Brandon Harding Highlights The Problems With Bodybuilding – Part 2: His Stack

hey everybody its Jason blah here and I decided to go ahead and do a part two of this video because of the part one I really was looking at what Brandon Harding said I really wanted to talk to you guys about the psychological aspects of the health aspects and all the stuff that pertains to bodybuilding and why it's a problem and again this is one of the reasons when people see Jason why are you so against bodybuilding well that broke it down pretty pretty clearly but when we come over to the other end of it the guy admitted in the same video he broke down and showed you guys the stuff his full drug protocol now people need to remember number one that's gonna be for educational purposes I'm not suggesting anyone even consider doing what he did I wouldn't ever recommend it number two he's living in a country where it's legal like he's not breaking any laws showing you guys his stuff because I've looked in that country what he has in his possession my understanding of the law there is actually legal to have in your possession in those quantities so it's it's our gray area legally but it's not an actual criminal offence for him to do that and in fact the police might not even confiscate the stuff if they find it at that point so a different situation than most of you are in say over in the United States or Australia or the other countries where the majority of my audience are and probably the majority of his audience but people need to look at when you still looking what these bodybuilders do when you see these guys rip down and they do these extreme diet protocols and you say well they maintain their muscle look at what this guy had to do to maintain his muscle it wasn't just a little bit of testosterone alright it's not what people are thinking I mean it was the case of him using very very copious amounts of antibiotics and a lot of them are drying ages to take water out from under your skin everything else and and that the scary thing is look at the quantities this guy admitted to using and I'll break it down in a minute and then look at his size now I mean his size when he's there shredded on camera I'm talking about when he's got his shirt on when he's got a shirt on and you look at this guy I can assure you that most you guys aren't thinking if you see that guy in a shirt that he is so big that he an extremely large doses of anabolics and they were in large doses I'm not talking about compared to pro bodybuilders I'm talking about to the the general gym rat who uses a little bit of stuff every now and then this was a lot it was a lot he's putting a lot of stuff in his body Oh what do I mean by a lot well look at what he took and I mean we do think about in terms of what I say that a lot of bodybuilders really don't know how to train they just follow bodybuilding traditions and it really only works on copious amounts of drugs but look what this guy was putting into his body and he's not particularly big I mean this is not a monstrously big guy well what do I mean by a lot well look at the oils alone all alone I didn't talk about the fat burners just the oral antibiotics the guy was using 50 milligrams with anavar every day that is more than you would prescribe to a human 50 milligrams of a lot of our meat having been an enhanced power lifter in my 20s I can tell you that 50 milligrams of real anavar a day it has a profound effect on muscle and strength gains in addition to the fact that there's research on it showing that it seems to have some some actual direct fat burning effects at least in middle-aged men there are some studies done on that of middle-aged men who a small amount of anavar actually calls fat loss and the fat didn't even come back when they came off of it it's pretty it's a pretty potent substance 50 milligrams a day alright that's 350 a week from an anabolic perspective that is way more anabolic effective someone will give us from TRT testosterone right that's more he was using a hundred milligrams of stano's just winstrol it's gonna be the street name 100 milligrams of menstrual a day in ORS okay 700 you're over a gram of orals a week a gram of orals a week what do we think of as the trt when people talk about trt stuff what are you thinking of like a hundred hundred to 150 milligrams a test a week that will give you the full levels of a healthy 18 or 20 year old male of your body's not pretty all right thinking that ballpark in terms of milligrams he's out over a thousand milligrams of orals you to understand dolls have their own potency that works different milligram per milligram in the system because the way they're designed they're again do certain things do the 17 alpha alkylated ester the body believe me they're potent they're not weak all right he's on a gram of those every week then 75 milligrams of provider on a day now we can argue that probe ion doesn't have a direct antigenic like anabolic effect in muscle tissue it doesn't it doesn't seem to in other words large doses of probe Iran do not seem to cause her and muscle growth even though it's an androgen it doesn't have an anabolic aspect however it does lower shbg what does that mean it makes the testosterone in your system more potent so the argument could be made there that say someone who is even on a normal amount of testosterone replacement dose the that alone could cause the testosterone to become more anabolic it's in your system due to lowering it changes the ratios of free versus bound testosterone in your body so there is that that aspect of it and he described it as a hardening agent that's a subject of a lot of controversy although most good prep coaches I know you give people very large amounts of this stuff more that I've seen people use more than what what he is using but that's its own separate thing we can't really count it as an anabolic although it might cause an indirect anabolic effect in the body clenbuterol is anabolic at a certain threshold it's very modestly it's very very mildly anabolic but it's anabolic you is on clamp and you go over to the t3 why is he using t3 to keep his metabolism from slowing down in other words when your metabolism slows down due to a thigh roid down-regulation to you a caloric deficit the metabolic adaptation it's oftentimes due to lower conversion of t4 to t3 or less production of t4 which gets converted the t3 your metabolism slows down from thyroid and that's one of the things that happens when you're dieting and you have a metabolic adaptation by him just adding t3 directly it doesn't happen your his metabolism doesn't slow down as a result the dieting or dropping really low calories what he's on over a gram of orals a week to help him hold onto the muscle so that he's not just burning through muscle tissue as a result of it you guys see the unfair advantage there for people who see what guys like this do and then they run these really low calorie diets and they get shredded people need to understand if you had gotten pretty big as a natural guy and got if big as strong as you could and then diet it down I tried to do what he did on the diet you would strip muscle tissue away you can't do what he does you have to go much much much slower you have to be more careful you're going to eat diet breaks because number one you're gonna burn through muscle tissue number two you're gonna have metabolic adaptation all these problems and you run into without drugs he just takes another drug to avoid each one of them right he's directly on all those those oils that we listed all of them have a noticeable fat burning effect in humans and lab studies there's at least some fat burning effect while creating a very large anabolic effect in the muscle tissue so a