Brie Larson’s "Celebrity Trainer" = Flat Butt? | HERE IS WHY!

hey what's up guys I'm Scott from muscular strength calm and today's video topic is a little different than what you used to on my channel now let me start off by saying I saw Captain Marvel I saw endgame I thought both movies were really great and what I usually want to go to the movies I go there for the movie I could care less about the actors in their personal lives but there's been so much controversy around brie Larson with you know people not liking her and I think she said the competition for me cuz I'm the strongest so it's just kind of a good different oh you should let it think that but it's not I said before it's not it's just a fact it's not a personal opinion and then my daughter last night on the way to endgame showed me this video because it's been said that she had a butt double and they actually had a casting for it and then they show people on state on set like free Larsson with her flat butt next to another captain moreover what a juicy butt so obviously there was a butt double and my daughter showed me a video of brie Larson's response where she was doing a hip thrust with like four hundred and five pounds and after watching that video I kind of got triggered and it has nothing really to do with brie Larson it has to do with her trainer you know being on everybody in Hollywood claims they're a celebrity trainer just because they they know a celebrity and they got hired now all of a sudden they were a celebrity trainer just because you call yourself a celebrity trainer and you charge a ton of money it doesn't mean you really know what you're talking about and there's a lot of great celebrity trainers out there brie Larson's trainer not one of them in the video she's doing the barbell hip thrust which is this exercise right here and I'll get the barbell on in a second but it's basically this exercise where your back is on the bench and you go all the way down all the way up and she was doing it with 405 she did like six reps or something and her trainer is standing right here as if he's going to be able to grab the 405 and curl it her or do something without blowing his back out if she needed to help and it's like right there I knew that her trainer was garbage if she needed help or if she got stuck all she would have to do is just do this and then she's good why is the trainer sitting there the weights are gonna hit the ground and the boz gonna be here and all she has to do is roll it off now celebrity trainers what they do with their clients is they just get really interactive and I've noticed this for a while now when I lived in New York City back in my real world days I was going to a gym called David Barton's on 21st Street or something like that or 23rd I remember somewhere around there and I saw Anderson Cooper being trained by his trainer and I noticed that the trainer wasn't that good but he was very hands-on and I feel like that hands-on trainer vibe makes the person feel like they're being taken care of so the trainer was having Anderson Cooper do a tricep kickback like this right but the trainer had his arm on the dudes back on Anderson's back so it's like his elbow was like this and he was holding his elbow in place to do the tricep kickback and I'm like what are you doing dude like that is so unnecessary but it's that a hands-on approach no problem with brie Larson is instead of just like instead of just accepting that maybe you don't have a juicy butt like your butt double like we're not all perfect there's parts of my body that aren't as great as other people we have to own that and accept it and you know to be in a world where body image is so important to lie about it I feel like it makes other women feel bad about themselves like just admit it be like oh yeah you know my butt looked a little flat whatever you wanted to look good for camera moving on same thing with Zach levy for Shazam this whole controversy of him wearing a padded suit and what did he do he posted a photo of himself in the mirror don't get me wrong he looked great but he didn't look like Shazam that's like we don't expect Mark Ruffalo to gain 300 pounds to be the Hulk it's just not going to happen so a little more accountability for your actions would be much better than lying but how I know that that video is just her attempt at trying to be like oh I didn't have a but double look how much weight I can lift well you can you can lift a lot of weight with shit form on pretty much any exercise it doesn't mean you have the the muscle to back it up and what I mean by that is on her video she's doing the exercise like this and she's banging out her reps and her trainer standing over her because who knows why and she's doing this to do a hip thrust and actually activate your glutes you have to get from this point to this point and flex your glutes as hot as you possibly can before going back down even if it's just for a second you have to get hip hyperextension not no point in that video were her hips at hip hyperextension she was just kind of throwing the weight like that which was doing nothing for her besides trying to redeem herself on her Instagram page now like I said I teach fitness on YouTube this video is probably gonna get viewed by a lot of women who are gonna be outraged that I'm talking about her body my daughter showed me the video I'm married it ain't no big deal I'm just trying to help I actually made a video a couple weeks ago glutes the only two exercises you need for muscle growth where I dive into this in much more detail and I show you the exercises and I give you a routine if you want to check that video out just click this link right here and I'll tell you right now if you want to build juicy glutes doing this whatever the heck this is it's not gonna do it okay we're gonna move on from that and we're gonna help you get to maybe Bree Larson will watch this video we can help her build those glutes up so when phase four she doesn't need a butt double who knows smash that like button if you enjoyed the video hope you guys all have a wonderful day and as always keep those glutes firm if you guys want to see all the videos and my only two series only two exercise you need for muscle growth click playlist over here and if you haven't already download my app so much free information at your fingertips you won't have to spend millions of dollars on a crappy celebrity trainer you can have me for free


