Brandon Harding Highlights The Problems With Bodybuilding – Part 1: Psychology & Health

hey everybody its Jason wah here another my obligatory informative videos are done for the day it's time to talk about current events in the online fitness community and numerous people have linked me a video about a guy named Brandon Harding I just now discovered who this guy is just learned about him today and he did a video that again a lot of people wanted me to see and I feel like I need to do this as a 2-part I want to cover two different elements of what he is doing in terms of you know the emotional side and then we need to talk a little bit about the drug side of it that's kind of its own separate video I think I need to discuss that as again a former enhanced power lifter I know a lot about the things that he's putting into his body but that's a totally separate topic all I'm gonna say with that is that this is what people need to understand when you start realizing how much stuff a lot of guys use and we'll talk about the psychological end of that just look at the way this guy looks in a shirt this is not a monstrously big guy now he looks massive when he's ripped up and and imposing trunks and stuff for shirtless right he looks massive then but this is not a guy that most of you are going to look at while he's wearing a shirt chilling there and say this is a guy abusing insane amounts of of anabolics you're not gonna say that looking at him and again that's kind of its own topic but we need to talk about the psychological and emotional side of this because this guy basically admitted he's at a point and a lot of it has to do with the fact that he is he is now a fitness figure on social media that he felt so much pressure that he realizes that he is out of control that he basically said I might look healthy on the inside but my body is screaming body is screaming and this is the problem we get into with this whole bodybuilding thing I want to tell people bodybuilding is psychologically and physically unhealthy that it is a death toll and I say that all the time I tell you guys don't get him all in the body but don't look up this adult you should almost pretend competitive bodybuilding doesn't exist if you really and truly care about your own well-being and mental health and everything else you should probably pretend it doesn't exist you so much better off for it and I mean this is a perfect example I mean the guy basically was out of control did a massive binge and then he realized I'm all social media I have to I can't mess up the whole world everyone sees me and that that part I can relate to I can relate to you again even though I'm in my 40s and I must rank athlete believe me man I I know exactly what you're talking about people want to talk about my body fat my loose skin every day I just train shirtless I don't care at this point that you know my strength levels are gonna be noted at any given time like any time I do even a lighter phase of training or I have a pole or something that makes me reduce what I'm doing for a little while or I have some stressful things in my life and my strength is going down the whole internet cares man they'll make people make dozens of videos about it they want to obsess over it so I understand what he's talking about as well you're on the internet you're putting this stuff up there you're gonna be scrutinized into the ground and even the smallest slip-up is gonna get you enormous amounts of hate you're you're doing less in the spotlight you have to learn to live with that and that's a little saving a lot of people who say oh it's easy to get up and you do YouTube it's easy to get up on social media stuff early you guys have never really had truly been in the spotlight before you've never been in the public eye it's not as easy as you think it is I promise you most people would crack under the stress of it I mean you're gonna crack if you can't handle it it does take a certain level of strength like Vince Garza with P og he'd be bowed out pretty quickly he couldn't take the heat even though he was making six figures it's a dream job in a way to make a good living on the internet and the public eye but there's downside there's a downside because you are in the public eye and you are being scrutinized at every moment you have hate websites built about you all this stuff so over to the point he admitted his mental health was falling apart and then he got into again this binge and purge cycle and this is kid the problem you guys run into you start obsessing over being ripped you start obsessing over your body fat like he's having to do for this upcoming show he because of the strict dieting and the enormous amounts of drugs he felt like he lost control he basically developed an eating disorder right there that he admitted to because what did he do he tracked it for accountability it's like I agree and he'd listen all the food that he had eaten right but all this massive binge he kept up with it but he said I couldn't stop even though he could consciously track all of it write it down he knows everything that he ate down to how many slices of pizza and all the junk food and everything he realized what he did but he said he couldn't stop it I'm out of control I'm out of control I reach to that breaking point and he's having anxiety attacks and he ate all that food and then if he realizes a quick fix he did a purge he upped his clen to the point where he said he felt like he's gonna have a heart attack which you know could happen that's not outside of the a reasonable possibility to just double your clen dose yeah that could kill you that could kill you but he took a laxative and a diuretic and up his Clannad did a bunch of cardio we're now bulimia at that point that's drug bulimia in fact using a laxative