Brendan Schaub reacting to MMA master fighting his student for leaving his gym & MMA events

this is crazy this is an Anderson sellers former coach which won a Muay Thai guy do Jenna's a shot Asahina okay so he has a school in this area in Brazil and one of his students who he considers like a son left the team and then join another team so then he ended up wearing a t-shirt of the other team and walked by this coaches gym so this coach has some sort of like plan to trap him yeah oh wow so this kids walking by coach comes out to fight him yeah yeah the kid has no idea by the way you'll see what what I mean here it's like a sucker that's the show there that's a crook and then someone's filming so that's the coach and someone's already having fun yeah he's an older dude how long this video it's not that long that's kid there yeah so he's with this girl or some girl hey can I talk to you yeah and look he's wearing the shirt how they know he was coming there boom so you sucker-punches on holy shit damn the kids not even fighting back but then he does he starts to grapple well I guess you want to get a Thai clinch with your more tight coach oof damn throwing elbows and shit yeah and then look at this he chokes him out no the video ends kind of like ambiguously but he does try really hard to do that guillotine on him the kid could have just slammed under the exactly or even hit his head against that pole people are saying all sorts of stuff who's the guy thinking gets out of who's act who that's probably a guy from the gym that just that just wants to fight to continue he wasn't liked it doesn't want anyone so he's oh he doesn't want anyone to stop it see this older lady comes by he's like back off back off the girlfriends just like what though I know she hasn't no idea stone elbows so this coach is beating this student up because he left the gym yes he says so basically it ends pretty much right here this is his coach who filmed himself afterwards with blood all over his t-shirt saying like you have to respect your masters you're supposed to stay with him forever you're not supposed to leave the team you're supposed to honor them and not do anything disrespectful you know stuff like that but fuck you fuck you I am am I wrong come get it come get if you think I'm wrong this guy must respect me I have a history not only in fighting but in life fuck you I've lost my head but shit we've need to go back to the samurai era you have to honor your master your professor you have to honor your Jesus Christ you have to wear the same shirt forever yeah listen to your master and professor he's super old-school I'm guessing but Anderson Silva said that no that's not cool that was his older Jesus he says some people are just stuck in their ways Jesus Christ oh that's straight up he's gonna be arrested for sure he already father police report that kid did yeah yeah of course what are you doing dude also he go much like if you're that confident your skills in your school who gives a fuck if the guy leaves alright cool man and don't sucker punch that was the worst part of it yikes this one came out recently Darren til arrested in the Canary Islands because he him and his boys like four of the boys trashed their hotel there got drunk stole a cab while there the cab guy was putting their luggage in the trunk how old is Darren till 26 till from England Portland was arrested in Tennessee which is the largest island Canary Islands chain off the northwest on Africa according to the Daily Mail in England till and four other Brits with him were arrested alleged trashin in the hotel the spin off in a taxi okay coral reports after being kicked out of one hotel for breaking furniture emptying out fire exchangers they tried to go to another hotel where they're not welcomed when a cab came to take them the group alleged got in the cab while the driver was alone in the truck and sped off they refer later where coppa police arrested this morning so they're out now are they still in prison I'm off there now um god damn it man just a bad look that's just I don't know what to tell you man it's a bummer you guys know I like doing till I still think he has a huge future even though you know his last two haven't gone his way I would assume he's not in the best spirits man he's doing the best after you know being knocked out twice basing in you know in front of his home crowd you know Woodley knocked him out and submitted him tough loss for the title and after that Mazepa doll flatlines you see that that's tough as well it's tough to deal with the problem is he's a he's a father he's 26 years old he's a father he's a lot fucking a lot more fight left in him so just that you would think just as a father you'd grow up I know me personally there's some things I'm not gonna do anymore as a dad yeah and I've never been the guy to record what do you do reckon hotel what is that what is that what are you doing we Motley Crue what are you doing till what are you doing brother hopefully he's okay sounds like he's hanging out with a bunch of fucking knuckleheads so I start breaking in hotel shit my friends like dude what the fuck he's in you know what's gonna make the news what are you doing man it's a bad look he lost two fights now this hopefully figuring it out hope he's okay too all right this is Connor he competed in an exhibition match in Kremlin Boxing Club so that's where he was kind of brought up yep and they surprised the audience too no one knew who's gonna come out but that was awesome yeah so they put right here beforehand it says a another is gonna fight Dean no no not someone else I don't think he fought him though hmm but he fought someone else and then there's a little bit of footage posted a picture too like he's getting ready huh you ready for something you wanna see when he first walks out this how the crowd reacted they have no idea [Applause] is that him in the red yeah it's hard to see not that loud of him I think there's a few people in there too that's pretty cool though do you want to see a little bit of what he did sure and his opponent was McGrane what a cool experience for those people in there though yeah do we know how good the guy is that he's fighting do you have any idea don't know but they did kind of go a little bit it wasn't like innocent punching they're throwing he was just supporting that that Club Crumlin yeah he's looking pretty J they post a picture of him in his MMA gear to avoid looking Michael he's got to do something on Instagram yep I'll take a look at it later what else you got you this right here all right Paulie Malignaggi was really silent after the Jason Knight and Artem lobe love boxing bare-knuckle match so he finally started talking about this I said I thought it was a exciting fight by honestly it made me wonder how I'm not gonna hurt this guy I have to really wonder I have to really be worried that I'm gonna hurt this guy badly he's very very limited it was pitiful pitiful display it was exciting but it was pitiful display of combat sports ability skills yeah paulie's gonna have way more skills when it comes to boxing way more bare-knuckle the reason I quiet because because I thought the promotion was definitely ruined funny I thought that now people would know just how bad he is just how limited he is and no one want to watch this fight but thank God for the dumbest fans in the world makes martial art fans always come through and when I started seeing the council's marina I thought thank god they exist because if not for these people this fight would not be able to sell anybody with a brain understand this is a very big mismatch so he's saying that he's gonna fight Artem Oh Bob people thought that maybe after you watched the match he was gonna like oh crap this is just too crazy and then he's saying if he beats he has once he beats Artem above that bad that Connors gonna want to fight yeah listen I'll definitely watch that oh him first Artem I will definitely watch I'll pay for it gladly pay for it I am on record saying I don't see the plus side for Paulie besides him thinking that he really believes he beat slow Bob that bad that it's gonna draw Conor out which is not so all right I'll watch it and I did probably definitely has more skills I just when it comes to bare-knuckle man it's it's scary shit I don't know if it's straight boxing I Polly completely annihilate some beer knuckle there's something there's an X Factor there which is why I'm gonna buy it blood a lot of cuts in blood that's the thing that sucks about it what else yet this right here Dan IG there's a featherweight UFC fighter he said that someone came knocking on his door very early in the morning and then they he in the beginning he thought someone was posing as someone from lazada and took like four or five vials of blood from him turns out that person is not from lazada wonder what they were doing with it soaked someone across the street later I found out that someone across she was supposed to give the address or she got the wrong address and it's supposed to be the guy across the street and they didn't find out till later after all the blood was John she's like thanks John or something like that he goes he's as I get out of my house then he walked over to the place no one answered so he still doesn't know what she took the blood for but he's complaining that pousada should probably announce who they are wear t-shirts or something maybe some badge or something so I have a uniform who thought her bright yellow like piss yeah but who thought I said that yeah they do wear uniforms and they do announce that they're from lazada so he kind of made a mistake was this his first test how things his first he's been tested a lot of so you think I guess maybe was out at early morning he's just used to it yeah here they go do it so someone has like four or five blood vials the blood of his alright alright


