it on heavy question you know yeah so again so all the things that we've covered before get yourself out there get running you know start off small if you can only manage two miles then run two miles and then do that for a week or two and then upwards of three miles whatever standard you're out already if you're somebody who doesn't like running there's no harm on getting on a bike that's just as good cardio rowing swim in all these things are good I would say get running because you do a lot of it in the army and you want to get used to it but it's not the only way of getting fit there is other ways out there so you know get your cardio up bodyweight exercises for your strength and just start getting it learn to enjoy it work hard it's not a thing that will happen overnight fitness you need to build with it so set yourself small realistic goals once you hit that goal let's go again set a new one and get there yeah but you as long if you want it you'll get it again so many different things on the internet that you can find ways again fit a little program that you want to follow maybe you like an athlete or something like that you can sure you can get what they did and that way it keeps that interest going and you start to enjoy it you know sport as well if you've got a sport that you like doing it maybe start getting involved with that that will just build your fitness up I'll stop in front you're not just on the roads running hate in every second of life yeah but yeah just get amongst it set small goals and well god yeah a producer that Tim thanks for all your questions guys you know thanks very much to my mate son you know you know sister told ya and what some explained right now you know every every question you answered that's pretty much every PT I ll tell you in the British Army in like I've already said this YouTube videos from the British Army that pretty much cover the same stuff and well yeah thanks again for your questions thanks to Sam and I'm sure you'll see some again in the future and one of blocks you know unfortunately he'll be leaving me sometime this week you know and then he's going back down south so it's gonna be a while again until I see him but I try to see him as much as I come whenever I'm down south from that so I'm sure you guys will see him again in a future blog so yeah just some nobody thing you've got anything to say to all the best good luck with joining up yeah good luck to everyone you know there's a few of you were starting basic training this month and next month so good luck guys I am thanks again see ya


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