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if you ever experience we got a broken heart you don't want to do anything you don't want to eat you know we don't want to somebody don't want to do nothing yes somebody all you don't all you want to do is you will get pain to subside that pain is deep inside your soul man day no pain I wish on in it we say so man it's so bad man somebody could come up to you smack the taste out are you falling on the ground and they piss on you you let them do it sometimes you're gonna get your heart stomped it is not just an emotional and psychological process it is a very physical process you have decided to kill something that is a part of you in some way if it would be avoided that would be best but for some reason you have come to that situation where this is this has to happen to make yourself peaceful and joyful will become an extremely hard thing to do in your life you get your heart broken it's like it ruins yourself a stain but your brush your I'm saying but you gotta understand this this happens to everybody everybody even the most richest best-looking people it happens to them too man not just you it happens to everybody everybody everybody everybody not to see so this is how you get to it man you just got it gone just gotta move on man do everything that you usually do but God gave me people to get out of love to meet new people yeah yo I shouldn't have that person laughter you know life shouldn't evolve around that one person walk just move on you gotta create your own life your existence has been nurtured by making a bond a partnership our bondage depending upon how you conducted this to make yourself feel whole in some way most partnerships of this nature are made because by yourself you would feel insufficient incomplete but that's not how life is this is a complete life process by itself my friend you need to make yourself vulnerable you need to fall down you need to get stupid in love let it happen to you let it happen to you go get hard too because even though you might get hurt huge spirits that most people never experience regardless of what color's your broken heart man you got to understand some life life goes on it's better to have loved and lost the two of never allowed yourself to loaf done and no with that being said and I'll you know want to pray just BC if I told you what I was going through him I was going through a breakup and something that most of us will experience in our life um hopefully you guys don't because it's not usually the best experience but well actually maybe maybe I could give a different spin onto it because the whole point of this video is it turns out that it was a good experience now that is something that I never thought I would say a month ago I mean the truth is I mean I wish I could tell you that I was distraught that I was you know things this bounced off me like Superman but that's just not the case this thing I mean it hurt it really still hurts I mean oh why it hurts in a different way now yeah I mean there was days where I'd still want to get out of bed I mean that's the truth I mean it really knocked me down but the thing I never thought I would say a month ago is that person who I became I mean the person who walked into this but I was so month ago is not the same person I am and that's a good thing the person who you know walked out of that storm I mean I could have never became that person if I didn't go through this and that's some time I'm really thankful for um I never thought I'd be saying that I'd be thankful for the you know this breakup because Scott it hurt it really did but I am and that's you know that's something that it's gonna be hard for you guys to I guess think about when you're going through I mean it's something that I never thought you know when I was going through it but if you're able to survive if you're able to get through that storm like I said if you just pull out that chair and just say you know what I'm gonna sit here and no matter how long it takes I'm gonna make it you know you get into that mindset when you do some walk out of the storm um you could not be thankful for the storm when you're going through pain you know and it's gonna be hard for you guys to look at it I I know that it feels like you're not gonna be able to make it you will because if you're truly if what you set out for whatever dream whatever goal you set out if it's true if it's you know deep down this is who you are and it's just not all talk and everyone talks a good game but if deep down this is something that you feel like you have to do that you I mean what you want out of life you know everyone says that they want to be successful a few people you know it really you know deep down all the way down to the bones that they truly you know they really want to be successful they really want to well they really want to change the world if deep down that is something that you mean when you say it there is no storm they can knock you off course there may be some storms that will you know let me get bumpy you know you might have to write it out but if you truly have made it just made the decision that now I'm gonna make it matter what and embrace the storms you know it's not going to be easy and like I said from the first one its life will throw everything in anything at you but if you if you made the decision okay this is what I want and there's nothing that's going to stop me you'll make it through the storm you know what if the storm comes and it knocks you off and you can't get out you know it just really does knocks you off course and you really are just a mess afterwards you never are able to rebound from that I think you really need to start to look at yourself in the mirror and say you know whatever goal whatever dream you I guess started off with does that really mean something to you and that's not a bad thing you know there's some times when life hits you and you can't get back up and that's not to say that you don't have it in you to make it know know what that's telling you is does you know whatever goal whatever dream whatever thing you're trying to accomplish does that really mean something to you you know a lot of people say hey I'm doing it for you know my family hey I'm doing it for this hey I'm doing for that well why do people say those things because it sounds good you know everyone wants to say hey I'm doing it for my family but there's some times you know maybe that's us it sounds good and that's not to say they can't be doing free family don't get me wrong here but I have a feeling that you know that seems to be too many people seem to say that and I hate find that strange you know I don't really buy into that I think everyone says that they're doing it for someone they're doing it for this or that um just because it sounds nice if that makes any sense you know whatever you're doing whatever your goal whatever your dream is it has to move you you know it has to be something that's so powerful that nothing nothing could stop you and it's something that you don't really know if it is the right thing until you start to go through this I get left being hard and laughed at for this dream that I have you know in the school that I'm trying to accomplish why do people think I can't do this because they don't see it and I you know I'm hard for me to show them because I'm not there yet I'm trying to do something very very big in my life many ways I'm trying to you know it's it's almost kind of funny for me to even say it I mean I won't lie I'm trying to change the world it's funny to say that because you know it's such a large it's crazy I mean it really is but not gonna stop because deep down I'm starting to know I'm starting to believe that I think I just can't so when you find you find what means something to you and when things start to happen life starts to throw things at you and you're able to just keep on going you know when life hits you you just keep moving forward even when you don't want to then then you found out what your life's true calling is because when life when life can't stop you nothing could stop you would that be inside guys I think that's good way to end this one


