Brenda Watson's Fiber 35 Diet – High Fiber Products and Dietary Supplements

fiber supplements can be very very helpful to you today we have new inventive ways to get more fiber there are fiber supplements now that are colorless and tasteless this is what I like to call sprinkle fiber because you keep it on your table and you can actually sprinkle it on any of the foods that you eat if you wanted to add fiber to any of these dishes you would just sprinkle this right on for example this is a bowl of chicken noodle soup it has three grams of fiber now it has 10 grams of fiber it cannot get any easier than this to increase the fiber content of your foods if you find by the end of the evening you're a little short on your fiber you can boost it by taking a scoop of fiber powder like this which is a blend of fruit and vegetable fibers that will give you 5 or more grams per serving or you can even find fiber wafers now that you can take with you during the day and munch on any time for an added boost of fiber taking a fiber supplement can reduce your appetite especially if you're going to a party where there's a lot of temptations you

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