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hi this is Betty today I am going share a problem that I suffered a lot in my both students and job life most of the days I used to forget my wallet or keys so I found a shortcut solution keeping both of them together but one day my problem became two times bigger forgot both of them can you believe that my friends call me sgml r equals short time memory loss it was just one of the examples from a huge list finally took a notebook and sorted out all the factors i faced problem here one work comes first missing a very important task assigned to me too most of the time forgets to take a very important thing with me three missing a birthday present on the way back to home for and many other need to make a one hour plus video to show that there are few things that I practice to overcome the problem one first then I started is to determine about doing the piece of work instantly when it comes to mind to I try to put the things in specific position after completing the work with it I found laziness is the enemy here three sometimes sticker tags are quite helpful I put it on my medicine every time for the solution for the factors you need to carry I made a spot in my table where I put the things that I need to carry today very helpful five now comes the super solution that saves the day or life whatever you want to say it a free mobile app that also has a web-based solution which synchronizes both pc and phone list of the free apps solved everything keep it has to do list with both PC and mob notification productive team work with to-do lists and many helpful features the best part is that no unnecessary email notification last but not the least google calendar I do not need to explain every one of them has very low work for reassigning I think it will help you a lot if you like this video then like it share it and please do not forget to subscribe it and do not forget to apply it take care


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