  1. Here I am again guys, another girl just broke me, tried to love again after the biggest disappointment of my life but didn’t work out, it is not as difficult as the first time but still hurts fucking shitloads :’(

  2. Hodgetwins

  3. Been one year still fighting it …just not a habit of givin up…just one thing inside..keep goin :')

  4. Am I the only girl here

  5. 3 years together she left me first semester of college all her friends were single and she wanted to be too thats all i know she lied to me about guys she talked to about clubs she went to. I never knew the real reason I was depressed for 2 months. Didnt want to do shit, sleep, eat, work, school, gym helped tire me out so i could just not care about it. She texted me about a couple days ago I know she misses me I know she still cares but I do too, except I cant show it she has to suffer and she will feel what I felt whether she already did or is now I know she will deep down Im good now gains are happening at the gym girls are hitting me up gassing me up for my body im happy. Never thought I can luve without her here I am. This is to everyone who needs to hear it when times are rough dont worry there is a plan for everyone. I learned a lot from the break up im glad God made it happen I am now a better person. Cheers.

  6. Please full speech explain in hindi

  7. i was with this girl my senior year of high school and she was my first love i couldn’t think of myself without her. when we broke up i was broken i was always over weight but i would cope with my feelings with food and i gained 60 lbs went from 260 lbs to 320 lbs and i saw her one day and she said i got so fat and that hit me hard coming from the person i loved so much she was my motivation to lose weight for the first couple of months but after a couple months of losing weight i learned to do it for myself and no one else because i wanna better myself and be healthy and in shape. March 2018 i was 322 lbs and today i weighed in at 204 lbs still got 30 more lbs to lose 💪🏽 nothing but grinding and getting stronger and slimmer every week

  8. There will come a time when someone or anyone from your past comes back and realize that they lost the person who was important to them the whole time. Trust the process because God is working and He has a plan for us.

  9. I definitely think men have it worse than women when it comes to breakups… Most Women move on so fast whereas most guys need a lay off period to get our shit together

  10. Who are the two guys talking in the beginning

  11. Im 14 and I just broke up with my boyfriend. And I dont know what else to do but just cry. And I know what you're thinking, "Oh you're 14 why are YOU crying" It still hurts. I really wanted to be in a relationship with him but he didn't want to. He lied, said I was insecure, I was always the one who was apologizing. And my dumb ass just kept apologizing and I blamed myself for something that HE did and something HE should've been apologizing for. I should've listened to my mom and friends the first 50 fucking times🙍

