Bowhead Health


  1. First 🙂 Nice video, good job Bowhead. Keep it up!

  2. Amazing!! Great times to live in! watching all paradigm-shifts.
    Can you turn on Subtitles Collaborations ? I would Like To translate to Latin American Spanish so I can Share and make sure everyone understands it. Thanks a lot for this Great job. Shanti Shanti.

  3. NĂłs no Brasil tambem estamos acompanhando o projeto da Bowhead.
    Parabens pelo video!

  4. This seems hugely ambitious… almost impossible to implement if you ask me. Seems like a great project and your vision is definitely a great one. I just think you are ahead of your time now, mabye come back in 5-10 years

  5. Great initiative! Will the platform be able to connect other hardware devices?

  6. Dear Company! Your product is excellent! I do no know that you heard about HELO ( HeloLX )… This could be an good opportunity for cooperation. Because i started an own development for this product for doctors also.. Maybe we should also speak about this….

    We can share ideas and maybe to introduce this also to our market. My best wishes!

  7. I'm a big fan of blockchains promoting change. I wish the best for this project!

  8. i like the project. is there a reason US residents cant participate in the ico?

  9. It just gives you supplementation?
    Wouldn't be any better to give you advice on your alimentation?

  10. Peeple

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