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hi I'm mark magnet today we'll be working on box jumps so we've done the small loss the media box gives me the large box don't forget st. at the same position heels or underneath his armpits he's really comfortable you already starts with a small bend in the knees gonna use his arm fell himself up there a little bit of momentum he's going to catch in a bent leg position he's a lot of in place up off the floor gonna give us a nice sleep catching a safe position he's spreading the box nice job step down keV time so we can get one more jump ball up the floor up catch step down you can always do one for the top head you'd always do progressions okay don't forget we don't wanna be doing a lot of rest apply Oh jumps they're very taxing and enjoying such a good job I'm gonna come back to the top now we're going to take out that drop step and you're gonna jump up down up down up down so on your own me what you want to reached out up and down


  1. I don't like the explosive movements like this.. I believe the muscle growth is bounded to the smooth controled excercises, where you can feel the muscle working, squeezing.

  2. @ironmonnkey15 a lot dude. I work out on a military base I seen guy jump on platforms almost 6ft high.

  3. How much can this increase the height you can jump?

  4. nice

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