  1. I was on The Real World: Brooklyn in 2009 and had a role in the movie HEIST in 2015, sooo does that mean that I'm technically a celebrity trainer too? I mean I got myself ready for those roles! haha

    Between these Cut & Paste Fake Natties and Celebrity Trainers I think my head just might explode! But my favorite part of reading about their training and diet plans are that they make them SO EXTREME to impress the reader (YOU) which only spreads more ignorance around the topic of what it takes to build an amazing physique.

    Between working on set all day, rehearsing lines, making appearances, going to interviews, etc… celebrity trainers produce these programs that basically have you training for 6 hours a day and eating 10,000 calories.

    Don't get me wrong, a lot of actors train VERY hard to get ready for a role and hats off to them. Especially people like Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. I mean Wolverine and Batman, HELL YEAH! But when the training programs come out sometimes I wonder…
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  2. She needs Chris Evans trainer 🤣 🇺🇸🍑

  3. he actually helped her redeem herself more than she herself managed to lol


  5. Chaaaarge a ton of money

  6. Where's your shirt?

  7. All I see is penis👀😛

  8. YAY Scott!!! Thanks for telling it like it is—Keep It Coming!

  9. I mean, that dude is a celeberty trainer. He has trained over 100 celeberties. He might not be good but to claim that he isnt a celeberti trainer is wrong

  10. I can't even do a 50 pound hip thrust dude lol.

  11. Brei Larson should hire Scott as her trainer AND stunt double because he clearly know what he’s talking about since his butt is phenomenal. 😁

  12. Yeah i agree with you celebrity trainer sucks.. as a matter of fact, i think personal trainer in general are trash, leeching off your damn money for no gains, i see people when they got trained by their "personal trainer" tends to do this bullshit ass hiit exercises which does nothing and yet they expected muscle gains?? wtf are they thinking.. building muscle needs an actual science not some gimmicky trash ass moves that "enhance your muscle growth" bullshit… Nevertheless, i respect those that are actually training their clients, stuff that those personal trainer would do to actually improve their clients physical prowess and prevent injuries that may harm their clients

  13. What happened to your gains?

  14. Scott herman just roasted the fuck outta brie larson haha lol 🤣

  15. That Ronnie Coleman scream out of nowhere nearly killed me! 😂

  16. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Don't need to be a trainer to see hers didnt know shit

  18. Son of a bitch, I knew I recognized you from somewhere.
    My sisters watched the Real World all the time. I was just thinking you where some weird flashback to that 2000's era with the hair and accent.

  19. Watching brie throw up that barbell even with improper form, and I'm over here probably only able to do 200lbs

  20. Scott Herman DESTROYS Racist Libtard With Facts and Logic

  21. Gahhhbage

  22. And that's why I love this guy. You're the real deal Scott. Never change!

  23. She might just have a little butt. She’s pretty skinny.

  24. What do you think about not doing deadlifts, or any pulls (no adjustable racks) for that matter, and only doing hyper extensions and dumbbell rdls for posterior chain? I hurt my spine in the past doing deadlifts, that's why I regard health higher than strength.

  25. 1:37 omg he said BARBELL not baaahhbell.

  26. How about a video about Rotator cuffs?

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