after a big binges is a form of bulimia right that is an extra form of bulimia exercise believe is a formative Bolinas and what did he do he took a drug to make him get the out of his body take another drug to drop the water weight from it and another drug to speed up his metabolism and then did a bunch of exercise all right other than the vomiting he basically did all the classic bulimic responses and then he woke up and realized that he looked the tightest and leanness he'd ever looked and he admitted his own mind had a problem right there because then he realized what my shit only took me three days to do that I had that massive binge and I got to achieve meat all this garbage and then I just took all these drugs and did this stuff and it fixed everything I've used my body I feel like I could have died doing it but it fixed everything and I realized I don't even have to diaster I could just gorge and binge myself and I could just drop down into a show I could do this again for my show in a few days I can just do the same thing it worked I mean think about that psychologically and he knows and that's that's the point it's not like this is a person fantasizing about it and glorifying it this is the person who did it and said he realizes how psychologically unhealthy that was to reach that that state to where he's just saying hey I could do this again now here tomorrow it worked so well and he realized this could kill me I could die right now from what I'm doing I could die from this and he said that you know he a normal person and he wanted to drop out of the show and not do the show he said his girlfriend he even looked at him a middle of all this and said baby I don't want you to do this show and he didn't want to do the show anymore but he said but at that point everybody was expecting me to do it my family had bought tickets they were coming in to see this other guy another another bodybuilder didn't place want to show and did an extra dieting diet for a couple more weeks of to do this show just to compete against me as a friendly rivalry he's depending on me to do this show all of social media see me enrolled with this show I have to do it I have to do it even though my girlfriend told me not even she doesn't want me to do it woman I love just told me don't do this and I don't want to do it but everyone expects me to you and it might kill me that's some serious shit that's some serious shit and there's the big problem it's this whole audience on the Internet once you get involved in this physique thing guys because believe me I know how vicious they are I mean people talk shit about me all day long what happens this is all you guys who want to do this you want to put your physique upon you as well as pursue this physique thing instead of being an athlete you believe me at least have their own set of problems believe me you're gonna get your print your problems there's gonna be pressure based on that I get that who do understand it what but what happens when your identity is now tied to your physique what happens when your self-esteem is tied yours because that's what happens people who are drawn towards that endeavor you usually have very fragile senses of self-esteem to get involved in the physique world there's there is definitely some vulnerability not everyone out there exceptions to a rule but I must say the vast majority that I've met the vast majority that I met and I've known some really fantastic people who were bodybuilders who were so insecure about their bodies who had physique I'll never have liked not even know a little better I mean I'm talking no matter what drugs I put into my body from the physique perspective and no matter how I trained I probably would never reach half of what they did right and I've known a guy like that in-person friend of mine who quit competing finally he quit competing he realized he can't do this he was scared to take his shirt off in front of girls when he wasn't at his best like when he was up to 10% body fat and not popping a ton of tren and Premo and dry and ripped so if he was like 10 11 percent body fat and not dry he was embarrassed to take his shirt off in front of women ever meaning he could even have sex yeah and we were talking about a dude who by all y'all said is you people who follow body would be like that dude looks amazing what do you imply it yeah even in his offseason where most of you guys would kill to look like he looked couldn't take his shirt off from a woman even if they wanted to suck his dick okay so what happens when you when you're at that level and everything if your self-esteem is tied to it and you have that fragile self-esteem regarding your appearance it's made worse by the bodybuilder made worse by the body dysmorphia now you have an audience out there who expects it they're gonna be critical of it you guys might want to rethink this stuff through before you get too involved in it and this is exactly what I've been talking about when I tell you guys you don't want to get involved in this stuff watch this video watch the video alright that's that's pretty normal that's pretty normal in those circles that's the norm that's he's not the exception he's not the outline out that what you saw in that video oh you see his emotional breakdown and the unhealthy cycle around it when I say bodybuilding is a death cult that bodybuilding is unhealthy psychologically physically everything else that video that that is the reality of bodybuilding his video he did right there there's your reality that's that's bodybuilding now you guys see on that stage you're on the cover of the magazine no that's body good that's reality and I'll do a part 2 coming up here in a bit I'll discuss his drugs also so I hope this has been informative and I will talk to you guys next time


