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hey how’s it going welcome to jivayogalive my name is Charlie and in this video I’m going to show you five yoga
breathing exercises so we’re going to work through five yoga
breathing exercises in this video and so breathing exercises are awesome but they
just should not be mistaken for pranayama techniques and so with
pranayama we’re working with the inhalations and exhalations but we’re
also including a period of retention so we’re retaining the breath when we
inhale and then we exhale down to avoid and while holding that and so with
breathing exercises but more just working with the inhalations and
exhalations but they’re really great ways to calm the mind to calm the
nervous system to instill more clarity more mental focus and so when you’re
working with breathing exercises I recommend just finding yourself in a
comfortable seat and today I’m just using the support of a rolled up blanket
you can just slide that underneath the hips
that way we’re just slightly tilting the pelvis forward and the spine is able to
keep straight and then we’re sitting comfortably and we can begin and so
first breathing exercise is called an oolong vilem and this is actually a
preparation for our pranayama technique nadi shodhana and so they’re very
similar but the breathing exercise we’re not working with the retention which is
inhaling and exhaling and so I’ll demonstrate that for you guys now and so
we want to take our right hand and we’re going to take our pointer finger and our
middle finger and just place it onto a third eye just in between the brows and
then we’re going to be using our thumb to cover our right nostril and ring
finger to cover left nostril and so we’ll be covering the right nostril
first and inhaling up the left and then we’ll cover the left and we exhale down
the right we’ll then exhale up the right cover exhale down the left and so I’ll
demonstrate this for you and then we can practice a few rounds together so again
taking that right hand first to pointer fingers closing the eyes start by
covering your right nostril and we’re going to inhale up the left then covering the left we’re going to
exhale down the right inhale up the right exhale down the left inhale left
exhale right inhale right exhale left inhale left exhale right just continuing this moving with your
own natural inhalations and exhalations just trying to keep the breath steady
and even so the breath in and breath out equal and then eventually you can finish
up exhaling down the left taking the hands back down to the knees a he might
with the eyes closed just noticing any calming effects and the body in the mind
and then opening the eyes and so that is the anulom-vilom breathing exercise
again it’s the preparation for the nadi shodhana pranayama and then our second
breathing exercise is the three-part yogic breath and so we’re going to take
our right hand just place it onto the belly and then we’re going to take our
left and just taking it on to the heart and so this breath is broken up into
three parts in one inhalation so we’ll start when we inhale by sending
the breath down to the belly so filling the belly up and breathing in a little
more filling up the ribs then breathing in even a little bit more filling up the
upper chest and then we just exhale letting that all go and so this is done
all through breathing in and out through the nose and so I’ll just demonstrate
that for you now so I’ll close the eyes inhale into the belly into the chest
into the collarbones exhale release you can take the hands down to the knees
and work without the hands on the body that’s just to show you that you are
separating the breath so we can try that together so closing the eyes now taking
a deep clearing breath to begin exhale let it go and then we can start inhaling
into the belly into the chest into the collarbones exhale release just one more time and then slowly opening the eyes
allowing the breath to return to its natural state of breathing noticing any
calming effect noticing if the mine is quite endowed
and so that is our three-part yogic breath and we can move on to our third
breathing exercise now and this breath is called the lion’s breath and so this
is an opportunity to just not take your practice or your yoga or yourself so
seriously so it’s a little bit silly but just give it a go
Lions breath we’re going to inhale through the nose taking the arms up
overhead and when we exhale we’re actually going to drop the head back and
let it go through the mouth bringing the arms down into cactus arms so we can try
that together in how arms up exhale inhale exhale just one more time opening
the arm and so just inviting a little bit of playfulness into your practice
the lion’s breath is just a way to let go of whatever you’ve brought with you
onto your mat today whatever is not serving you just letting that go letting
any tension go on the body it also it opens up the chest at the same time and
so give that a go let me know what you think and then our
fourth breathing exercise is the bellows breath and so we’re going to be inhaling
and exhaling through the nose quite vigorous breaths and so and we can bring
the arms in to this to bring them up to the size we’re going to clench the fists
and then we’re gonna as we inhale we take the arms up we open the fists and
then exhale we pull the arms down Rickon just clenching the fists so again
breathing in and out through the nose quite vigorously so I’ll demonstrate for
you now we’re going to be doing it like this and so you can try that with me now and
closing the eyes just to become a little bit more internal so we can begin you can start to speed up and then start
to slow down just as we’re winding down just cooling down the body and then
eventually allowing the hands to come back to the knees and then gently open
the eyes and so bellows breath is just a great
way for igniting some warmth in the body bringing a little bit of heat a little
bit of fire it’s a give that a go and let me know
v breathing exercise which is the UJ breath and this is the most common
breaths that we use that we keep maintained throughout our practice you
might have heard of it in your vinyasa practice as it’s a way to really focus
the mind on the breath and the body so it instills concentration and focus as
well as calming the nervous system calming the body and so again it’s an
inhalation and exhalation through the nose but as we exhale we want to drag
the breath along the back of the throat it almost creates a hissing sound or
some people have said the sound like a Darth Vader sound so I’ll just
demonstrate it for you now it’s closing the eyes I’m going to start by inhaling
through the nose exhaling through the nose that’s it as your exhaling you’re just
restricting that breath and so it’s audible to yourself and maybe the person
on the mat next you so we can just try that together now
so just closing down the eyes and so remember this is an inhale and exhale
through the nose and so beginning now I’m just opening the eyes and you’re
ready and that is the UJA breath and so that’s a great one because you can take
it into any practice and you can maintain it throughout your flow and
it’s just a really great way to keep you focused keep you in the body and out of
the mind the last place we want to be and so that is five breathing techniques
that we can use on and off our map whenever we’re feeling a little bit of
stress or a little bit of overwhelm these are really effective quick way
just to get you out of your head but give them a go let me know what you
think and have a beautiful day namaste so thank you for joining me
today I hope you enjoyed that and learn something and have a new technique to
take into your practice if you did like this video then please subscribe to our
channel or leave us a comment below thank you so much – have a good day you

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