Breast Health Education for Young Women

we use the guide in our monthly session
with the girls we went over myths and facts of breast cancer we heard a story
from a survivor did some of the roleplay did the one-in-eight exercise and I
think they were all very beneficial to the girls the activities help me because when I’m a
visual person the one-in-eight stuck out because it’s the right thing your face
like you can’t ignore it the one person who stepped up symbolizes
the person being diagnosed with breast cancer out of the group eight people a
lot of times you don’t think that things can happen to you the fact that it could
like one of eight that was just crazy to me one of the activities that we did with
the girls and we really had a great time doing was the roleplay scenarios I think
that that was very beneficial to the girls because it helped them to get
comfortable with speaking about breast cancer with other people I came here today to share my story of
breast cancer detection and treatments and ultimately survival
I believe that touching your breast is a bit taboo in the african-american
community and I want young black women to know that it’s okay to touch your
breast and if you notice something different to say something when she was
telling it I just was like so moved by him and she said how from the beginning
she was just determined that she was going to fight it made me feel so
empowered to just listen to her say that my favorite activity was the myth and facts because I didn’t really know about like bras have no effect on cancer and even
healthy breasts have lumps in them I thought that all breasts that were
lumpy had to you be you know cancers the most important things that the girls would be
taking home today is knowledge they all could relate whether it was personally
or whether it was through a story something came to light for them and you
saw the lightbulb come on I really believe that that could save so many
lives when it comes to early detection nothing can stand in my way because I am bold I am beautiful I am confident I am loved and I am enough

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