  1. Thanks for sharing this video….Just cements my opinion on the "sport of bodybuilding". I wish more of these competitors would come clean on what they have to do because most people have such skewed expectations of how much muscle can be achieved through strength training. Even worse when they avoid it thinking they will look like a bodybuilder. Its just sad.

  2. Appreciate your insight!

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  5. With decent genetics you can obtain that naturally.

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  7. Why don't start play soccer instead ? So funny ..😂🙂

  8. I would say bodybuilding brings out emotional issues in people who already have them. It just amplifies them. Countless people do bodybuilding shows, realize it is not for them and switch to something else or stop and are fine. As in anything, the emotionally pre-wrecked individuals will continue and end up making all their problems worse.

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  10. do competitive powerlifters take as many drugs as bodybuilders or do bodybuilders have lot more?

  11. Bodybuilding most unhealthy sport in the world.

  12. Great video Jason

  13. Coach, are there any good excercises (preferably compounds) that train The obliques?

  14. That sounds like story about anorexic girl, having a binge and after that tries to fix what's happened.

  15. That +5 people's eyebrow of weaponsmithing has been consistent brah. I smelllllll what the glock is cookin'. Edit: Wanting to be fit is healthy, obsessing over your body isn't.

  16. SOunding philosophical, confucius

  17. Back in 2013 when I first started training seriously, I almost got caught up in the standards of the bodybuilding community. I started to obsess about being leaner and leaner, despite the fact that I had visible abs and was probably 11% bf at the most and 165 lbs at 5’10”. I was scared to bulk. Fast forward the story, I am now 188-190 fresh out of bed. I have done two bulks since then and I am bigger and stronger. My abs aren’t as defined as they were back then, but I am ok with that. Not only am I stronger and fill my shirts out more, but I seem to get more women looking at me as well. I still try to maintain a healthy, athletic bf %, but I no longer obsess over extreme leanness. I am more about size, strength, explosiveness and conditioning now. Unplugging from the bodybuilding world was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

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    Dude comment on this pleeeeease

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    No, you're still enhanced even though you're off them now

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  27. Thanks coach

  28. Jason how do you add resistance when you do your daily hyperextensions or do you add resistance at all?

  29. Hey Jason Curlean X did a video and this time jessie did the video himself talking about his strength journey and what he thinks he did good and bad etc. Would love to hear your take on it.

  30. Hi Jason

    I'm considering a home gym but it'll mean buying an outdoor shed, all I need is a rack/half rack like yourself.. how small of a shed do you think I could get away with?


  31. good video coath.
    Bodybuilding is a truly subhuman "sport".
    the path of less stress and health is the way to go

  32. Excellent opinion and insight on a topic that is not discussed enough. Helps a lot of people.

  33. Well he won his show he entered at body power in the uk….
    So it would of been worth something in the end

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  38. Just look through the titles of his vids;
    He’s just drama 24/7, saying he’s “quitting” every month or so, going back for years now, always titling vids “I didn’t want to do this/tell you this”, etc.
    I used to watch him, after he admitted he was a fake natty, but got tired of all the emotional drama and clickbait.

  39. Even though you take a lot of crud, when you look at who is the most articulate in public speaking and can actually talk coherently without cutting every 10 seconds or ummming and ahhing listeners to death, you are one of the best IMO in the fitness industry.

  40. social media is evil

  41. It's amazing how much/many drugs people are on, and still look like a swimmer in street clothes. All the classic BBer's did it with a little bit of Dbol.

  42. can u do a video on Uzoma obiler who claims to be natty????

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