Boynton Health

Welcome, Gophers! The University of Minnesota’s
mascot Goldy is here to show you an easy way to boost your academic success: your health. Goldy wants YOU to know your on-campus health
care options. Boynton Health Service, the primary health
care provider for the University of Minnesota, is a full-service medical clinic that offers
easy access to high-quality, comprehensive health care services. Not sure if you can be seen? Boynton accepts
ALL major health insurance coverage. And if you’re a full-time student, your Student Services
Fee and health insurance will cover most treatments. Boynton treats patients with urgent medical
issues at Urgent Care on the East Bank, and those with acute conditions on a first-come,
first-served basis at Gopher Quick Clinic on the East Bank and St. Paul campus. The best way to be seen for most health issues
is to make an appointment. Boynton’s Primary Care Clinics on the East
Bank and St. Paul are staffed by providers who specialize in college students’ health. Boynton’s Dental Clinic offers comprehensive
dental care. Boynton has provided Mental Health services
since 1924. One in four students will experience a mental health condition during their stay
at the University, and Boynton knows the importance of addressing them head on. The Eye Clinic provides eye exams, eye injury
and disease treatment, contact lens fitting and follow-up care, and frames and lenses. Boynton’s Women’s Clinic is a comfortable
space to receive routine annual exams, diagnosis and treatment of infections and other gynecological
problems, and pregnancy testing and education. When your appointment is over, Boynton’s Pharmacy
can fill or refill your prescriptions. The Pharmacy also provides over-the-counter medicine,
health and medical supplies, and safety equipment like bike helmets and lights. Boynton has several other services to keep
you healthy and on your way, including: physical therapy, massage, immunizations and flu shots,
sexual health counseling, financial counseling, nutrition counseling, and wellness programs
like yoga and Tai Chi. Boynton also promotes good health and healthy
living choices. Our student health groups provide education and resources about sexual
health, nutrition, preventing substance abuse, and addiction recovery. We train students living in University housing
to help peers with common health issues. We even offer free, safe rides home on weekends. In 2013, Boynton received a 90% approval rating
from its customers. And 93.4% would recommend Boynton to others. Boynton Health Service is here to meet your
health and wellness needs. Make an appointment today!

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