BPHC Action Plan for Health Centers

Hello, I am Von Bailey
And I am going to highlight some of the key features for health centers of the diabetes
action plan in the HRSA Electronic Handbooks. Health Centers that have an Operational Site
visit, or a Diabetes Targeted Technical Assistance Visit participate in a review of the Health
Centers performance on the UDS Diabetes Measure and root cause analysis of contributing and
restricting factors. The Health Center identifies three performance
improvement actions to work on over the next year. These three action are monitored by HRSA using the EHBs Action Plan. The goal is that by implementing these actions,
Health Centers will reduce the number of patients with uncontrolled diabetes. After the site visit, the Project Officer
will initiate the Action Plan in EHBs By entering the Health Centers three actions
into the Interventions/Actions field. The resolution due date will be set to one
year from the current date. The Project Officer may make some suggestions
within the Prepare Action Plan task to strengthen one or more of the actions to ensure they
are; SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused and Time-bound. The Project Officer will attach instructions
that Health Centers should use as a guide for submitting quarterly progress updates
within the EHBs Action Plan. Then the Project Officer will send the Action
Plan to the Health Center to review. Health Centers will find the Prepare Action
Plan task in the Pending Tasks – List. Click the Start button. On the Action Plan – Prepare page, click Edit. Review the three performance improvement actions
in the Interventions/Actions field If you need to update any of the findings,
or make them more measurable go ahead and edit this field. Return this task to the Project Officer within
15 calendar days after receiving it by choosing Mark as Complete. On the Action Plan – Prepare page, click the
Submit button. On the confirmation page, click Confirm and
Send. Once the Project Officer approves the plan,
a Resolve Action Plan task is sent to the Health Center and remains in the task queue
for one year. The Project Officer and Health Center can
communicate and share information via Progress Notes through the EHBs Action Plan. Health Centers should input brief progress
updates on a quarterly basis within the Action Plan. To access, and update the Diabetes Action
Plan, click Start. On the Action Plan – Resolve page, under the
Finding(s) section click Edit. You will land on the Action Plan – Update Finding page. Look for the Progress Notes section. Enter brief updates on the progress of the
three actions. Click Save, add another progress note if needed,
then click Send Progress Note for Review. A key part of the quarterly progress note
is to include real-time updates on the Health Centers diabetes measure. This real-time data will help Health Centers
and HRSA assess whether the actions are working, and whether any changes need to be made. Project Officers may send feedback on Health Centers progress updates using the Progress Notes feature. There is no email notification when the Health Center, or the Project Officer, sends the progress note. The Progress Note is simply added to the Action Plan Record and either party can view the progress note. After a year, the health center resolves the
finding. This is done by completing the Resolution
field. The Health Center may upload any relevant
supporting documents about the outcome of the three diabetes performance improvement actions. Click Submit, then Go. Health centers will see a screen that shows
the finding is Pending Resolution from HRSA Staff. Once the PO approves the resolution, the Health Center receives a notification that the Action Plan task will be resolved. The Resolve Action Plan task is removed from
the Health Centers queue. If Health Centers want to review a resolved
plan, it can be found within the Completed Tasks tab. If you have any questions about the Diabetes Action Plan content, contact your Project Officer. You can find an action plan user guide by
typing Diabetes into the EHBs Knowledge Base. If you have any system questions about the
Diabetes Action Plan, contact BPHC’s Program Support! You can find information about HRSA’s Diabetes
Quality Improvement Initiative — including diabetes resources and promising practices
— on the HRSA website. Search for HRSA Diabetes Quality Improvement
Initiative. Thank you for all you do to improve care and
outcome for your diabetes patients.

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