person just doing what he's doing even at maintenance calories would probably recomposition they would gain muscle and lose fat at their normal maintenance diet then the the Klan which is a direct fat burner and then he has the t3 in there so that his metabolism won't even slow down to the extreme dieting and he's not going to lose any muscle so you don't have muscle tissue loss that's just part of your slowdown know the loss of thyroid hormone so no metabolism loss there he can just keep those calories low and he'll just keep stripping body fat away you're not gonna be able to do what he does then you go over to all the injectables they were fairly mild other than that this rent he was using again he put it in milliliters because I guess he's not smart enough to do milligrams for you guys I'm gonna estimate based upon the bottles that I saw they're all hundred milligram per milliliter so using Monday Wednesday Friday 50 milligrams of prop 15 milligrams of Master on which is draw Stallone propionate so that's 150 of each of those a week that that's relatively modest for testosterone that's a replacement dose other than its propionate ester was just slightly stronger middle program free milligram so the test test is just a little bit hungar than a trt dose now what I thought was fastened is that he was taking a remedy X on top of all of that he's on a replacement dozen testosterone with all these other dry androgens and he's still taking Arimidex to control estrogen that is extremely unhealthy you talk about at that point you guys talk about why you wonder why bodybuilders tear tendons all the time that's why they'd tear tendons all the time right there Bamm low estrogen low estrogen that's a recipe for tendon disaster because there's no way he would have high high estrogen levels on his stack I want people to understand that the staff that he's running would not produce an elevated amount of estrogen in your body there's no need for estrogen control but bodybuilders well we've got to get it even lower because it might help me get more shrinker out but that that right there learning only a replacement dose of tests and all these other dry stuff some of which change your androgenic to estrogenic ratios and make you lose water and could even tell the guy no it's up anyways all right that could already help with those things but he's driving his estrogen down lower and that's she the amount of room index he's using is a pretty hefty amount like that's more than most guys on trt would take who do need to control their estrogens a lot of fatter guys get elevated estrogen to to oblation does the testosterone that's actually a really high amount the amount he was using for even that purpose so he's crashed his e to levels which again can cause depression can cause loss of sex drive loss of sex function erectile dysfunction they can cause brittle tendons right that that right there possible risk of tendon damage right there from crashing his ET to low if he if he were to train heavy like a real lifter then he was running trended a hundred milligrams every other day now I'll give seven three hundred million is anything but he got here's your kicker he's happening to tape sleep aids he's having to take sleep aids was he's saying he's only sleeping three hours a night on even that amount of trend so all the people to get it perspective there get a perspective on the side-effects that quantity of trend is causing him to only sleep three hours of night so what are we talking about here total 600 milligrams of injectables on top of it half of which is trend milligram per milligram testosterone does not compare with trend in terms of straight anabolic action in the body it is way more potent it is way more potent so that 300 milligram of the trend is is extremely potent substance like I would go so far as to say my own personal experience is like like right now if you were to take all that other stuff out of his equation and you take me who's not on trt powerlifter training the way that I trained if I were to simply use the test prop and the amount of trend he was using it none of the other stuff you guys would notice immediately I'm talking you guys would see on camera it would be noticed within one to two weeks in my training my training videos alone everyone would be like whoa what just happen I wouldn't even be able to hide it that's how potent that that stack would be for someone who is really training who's really training I wouldn't even be able to hide it from you guys even if I wanted to so the point you get to with all this is a look at the quantities that this guy is taking to get that rip look cuz in terms of anabolic action that is an enormous amount of muscle gaining or what do I mean all right 600 milligrams of total injectables it would be stronger than straight tests and for a gram of oils a week plus clam plus all this other stuff you guys remember the study that we looked at in the human trials what happened when healthy young men and those clinical trials were given six hundred milligrams of test they took one group they had all been lifting at least a year the one group kept lifting weights the other group they had them stop lifting and do no exercise 600 milligrams of testosterone over 20 weeks the guys who stop lifting gained 18 pounds of new muscle tissue without touching a weight without touching a weight not counting probe Iran clone any of that just straight anabolics this guy was on 1,650 milligrams not 600 1,650 and he still have that size like I'm not saying he's a small dude by any means he's not but we're talking about quantities over double with those studies looked at where guys are getting 18 pounds of muscle without even training so at a certain point you got to looking where bodybuilders do this and look at their size and strength levels and everything else sometimes you have to look at it and go you guys really even know what you're doing that's right these training traditions that you guys use in your world particularly effective there might be some programming issues here and you've also got a question the genetics a lot of these guys who get involved in this and grant I understand for those who are chasing aesthetics he's got that look notice his size versus a quantity of stuff that he's still using also notice the fact of yeah he got that look but look at what he put into his body to get that look all right the people will always say things oh well you know there's genetics and everything else and his good unit does he have good genetics though genetics that's the amount of this guy put into his body to get that look now if that screams – you good genetics I I think it might be time to reassess this cuz that's a lot of that's a lot of going into this guy's body so what do you mean that's an entire handful of pills every day spaced out the other day and he's doing six intramuscular injections every week a little subcutaneous injection under the skin we don't know who he's meeting her oath or anything did say that's directly jabbed in the muscle six shots at weak and handfuls of pills right that's that's not insignificant to a serious bodybuilder that sounds like nothing but all of you out there looking at that that's a lot looking at what is this protocol entails all right that's what it took for him to get shredded af bro to get aesthetic AF bro that's what it took people need to think about that when they say hey this is a lifestyle that well or people could just do that natural yeah you sure better look at the pharmacology that happened there to pull that off all right guys that's really all I have to say on that today I hope it's been informative and I will talk to you guys next time


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