  1. That's NOT old school. Villainy then, villainy now.

  2. Abandonment issues

  3. This is pathectic and disgrace for obvious reasons, to jump a guy, your basically a coward with miserable issues.

    Does ufc promote violence? You decide

  4. Master?? Dude fought like a rookie

  5. that just proved to that guy that he made the right choice leaving that piece of shit.

  6. I’d find em later without him knowing
    Baseball bat, back of the head…
    Won’t be fuckin round like that again


  8. Who is dumber Chin or Eddie Bravo? Who has a lower double digit IQ?

  9. His other student better not quit.

  10. Brazilians are horrible people

  11. south american people are fucking RETARDS trust me i'm 1/2 unfortunately and live here now

  12. What a vile idiot

  13. Real masters should go teach him lesson

  14. Fuck these weirdo martial arts coaches.

  15. Fuck that coach. He fights sloppy anyway. And sucker punched.. what a shit head. Shit coach

  16. Fuck that bro I would have slammed that old fuck on his head. Fuck that

  17. Note to self ; don't walk by former dojo with girlfriend. Drive maybe, run by okay, just don't stoll.

  18. Love the fighting attitude that kids a pussy get slapped son 😂

  19. Lol samurai era?what a dumbass loser

  20. damn lol mma teachers like og gang bangers

  21. Apparently that coach hasn't seen The Karate Kid.

  22. Hey that's assault with a deadly weapon. Lock that bitch ass up!

  23. Then again you rock the other gyms shirt 😂 that's a spit in the face if I was a student there I would of told my teacher " I got this one"

  24. He needs his fuckin ass beat or honestly I would have went back and shot ole master European gangster style.

  25. I wonder if the corrupt Brazilian police force/legal system would actually even do something here.

  26. When I was being schooled my sensai told me fighting with your gi has rules. Street clothes = street fight. Taught me what locks to use or not use. The number 1 rule to street fights USE THE ENVIRONMENT

  27. Lucky he didn't get his head chopped off.. fuckin Brazil

  28. I don’t think the kid wanted to fight his coach

  29. Silva should go whoop his old masters ass

  30. What a cock

  31. Rickson should go see this dude I mean, this coach is representing BBJ right?

  32. I really like how Brendan isn't a dick and doesn't constantly try to "assert dominance" over his co-host like other podcasters.

  33. Guess Byrons old kung fu teacher owes Bry a beating

  34. who the fuck would watch a podcast with brendan schaub by himself?

  35. It’s pretty obvious the kid could’ve won at a few points but decided not to for whatever reason. He didn’t spike him on the cement or strike from the top.

  36. Any one know the name of the Coach or the gym?

  37. Little snake in the grass

  38. Looks like this couch is in need of money and now he has much less

  39. What a peice of shit fucking professor

  40. That’s why I keep that box cutter🤘🏻

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