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pokes is Chris Hines repeat 15 fitness of
course Steve here one of our other coaches to my brother
also your questions I staging a maid you know if your
account it good well got some questions here
today that people my I wonder copy caps also I
these across the eight just tell us I’m tell the viewers what exactly we do up boot camp along
with Colin okay so what we do is way we make each and have a a
substantial warm up which unity consists of about 10 or 15
minutes all activities together body wallman
ready for exercise so we may go for three or four minutes joke to get the hall right up front to
get the body warm and then we run through up up bunch all progressive dynamic stretches and movements that which
prepare them all souls in the joints for exercise and then finally will want to exchange
of short ballistic toyed johnson runs to finish the warm up of and then the pick Cam section is divided
into are fitness workout where we might do
some running drills like high intensity
interval training also box saying abortion skipping sign
in cash or haha tryout I guess you breathing
heavily and I’m 02 some resistance circuits be it with some kettlebells or medicine
bowls all by arms or just bodyweight exercises
to give you some resistance training workouts that
build muscle and help you burn fat and then lastly we
spend about five minutes just warming down and having a stretch of so that your prepared for the next
session archive contest it another question I
love people of Scotland suddenly when contact was initially how
many people do we have a class is also
leverage numbers well they can vary depending on her to sauce to come all-night session
ass smallest I group could be anywhere between three
of all and if that’s the case you got raped so
personalized workout with the instructor and on some occasions s most all members
turn up on one session we could have 12 to 14
members intense session but pretty pretty small
closet really long-running row with sir force the
other people a they’re going to be quite small group
yet yeah we like to try and keep the the ratio of from participants to
instruct a quite low so the you can get a a fairly well I personalized exercise class for you on the instructor can pay some attention
to your what you say we’re all on having a huge group where you don’t get so much attention from the
instructor yeah us right good K another big question
I’ll also today is what nutritional dish supports do we
give to all members okay all in all members joining us take
a free nutrition manual thats been written by me on which outlawing ce I E way to lose weight using a a scored a high
protein low glycemic index diet and if you just follow that manual in on itself then you’ll see some
results from a and then where both available via email all four
questions after class on any specific topics that I’ll members
have a at the time that there there with us up backrest little thanks for going read
up on shore federal watch are not sickly helpful I
would encourage anyone is interested in finding out more
of boot camp fitness classes all 10 comments check out our web site which is below this video operates two a click on the link go to
our website and leave your name and email I was will contact you about you in for
free wake once again likes to stay thanks to
do it

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