good morning Sun is beaming today just woke up as you can tell this is gonna be kind of like bouncing back some Chi mails you had over the weekend usually weekend's are when I treat myself when I will indulge whether it be on Saturday or Sunday or both who knows good a lot of people when they have cheat meals or when cheat for like two or three days in a row they think that it's over for them or they just feel so discouraged and they feel disappointed in themselves but don't feel discouraged and don't feel disappointed in yourself it's gonna show you guys how I bounce back go from bloated air to feeling nice slim sick flat tummy you know what I'm saying what happened in the past will happen this weekend doesn't even count anymore today is a new day and you have to start fresh SuperDuper excited to get this video out for you guys I cannot wait every morning right after I wake up I always take my HP Labs oxy shreds and the flavor pink grapefruit what I'm going to take today love this one I know a lot of people are fan of kiwi strawberry and so am i but like I don't know what it is about pink grapefruit that just gets me going that take one scoop with ten ounces of cold water first thing in the morning yo this flavor I've taken two weeks strawberry many times I keep gravitating towards this grapefruit flavor it kind of has like a little tart taste to it and I just I just I'm sold to wait about 20 minutes before having your meal and I typically weigh about twenty to thirty minutes can also actually take this twice a day twice a day I most girls use it as pre-workout as well kick of energy before you go in to the gym to get your workout in take it 20 minutes before I'm gonna talk about this in deeper detail once I'm done drinking my drink one thing that I really noticed about see shred is that it really speeds up my metabolism I go to the gym in the morning SuperDuper early in the morning so I don't really feel like I need to take this later in the day because as soon as I take this I wait twenty minutes have my breakfast and then I get ready for the gym and I find that this gives me enough energy to take on my workout you take it on an empty stomach that's when I feel like it's the most optimal so it is going to help you burn fat throughout sit like the most about you shred after taking it consistently that it really helps to curb my appetite really the speed up my metabolism which is a big reason why I like to take it kick-starts everything it really helps your immune system I naturally wake up like at 7 in the morning or like at 6:30 in the morning now for some weird-ass reason I don't know why I find that even though I do wake up at those times I do lack a little bit of energy so right after I take this after waking up it gives me kind of like a boost of energy this is as boring as this seems this is usually what I have in the morning the Dave skiller's bread toast in the green package and shout out to you if you saw my grocery haul you saw that I got this vegan cream cheese I have been obsessed with it to me where I got this and I believe I got this at Trader Joe's I also like to put everything but the bagel sesame seasoning blend on top of the cream cheese just to make it taste even more bomb it's still so early in the day tada to my Mac Miller painting oh my god who's man it's not nine o'clock and I'm gonna go ahead and get ready for the jam I literally look like trash but if you like these in these last couple vlogs I've been looking like trash but dude I literally kill myself like I'm just trying to be as I'm filtered as possible they painted that myself Wow Fitness and she's got low key talent I'm just kidding this is the gym fit I'm going to be wearing shark leggings I just got in the mail from that sale these are in a size small these are the Flex leggings and like I think the khaki color leave that I mentioned in my drift also if you want to watch my first of all link is below in my description page did you guys see that meme of Jim shark like after everyone receives their packages from the Jim shark annual sale so funny if I find that I'm gonna insert it because it's so funny but when you feel cute in your gym outfit you will have a good workout guys so make sure to always have some cute gym fits even though honey this is so simple but this makes me feel cute you know what I'm saying I'm about to head out but really quick before I head out I do want to briefly talk about the oxy shred that I took this morning every time I upload it on my Instagram story a lot of you guys always ask what it is what it does how it works all of that jazzy stuff oxy shred is a thermogenic fat burner this is a fat burning supplement I get correctly on an empty stomach every morning basically what it's going to do is it's gonna help promote fat burning throughout the day also help boost your metabolism it's gonna help your immune system it's gotta help boost your energy t-shirt has 60 servings not only that but you can also use this as a pre-workout Jim you take this 20 minutes before you workout and it's gonna help boost up your energy so you can have an easier going workouts pink grapefruit well as the guapa one is my favorite one but they're all really good with strawberries also a great flavor oxy shred as it helps to curb your appetite which is so great for me and it literally works I've been taking this consistently for quite some time now just with me is that it helps to boost my metabolism it curbs my craving it gives me so much energy it's a really great way to get your morning started it only take this when I go to the gym but I also take this on my off days you are a person that is trying to lose weight trying to burn friends a little bit of energy throughout the day I said earlier in this vlog you can take it twice a day I've only taken it twice a day a couple times I'm only speaking on like my experience and like how it's been working for me is something that you have to be consistent with this isn't something that you take twice a week and then you're going to see results you have to be consistent with it as well as with your training and your eating if you are not training and you're not eating clean as well this is not gonna work for you you can't expect to take a supplement or just any supplements in general and expect results you have to be consistent with everything in order for the supplement to where supplements are there to give you that boost that help that you need to kind of keep you going to kind of push you a little bit more supplements are not there to do all of the work for you a little bit of an interruption I'm gonna interrupt myself really really wait I have a discount code for you guys it is discount ten if you use discount ten at checkout you will get a little bit of a discount on your supplements whether it be an oxy shred or if it's anything else you're trying to buy on the web specially if you're trying to cut down a little bit or shred down a little bit definitely going to help you if you're consistent with it and if you guys do order and if you guys do use the coupon code send me a little story on instagram or send me a little picture or something I want to see what you guys get I see what flavour you guys get or if you guys got any other supplements along with oxy straight I want to know let me know what you guys got so send me a little story if you use the coupon code again coupon code discount ten in all caps I will also have the link