  12. My girlfriend broke up with me like 5/6 days ago i couldn't take the pain it was too much i began to cut she said she found a boyfriend and that he really loves her and the truth is i really dont think he loves her or have any loyalti to her but i hope he really does love her like guys you are gonna get throug this trust me boys we all going throug this together….maybe she would come back or maybe she wouldn't idk but both things are good

  13. Just got dumped by the girl I have been best friends with for over a year now whom I shortly after meeting developed deep deep feelings for…
    I thought she didn't have the same feelings and…I was okay with it…I really just wanted to stay friends with her because I loooved her company. Then a month ago I (drunkenly) told her how I feel and told her that I know she feels differently and she kind of rejected me, telling me she doesn't want that our friendship changes. It hurt but…I was okay and shortly after we were right back to being just friends, chilling like every day together, just having fun…

    A week ago we kissed. I was confused and happy. But this happines vanished shortly after because she was "unsure if her feelings were enough" but she wanted to try it…and she did…for like a whole day, then hitting me up telling me we needed to talk…

    That was today she told me that "there are feelings" but "there are also doubts" and she doesn't think it's worth it if she already doubts it will work out before really starting it…shit hurt and does still and probably will for a long time

    Worst thing is not the fact that there will never be something between us romantically (well it's sad especially after us making out and her laying in my arms I want it so much more) but the fact that now I don't even have our friendship left…I will probably still see her every week because we have the same group of friends but…things will never be the same…

    Started going to the gym a month ago and will focus on building my body the way I want it to be…

    The more it'll hurt, the more I'll push…

  14. I see all these guys hurting and I wish nothing but the best for you all in this process. As a woman, it is comforting to see you guys put your heart out here and tell how you feel, to know you feel. My man just shocked me and even all his friends and decided to walk away to focus on himself. I can't eat or sleep but I need to move forward. We will all get through this and we need to do this for ourselves to be the healthier best version of us. Good luck everyone!

  15. Man how does it feel like you never dated her any to realise she was gay along…

  16. I love this girl, she loved me and now she doesn’t I feel like I messed up like it’s all my fault I had a shot and i screwed it up and I’m so in pain that I hate myself and what I do I thought I had my life mapped out and now I don’t know what I want to accomplish it’s so fucked that I can’t think about anyone but her and she’s just there clueless even after I told her I love her she’s just her it didn’t affect her at all I’m in so much pain that I’m tearing up writing this

  17. I loved her too late and now shes gone she loved me more than I did her and the love wasnt matched with her till she lost love for me……

  18. I lost my bestfriend, my lover,my partner today. God it hurts. I just want this to go away

  19. I was with a girl for 2 years, we did so much together. Everything about her was so perfect; face, body, morals, values, educated, had a loving family that treated me like a son, the whole package. I got too comfortable & kept clashing with her due to lack of communication until finally she left me for good. I really had found my dream girl & now that she’s gone I’ve never battled a depression this hard ever. I really saw myself marrying her. I’ve never been this hurt. It feels like I won’t be able to find equal or better than her. We broke up a week ago & now she’s already dating. I tried & tried to convince her to stay with me but she just wouldn’t 💔

  20. Your heartbreak is your catalyst for becoming a warrior. Pain is just weakness leaving your body.

  21. Broke up with the girl I always thought I would marry. We lived for two years together but find out she cheated on me. I felt so devastated after. I started doing drugs. I even try committing suicide. But I’m here still fighting through that paint. Anyone who is going through a break up just remember that this is part of life. You’ll learn and become a stronger person.

  22. Gave my everything to her give up on my loved ones because of her and she betrayed me I will never forget what she did to me 😔😢

  23. was about two years ago for me, It came to a rather abrupt end of a almost 6yr relationship, 3 weeks out she was openly with this guy who was both of our mate, it hurt like fuck, I felt sick to my stomach that I could have trusted her for so long, it started to consume my thoughts at work, my time trying to sleep, I got severely depressed at the time, but 2yrs on I finally thought i was moved on from it all and ready to date again, I just met somebody and im not gonna lie that fear is there……that fear that she could do the same thing but….. im more scared of not going into this with her in case she is the one that is worth it.
    I train almost every day and have done so since about 4 weeks after my ex and I don't know why but every day it drives me to not let myself fall back into that pit , im only a small dude and in no way strong but ive hit my first goals and need to keep pushing so much more to be where I want to be, if you have this happen just know this, it takes time to get better but it WILL get better, train your ass off, dive into a new sport, don't push those around you away. be better than you ever dreamed you could be