down below as well as the discount code down below don't miss out don't sleep stay woke the cycle to go we want her and system to be healthy and this definitely helps me with that and I cannot rave about it you see I am now ready to go to the gym I look a little bit more presentable my hair I comb down my hair so now my hair it looks kind of cute I'm going to go ahead and head to the gym I am probably going to film a little bit for you guys there want to spread out some positivity before I go into the jus remember before you decide to slack on something today consistency is key you will not achieve or get close to achieving your goals if you are not consistent with anything whether it be fitness with anything so before you decide to selected a keep that in mind do you want to slack maybe in the moment you do think of it as in if you slack today you are setting yourself back from achieving your goals of the gym I'm about to have a good ass workout fuck the BS I got hit in the back but it's okay I will have a good day it is a good day to be alive we hear about it have a good eyes like they what is up everyone so I am now back from the gym as you can as you can see I look like Sudha Sudha gonna go ahead and make myself I guess my lunch for the day I've been obsessed with sweet potatoes and I go ahead and explain what I'm gonna be making a sweet potato get a sweet potato of your favorite size or choice I know there's some white ones and some like orange ones I think I'm gonna be using an orange one today if it's too big I'll only use like 1/3 of it I won't use the whole thing or I'll only use half of it if I'm going to have something else I think I might have like some veggies today as well what I will do is I will cut up the sweet potato poke holes in it with a fork or a knife and then I will put it in a glass bowl with hot water and then I will put it in the microwave for about 5 minutes and then it basically softens up so here is my sweet potato I only ended up using a 1/3 of it and then I'm gonna go ahead and put a little bit of this raw unfiltered honey I know I should use agave but girl I'm not gonna let this honey go to waste and I'm hiking not stingy so bomb will have a side it will typically be like more veggies like zucchini or bell pepper and make my own salad dressing uses ground pepper some Himalayan sea salt vinegar lay a little bit of this like Italian extra-virgin olive oil lime yes so I made it and I added a little bit too much black pepper but it's okay it still tastes hella bomb alright guys so this is what I am having after the gym 1/3 of a sweet potatoes 1 zucchini 1 bell pepper of a X I think this is like a spinach and kale mix and then I did my twist on a salad dressing so this is what I'm having along with the protein shake I had after the gym love carbs carb the fuck up or shut the fuck up know what I'm saying now it's Safeway I realized that I don't really have a lot of edges at home so I'm just gonna pick them up very quickly um veggies that I really enjoy getting are like zucchini bell pepper asparagus Brussels sprout we love broccoli cauliflower absolute potatoes on hand people be like how you get thick you had a sweet potato I don't know why I've been on the sweet potato height obviously it's not just cuz of the fucking sweet potato my obviously lifts and stuff buddy potatoes a shit bro I'm excited my dumbass didn't grab a cart also gonna get these little baby asparagus avocados that were so expensive it was like 2 4 5 I'm trying to get thick and avocados for a great source of healthy fats love asparagus so I got these 1 they're like itty bitty like thin we don't like them thin we like them sake that green giant green beans I've been needing to get avocados oil for quite some time now so I went and grabbed some because I ran out of my little spray things olive oil but olive oil is mostly for like salad dressing then recently I got into eating brussel sprouts and oh my god these are so bomb last but not least I got some unsweetened almond breeze milk I haven't gotten um almond milk in like two months as I miss making smoothies and I don't like to make my smoothies with water so thinking water is very very important we want to stay hydrated 24/7 he's aim for getting at least a gallon of water in a day TMI but pooping is very very important and getting stuff the house fiber away you can cleanse your body so that way you can poo but make sure to eat a lot of vegetables that contain a lot of fiber click before I start to make my dinner or prepare my dinner for later here is smooth move you don't take this consistently you're not supposed to take it often but I take it every now and then when I feel like I needed detox when I need to cleansing really makes you poop so I suggest if you do take it take it on night before you go to bed so that way in the morning you wake up and you poop right away it's not good to take it too many times but it's a really really good detox tea and you can get it at Safeway or you can get it literally at any grocery store something just because you had cheat meals over the weekend does not mean that you can just give up and continue to have gmail sprout your week you gotta eat clean you gotta get some good foods back in your system this is what I'm having for dinner I'm gonna go ahead and prepare my dinner right now yeah some Brussels sprouts we have some asparagus and we have some green beans I'm better with this this is the butter that I use on the daily this is I cannot believe it's not butter it's vegan it has 6 grams of fat tastes the same as regular butter you can get this out safely only 2 tablespoons of butter and 2 cloves of garlic if I went too close that's forwarding to dinner this is what I'm having it is literally 10 out of 10 I was too lazy to meet my tofu so I'm just gonna have a smoothie thing d'vega protein 10 out of 10 do not recommend that thing is hella nasty but I got three little packets and I want to make sure to using protein is protein with Tommy and everything this video and he is doing his thing to eat my Apple this peanut butter is homemade if you want to learn how to make e my Instagram bio in the highlights I have one that says food and I think I inserted it and I like so well go check it out there cuz I'm not gonna put the recipe well my legs look so tan in this dress princess Polly as well as my back there is now the next day I'm gonna go ahead and end the vlog here because I already know this thing is about to be so long memory don't give up just because you had a couple cheat meals over the weekend or for a couple days does it mean that it's it's done you know you got to keep pushing you got it be consistent with your eating with your training with drinking your water and I will have all of the links to things that I mention down below in the description box as well as the e HP labs oxy shred bed earlier I'm such a huge advocate that supplementing that works and if you want a little bit of help and an extra push go ahead and check it out like I said I will have the discount code and the link down below for you guys forget if you do use it send me a picture or tag me on something on Instagram because I want to see what you guys get I want to see what flavor you guys can wear if you just get any other supplements I don't know girl hope you guys have a great as day to date make it a good one I'm gonna head to the gym right now


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