  24. She got bored and left. It hurts… It was so sudden…

  25. This comment section is like a Brotherhood

  26. I'm going through this right now….

  27. I met a girl and I felt she is right for me but when I expressed her my feelings for her she said she dont like me. I tried not to take it inside me and affect me I moved on and found another girl she talked with me everyday and I felt there is something moving forward between us but one day she stopped talking to me for no reason and now she is dating someone else. I know it isnt a proper relationship situation but now this experience makes me feel I'm not good enough and my self confidence has gone very low. I'm trying to make myself feel better but somehow I'm not feeling better

  28. Pour so much love and respect for someone and sure enough they turn around in 2 weeks and with someone else. Fuck you. I dont need this in my life. How can you be with someone 3 years and drop them like nothing.. hurt.. depressed..

  29. i feel so bad now that i've said 'guys ain't shit' when bitches ain't shit either.

  30. 2 years gone, time to use this pain toward something good.

  31. I remember watching this when I was 17 the girl I loved at the time left me for a other guy. I watched this everyday before going to the gym I always got fired up. I went from 260 pounds antisocial emo to a 170 pound confident, social, boxer. Everyday I’m always grateful for her leaving me if it wasn’t for her I would never be where I’m at right now.

  32. Guys help me to gain strength… Nearly 6 months have passed since my breakup, I still feel like a fool. I been in 4 relationships, 3 of them with women cheating on me. They say I’m too good of a guy to be with.
    I’m 25, lost all interest in women and I’m scared to trust women because they all play games with me. Paused my studies and only working part time because of this.

  33. i got back with my ex boyfriend 8 months later only for him to neglect me and break my heart. i loved him with everything and emotionally he jus wasn’t there. at least i tried for what i wanted. hurts like hell but now i’ll never wonder what if we got back together.

  34. I feel like I have a weight in the middle of my chest💔

  35. This helps a lot, my boyfriend broke up with me almost a month ago and it’s been really tough.. I really miss him but I hate him too, I recently went to the gym and I’ve been getting better. So to anyone who’s reading this, go to the gym and make yourself feel better. And realize what your ex lost something special. Because there’s someone trying to hit your dms but too scared.

  36. My first 5 year relationship tore me apart when she left me.. It changed me for the better and I ended up finding someone else who put me together and even were going to have a family.. unfortunately my daughter never made it and I stubbled back down.. I let the depression, the alcohol, the bad eating and sleeping habits to take over me.. this 2 year relationship is now over as well… I’m hurt and still hurting but I learned my lesson from the first one and I’m not going to let this affect me just as bad as before.. to any fellas out here hurting don’t let it get to your head. What the heart feels can easily overtake what the mind knows is better for you. Don’t let the heart win all the time. It’s time to focus on yourself and build yourself. Put everyone and everything aside for you first.

  37. So Yesterday after the game I Got my heart broken… but What hurts me the most was that… I lost a friend over her, And now I learned that no matter how much love, Money you spend, attention, Or even time you Give her she won’t even stay, She will leave in a heart beat, and this wasn’t the first time we Broke up, We Broke Up the first time over my Bestfriend and I had to let my Bestfriend go… And i guess i might have fucked up left her go of my Bestfriend. now I’m sitting here trying to fix my Bestfriend. trying to fix Our Friendship, this breakup is hard but I’m waking up Being positive and Saying I CAN DO THIS to myself , yeah my heart hurt and everything but it’s part of life:)

  38. I got pregnant and because he was in school I took care of everything just told him to be supportive. I couldnt even get that. After having a C section went back to work after 2 months. That's when I found out he was in a relationship all this time. I'm hurt crushed and confused. And now wantsbto be friends. Sigh I feel scarred. Need to find the strength to move on.

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